Two love stories.

Two girls fall in love with the guys of there dreams. Twist and turns will they stay together or will the boys fame,life style, friends end the beautiful relationships


19. No more

Abbey's P.O.V

The pain in my stomach hadn't stopped,in fact it had only gotten worse. It had been hurting most of the day but I hadn't said anything because I didn't want ruin any of the girls time. I felt a sharp pain and I gasped. Damn that hurt.

"Abbey? What's wrong?"Eleanor asked with a confused expression on her face.

"Oh,nothing. I'm fine."I told her when another pain happened,I sucked in a quick breath of air before I passed out from the horrible pain.

Ciarra's P.O.V

~2 days later~

I layed in my twin bed observing my room, half of my One Directions torn down from Harry and I's last visit. It was still dark out so I looked over at my alarm clock and saw it was 6:00 am. I groaned, and rolled out of bed. I have never been up this early, not until Harry and I broke up. I shuddered remebering going into our house gathering my stuff and gently laying the wedding ring by our picture frame. I stood up off the floor and turned on my bedroom light, I turned on some music. I looked around the room seeing all the pictures of Harry, smiling, posing, acting. Every time I looked at his face a memory would flash into my head, torchering me. I very slowly untaped his posters, One Direction posters. Every poster that fell to my soft carpet, made my heart break just a little bit more. After 10 minutes I stood and stared at my blank walls, and then knelt down and pulled a large clear tub out from underneath my bed. I opened it carefully and was happy to see what layed in front of my eyes. In the tub layed old pictures of my friends and I, old softball and volleyball uniforms, dance awards, pictures my friends had drawn me, and random stuff from my friends and family. Gently closed the tub and layed it gently on my bed, and I walked over to my closet. I opened it to see a wide arrange of clothes I had wore in high school, and in the very back was a dress in a white bag. I gently took the material in my hands and layed it onto the floor, and ever so slowly unzipped the bag revealing a beautiful prom dress. A beige, thigh length dress with a sweet heart neck line and a black flower on the left breast. As I lifted the dress I remebered going to prom, I went with my 7th grade teachers son. She had told me about him and his girlfriends break up, and how depressed he acted. So I asked him to prom and he happily agreed. I was remebering when something flew out of my dress and landed next to my knee, and another next to my bed. I picked up the one near my knee and looked at it. It was me and Zach (teachers son), us holding hands and smiling at the camera guy. I laughed and a tear escaped my eye, I then crawled and grabbed the picture near my bed. It was of Abbey, Crissy, Milo, Maryland and I. Us five used to be best friends. I was now crying, I had missed out on growing up because I met Harry. I missed out on going to College with Crissy and Milo, I missed going on vacation with them. I angerly threw the photo and punched the ground. I had been so self centered, and my life was passing me by. I stood up and rumaged through my desk in search of one piece of paper in particular. I held up the envelop, my acception letter. It was to Brakersville Dance university. Crissy, Milo, Abbey, Maryland and I were supposed to go there. Only Milo and I made it in, Milo went and Crissy went to the university of oregon. I felt this urge to get in contact with those two, so I searched for my phone. I found it on my ipod dock, my mom must have put it there. I quickly searched threw my contacts and called Crissy. Ring after ring my heart thumped antisipation building in me, my heart dropped when there was no answer. I got her voicemail. "Its Crissy(and Milo) Milo be quiet! (Don't forget Abbey!) Abbey stop, you two go somewhere else. (I love you Crissy!) I love you to Ciarra, wait stop encouring them!" My tears began to brim my eyes, then the tears fell. They got the lives they wanted, they got to choose. Me on the other hand was so shooken up with fame, that I could care less. I mean what was I thinking? Getting married at 18? My thoughts were interupted when my phone started flashing at me. *Incoming call: Abbey* I automatically answered it.


