Two love stories.

Two girls fall in love with the guys of there dreams. Twist and turns will they stay together or will the boys fame,life style, friends end the beautiful relationships


12. Pregnant?

*Two Weeks Later*

Abbey's P.O.V

I was currently in my room listening to music and getting ready to go to the club with Ciarra. The song 'Try' By Pink was blaring through the speakers of my IPod dock, I danced around my room. I danced over to my closet and looked through the dress section. I picked out a little purple cocktail dress,a pair of black suade platform pumps. I wore a pair of diamond stud earings in my first and second ear peircing. I straightened my hair and put it up into a ponytail,my make-up was very light. I only wore mascara,some purple eye-liner,and babylips chapstick. I went out of my bathroom and went over to my Ipod dock and was scrolling through my music when I got a message saying that Niall wanted to facetime. I immediatly answered it."Hey Babe!"I pratically screamed,he chuckled and it was music to my ears."Hi Bayba. Hows it going at home?"He looked at me in the eyes,as much as he could through camera."Well me and Ciarra are going to go clubing at the club Skyview."I saw in the background that Louis tripped and fell. I didn't meam to but I burst out laughing, cutting off Niall."What?"I couldn't talk so I pionted behind him and he looked to see Louis on the ground holding his foot."Ahh! Babe,Ill call ya later. Louis is gonna have to have help to the living room."He looked dissapionted but whatever."Okay,yeah...sure."He ended the facetime and I sat back on the bed. I had to go to the bathroom so I got up and did my thing. I didn't have toilet paper so I opened the door to the under sink cubord. The pads fell out and that reminded me. I hadn't had my period,I was...two weeks late. Could I be pregnant? When did Niall and I have sex without protection?Oh yeah,that night we didn't even make it out the door. Shit,well Guess it was time to call Ciarra. On the inside I was freaking out,majorly. I ws too young to be prego,Niall and I still weren't even married,I was just...ugh! Ciarra hadnt answered the phone so I just thought fuck it. I went down the stairs and went to the garage and got and in my car. I drove to the cosest store and went in and got a pregnancy test."That will 7.37."The cashier looked bored,"Okay,here."I forked over a 5 dollar bill. She tried to give me cash back but I just waved it off.I quickly drove back to my house and got into the bathroom. I peeed on the stick and waited the amount of time before I could check to see or not. I was pacing the floor and soon the time was up,Ciarra still hadn't answered the phone so I just went and looked. The test said positive,I slowly felt dizzy. I tried to make it to my bed to sit down but I faded into the blackness,my body going limp. 

Ciarra's P.O.V

Abbey kept calling but I wasn't honestly in the mood, hoping she would get the memo. I didn't want to go to the stupid club, I was missing Harry terribly. My phone began to ring once more, I looked glumly at my phone until I realized it was Harry. I quickly answered, we hadn't talked in a week. "H-hello?" My voice shook, though I was trying to hold it back. "Ciarra? Babe? What's wrong?" I couldn't hold it in anymore, hearing his voice sent me over the edge. I burst into tears, and dropped to the floor. Harry comforting me on the other line though it was more backround noise than anything. Once I had calmed down a bit to have clear thoughts I was mad. "Harry fucking Styles. I hate your damn guts, I have spent a week hoping you would call. But NO, you didn't! Harry I-I-I love you." I mumbled, hearing a chuckle from the other line. "Babe I need to ask you something." Harry whispered very quietly, leaving me anxious. "Mmm hum?" Was all I could manage, holding back tears. "Will you turn behind you?" I slowly turned behind me to see Harry standing outside the door, snow drifting into his curly hair. I dropped my phone and ran bare footed into his familiar arms. "When did you get so sexy?" Harry whispered in my ear, picking me up. I was crying into his shoulder. "Love, can we go inside?" Harry shivered into me. I laughed and he carried me into the house, which smelled like ginger bread. "Mmmm, yummy." Harry set me down along with his luggage. He started to walk away from me when I pulled him back to me. "Hell no." I pulled him into a kiss, wrapping my legs around him. "Are you sure, this ends with sex you know." Harry breathed, as we lay on top of the couch. He was on top and was currently looking over my body like it was food, and he was starving. "Yes Harry, I want you now." I attacked him, and next thing you new we where both naked laying on the floor with only a blanket covering us. We were both panting, and smiling. "You don't know how long I have wanted to do that." Harry mumbled into my temple, and he slung his sweaty arm over me. Though I didn't mind, I was probably just as sweaty. "Me too." I ran my hand through his 'sex hair.' I was thinking we were about to start round two when my phone rang. "Fuuuck. Hold on. I scrambled to my phone to see it was Abbey, what was her problem? This time I decided to answer.

C- Hello?

A- Ciarra I'm scared.

C- Why Abbey? Can it wait I'm currently in the middle of something with my fiancee.

A- WHAT?!?!

C-Why isn't Niall with you?

A- Nooooo

C- Well sorry get on with the news.

A-I will tell you later

I hung up quickly and crawled back to Harry who had whip cream on his chest and was spraying some in his mouth. "Oh you didn't." I smiled, and walked over to him. Suddenly getting very excited.

Abbey's P.O.V

When I woke up I was still holding the pregnancy test in my hand. All the memories came rushing back,I was offially pregnant. How was I gonna tell Niall. I tryed Ciarra again and this time she picked up.


A-Ciarra I'm scared.

C-Why Abbey? Can it wait I'm currently in the middle of something with my fiancee.


C-Why isn't Niall with you?


C- Well sorry get on with the news.

A-I will tell you later.

She hung up quickly and I made my way over to my bed. I sunk down the side and cried. I cried until I fell asleep. Why hadn't Niall come with Harry? That was the last thought on my mind before I drifted into sleep,in a ball curled up on the floor near my bed.

*The Next Morning*

I woke up to someone frantically shaking me. I had a massive headache."Oww,would you fucking quit?! I'm awake."The shaking stoped and I looked up to see Ciarra standing over me with a frown on her face."Abigail Marie Passage. Why did I come here to find you curled up in a ball,tear stained streaked face,still in club clothes, on the floor, not even in your bed?"She looked serious and by her using my full name I knew she ment buisness."I dunno."I stood up and looked around. I looked back at her to see the preagnancy test in her hand,the other hand on her hip."And why the hell didn't you tell me?"She seriously just asked that question?"Maybe because whenever I tried to call you,you didn't answer."I shot back at her,it was true when I needed her most she wasn't there for me."Well i'm sorry. You should've told me when we talked last night."She had a symphathetic look on her face,and with that I broke down into tears."How am I going to tell Niall? I mean this will completley ruin his life,his career. I am way to young for this Ciarra! Girls my age are supposed to be partying it up not pregnant with her boyfriends child. He won't even want me,I'll grow fat and ugly.I-I..."I couldn't talk anymore,I just sunk down to the floor again. She sat next to me and pulled me into hug,"Well Broster your going to have to tell him considering I had to litterally kick him out this morning. He was at your doorstep waiting for you to open the door he lost his key."When I heard her say those words I broke down even more. I would have to tell him today,I would have to deal with heartache today. Most of all,I would have to come face to face with the fact I was prego.

Harry's P.O.V

When I woke up Ciarra was wearing my shirt and was trying to make coffee quietly, but was failing terribly. "Ciarra?" I yawned, running a hand through my hair. "No pretend your asleep." She demanded, so I rolled over and pretended I was sleeping. A few minutes later she came over and kissed me. "Now you can wake." I smiled to see that she had to mugs in her hand, we can just sit together. "Thank you." I grabbed the mug she outstretched towards me, and she sat across from me. "I didn't know coffee was so damn hard to make." She sighed and she took a sip of her hot chocolate. "It's perfect." I lied, it was terrible. "Well thanks but your lieing." She said scooting towards me. "Well Mrs. Styles you know me well." I laughed and she sat inbetween my legs. "Yes I do Mr. Styles." She kissed me, passionately. I smiled into the kiss because of her hair that fell down from her messy bun. This made her pull and away and get up. "What? Wait, Ciarra where are you going?" I asked and she was pulling on her pants and slipping on her slippers. "I have to go talk to Abbey, mean while you're going to hang out with Niall-boo." She walked over to me gave me a quick peck and grabbed her bag and keys. "I love you." She said and she was walking towards the door. "I love you too." I said as she was shutting the door, I stayed quiet until I heard the car drive away. "Well now some peace and quiet." I mumbled to myself. It was cut short by Niall loudly stomping off snow. "Why does it always have to be so damn cold." Niall shuttered, throwing his stuff every where. "Niall! Ciarra kept this place clean, for our whole s-" I stopped right there, trying not to exploit Ciarra and I's setion. "Ooooh I see you had a little sex last night! Ha cool, got any food?" Niall walked to the kitchen and took out all of the food. "God Niall you owe my alot of groceries."  I grumbled sliding my sweats on. I was about to grab some food when I phone rang. 

Mrs. Styles- Hey make sure Niall is metally stable ok?

Me- Ok why?

I kinda got nervous, but I decided it would be best not to tell Niall.

Mrs. Styles- Because Abbey and I are coming over.

Me- So? Not like he doesn't know who she is.

After I sent the text I knew she was going to blow up on me. "Niall sit on the couch." I said, and without hesitation he sat down.

Mrs. Styles- Harry she is prego.

I dropped me phone, as I bent down to pick it up the door opened.