Abbey's P.O.V

I woke up in a plain white room with itchy covers laying over my body. The sun was shining too brightly for my sensitive eyes and I honestly didn't know where I was,I looked around for a moment and from the blood pressure monitor and the doctor's tools I figured out I was in a hospital room. I tried to sit up but immediatly pain shot through my lower abdomen, laying back down against the uncomfortable pillows I pulled the covers off of my body and pulled the hospital gown up so I could look at my stomach. What I saw shocked me to no end,I hadn't expected to see stitches running accross my stomach. I started to really panick when I saw that I didn't have a small baby bump anymore. Right when I was about to call for a nurse a doctor moved the curtin to the side and came into the small room.

"Miss.Passage,I'm glad to see your finally awake."He stated,he had greying hair and was tall and thin. He seemed nice enough.

"Hi,doctor. May I ask when I have stitches running across my stomach?"I asked gesturing to the wound.

"Well,I am very sad to say that you lost your baby. You had a miscarriage."His face was grim and he looked sad. But I couldn't believe what he had told me. How could my baby be gone? How could it just be gone? I mean what did it do dissapear out of my womb and say bye? I didn't think so.

"Exuse me sir, but I don't understand what you mean the baby is gone."I told him,the word gone sounded foreign even to my ears.

"Miss.Passage the baby died in your womb. You had a miscarrage."I could tell he wasn't  lying by the way he looked me in the eyes and didn't look away. I knew it was imposterious to feel like I died to when I heard those words but I felt that way. I was in a state of shock, complete and utter shock. I didn't understand how something that was once living that hadn't even seen the world yet could just be gone. Dead. Just like that,with a snap of the fingers. It didn't seem right. Hell,none of this was right.

"Where is my husband?"I demended in a small voice, tears threatening to pool over."Where is he?" I asked agian.

"I'm sorry Miss but we couldn't get a hold of your husband. He wouldn't answer his phone."The doctor had folded his fingers together in front of him self. "Is there someone else I could call?"He asked.

I shook my head no,I wanted to just cry right now and I had learned from a young age that crying was a sign of weakness,I couldn't let the doctor see me cry. Christ,the only people have seen me cry are Ciarra,Chrissy,my mom,my seventh grade counsler,and one of my seventh grade teachers. They were the only ones that would see me cry. Ever.

The doctor had finally left and I broke down into sobs. My chest ached anf my throat burned from the rough sobbs that racked my body but I didn't care. I had finally hit my breaking piont and unfortuniatly for me it had to happen now. The sobbs wouldn't stop and eventually I fell asleep. Cold and alone when I really could've used somebody. But not one person was there,and I almost liked it that way. Almost.


Harry's P.O.V

The last couple of days I felt like I didn't have any emotions, I was just a player in the cruel worlds game. I held hands with Taylor, was spotted with Taylor, acted like I loved her but all in all I didn't. Every time a interviewer asked me what happened between Ciarra and I my heart just stops, just like that. Right now the boys, Taylor and I were out at a restraunt. I was zoning out when I heard a phone buzz, it was mine. It was Ciarra. I was not to talk to her, was not to think of her, was not to speak of her. But as I stared at the buzzing phone in my hand, I remembered that I love her. Right in the middle of dinner and everything I answered it.

Harry: Hello?

Ciarra: Harry somethings wrong

Harry: Are you ok? Are you hurt? Tell me please baby.

Ciarra: ............................................... You can't call me that anymore Harry. Not ever. I didn't call to talk to you. Give the phone to Niall.

I felt anger rising up in me, but reluctantly handed Niall the phone. Why did my so called "fans" hate Ciarra? They couldn't love her so I couldn't. I was watching NIall intently waiting for a reaction, but he went blank. Literally went blank, no emotions showed. Nothing, noda, zip. Niall shakingly handed me my phone and threw up on the table, sending Taylor into my arms. I didn't hold her back, she just clung onto me. I noticed that Ciarra was still on the line, so I decided I would finish the call.

Harry: Ciarra we need to talk about us.

Ciarra: Harry do you ever think of anyone but yourself?!?!? For damn sakes Harry Abbey had a miscarriage. And Niall couldn't be there for her because of YOU! Damn Harry I can't believe you have changed in a matter of days. You're not the man I loved, and I don't think you will ever be him again.