Abbey's P.O.V

To say I was nervious was a major understatment. I was freaking the fuck nuggets out! Ciarra and I had just made it to Ciarra and Harry's flat,the whole way here Ciarra gave me an unsuccsessful pep talk. I was felling like I was gonna vomit. I hadn't noticed the car had stopped until Ciarra broke me away from my thoughts."Broster,we're here. Just remember whatever happens it will all be okay."She smiled and patted my shoulder."Thanks Babe,I-I just don't want him to hate me."I looked down to my lap,fiddiling with my hands."Shut up! He won't hate you Broster. Now get your arse out of the car so we can go tell him."She hopped out of the car and I grudgly followed behind. We made our way to the door and went inside. I saw Niall sitting on the couch and Harry looking a little shocked,I smiled weakly."Hey everyo-"I was cut off by Niall crushing me into a hug,I hesitantly hugged him back."I have missed you so much."He breathed out into my hair that while into the car I put onto a french braid. 'Ya won't once I tell ya im pregs.' I thought,he finally pulled away from me,"Missed you too,"My voice seemed detached,emotionless. I didn't meen for it to,it just happened."Whats wrong?"He asked taking my hand in his,he looked scared and nervious."Don't worry Niall,shes not breaking up with you. Just give her some damn space."I shot Ciarra a thank you smile, mean while Harry and Niall shared a look."Listen,Niall I really need you to just not talk for a few moments. Just let me explain before you blow. Okay?"I bit my bottom lip and went and sat down on the couch,he followed suit."Yeah,sure babe."He took my hand in his but I pulled away,he moved his hand to my thigh."Okay Niall,what i'm about to tell you will most likly ruin your life,make you hate me,and break it off with me but just know i'm truely sorry."I started,I looked over at Ciarra and she motioned for me to continue."Im just gonna spit it out for you...Niall i'm-I'm pregnant."I gave him a hopeful smile but he only pulled his hand away from my thigh and jumped off the couch. He stormed out of the house,slamming the door behind him.   

Ciarra's P.O.V

I honestly didn't think Niall was going to react the way he did, we all just stayed motionless where we were. "No." I chased after Niall to see him walking down the block. "Niall!" I screamed, he turned around and glared. "Don't you dare." Niall said once I was close to him. "Niall that kid is your child, and I swear if you leave I will personally make sure you die a slow painful death." I was expecting Niall to laugh, but no he stayed looking mad. He started to walk away from me when I grabbed his arm. He swong and hit me in the mouth. "Really? Wow Niall maybe you should leave, hitting a girl? I would be scared for the childs life if you were in it. Now leave, go get drunk down at the local bar. Try to drink away your worries, but this time don't call for Harry, Abbey or I. Because I will do everything in my power to make sure Abbey or that baby doesn't get hurt. Exspecially by you." I angerly walked away, when I felt Niall tug at my arm. "Please Ciarra don't. Ok I'm just scared, Ciarra I'm really scared. Not for me, but the child. What if he or she hates me? What if Abbey decides I'm not worth her time anymore?" Niall started to cry so I grabbed him into a hug. "Niall I swear to you that she will never leave you." We walked back to the house, and Harry and Abbey were sitting on the couch eating ice cream. "Mr. Styles, we have some stuff to do. Lets get moving." He hopped up and grabbed a shirt and a hat. He gladly grabbed my hand and we left Abbey and Niall alone.

Abbey's P.O.V

When Ciarra and Harry left Niall sat in an awkward silence,I felt really wierd just sitting here so I decided to try to break the awkwardness somehow."So...cheese is good."He looked over at me looking like I was a freak,I meantally face palmed. Cheese?Seriously."Wel what I ment was that it is good on like pizza and stuff...and its good on nachos. And-I'll just shut up now."I looked down at my lap,I always made awkward moments more awkward."It's alright. So about you being pregnant..."I looked up at him and saw he was teary eyed. Yep it was official. I ruined his life and carrer.'Niall,im really,really sorry. I know this probably ruined your life. I-i'll just leave you won't have to see me ever again I swear."Tears were falling down my cheeks,he moved from his spot at the door. He walked over to my side and sat next to me,taking my hands in his he leaned into me."Abbey,I will never leave you. You are my everything,nothing compares to you. I want this baby,I want you forever."He cupped my cheek in his hand and bent down. His soft lips mere inches from his."I love you."He breathed before crashing his lips to mine. His lips were soft and supple, our tounges worked together for a few moments before he broke apart from me."Do you really want to keep this baby?"I asked him very seriously."Yes,yes I do."He nodded,I couldn't keep the smile off my face."Well im ready to have a family...I personally hope its twins."I blushed slightly,he chuckled."I know you do,lets just go home."And with that we made our way to our house and just enjoyed each others attention for the rest of the day.


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