I sat there in complete horror, Abbey had a miscarriage. All the boys were pestering me and Niall with questions, but at that moment all I cared about was Niall. He looked at me with hatred in his eyes, knowning he should have been there but couldn't. Because of me. Niall still looking at me let a tear slide down his face and quickly ran out of the restraunt. I saw the paps swarming him not allowing him to get to his car and get to his girlfriend. I needed to cause a seen, but I didn't have to Taylor was already doing it for me. "Harry! I can't believe you let him puke on me,  just like that! And you didn't even care, you were to occupied on the phone instead of me!" Her squeeky voice rang through my ear drums, and repeating. But with luck the paps had just gotten into the door and were approaching our table. "Taylor you know what? That is my best friend you just said that about, and we are over!" I yelled at the top of my lungs, and with surprise I didn't feel any better. "Good Harry! I knew you didn't care, you just dated me for more fame! You're so low!" She stomped out of the restraunt tears streaming down her face, and me with a satisfied grin plastered on mine.


~Hours later~


The boys had called their girlfriends and told them about the news, we all went to the hospital and were waiting to find out how Abbey and Niall were. All of the boys were comforting their girlfriends as I waited alone, terrible thoughts running through my mind. Niall hates me. Abbey hates me. Ciarra hates me. It seemed like slowly my life was crumbling like a burning piece of paper. It was 6 am, and we were all still awaiting to find out how they were. Eleanor and Lou got us some comfortable clothes to wait in, instead of our fancy stuff that we wore to the restraunt. I had gotten used to the sound of the door opening and closing and the nervous taping of feet, that I had started to develop a rthyme with it. But to my shock the feet stopped and there was only the sound of the door opening and closing. I looked up to see Ciarra, exhausted, messy bun, glasses on, white shirt that said: Bruins!, rolled up gray sweats, and her Nike hightops. She scanned the room until she reached me, her eyes were upon me. A surge of nerves rolled over me, and I nervously flipped my hair. "Ciarra!" Zayn yelled and ran into her arms, she stepped back a little by the force . "Hi Zayn." She mumbled clearly fogged up crying voice, and she reluctantly pulled away from him. "How long until she is out?" Ciarra mumbled glancing at me, tears forming in her eyes each time. "Not sure, wanna take a seat with Perrie and I?" She motioned her head no and pointed over to me. "I'm gonna sit by him." And walked over next to me and and sat quietly next to me, and when she did a wave of her purfume came over me. We sat quietly next to eachother for a while, and finally I spoke up. "Ciarra I lo-" "Harry no words right now, just hold me." She crawled into my arms, and I felt at home. Right when we had started to get comfortable cuddling a nurse came out with Niall and Abbey. Abbey was limping, and Niall was protectiving holding her waist. Glaring at me from across the room. Ciarra lifted her head up and when she saw Abbey she sprung out of my arms and ran to her. They met eachother half way, running to eachother. When they finally reached eachother you could hear the contact of them reaching eachother. We all walked over to Abbey, Ciarra and Niall. When we reached them I heard the end of Ciarra and Abbey's conversation. "Well I'm staying with you because I spent all my money on gettin here."


Niall's P.O.V


When I reached the door to Abbey's room I paused,I still couldn't believe she had had  a miscariagge and I hadn't been there for her. I almost let a tear fall down my face for her and the baby that hadn't been able to see the light of day at all. I took a deep breathe and pulled myself together before stepping into her room. I saw her curled up in a ball,laying on her side, she looked like she was asleep but her beautiful face was tear stained and slightly red. It killed me to know that I had not been here for her. I went to the side of here bed and knelt down.

"Abbey, sweetie. Abbey you need to wake up now honey."I shook her lightly,I watched as her eyes fluttered open. She looked at me for a moment,before her eyes started to water.

"No,sweetie. Please don't cry."I told her as I took her into my arms,she was sobbing into my shoulder.

"I-I lo-lost the ba-bab-babyyyy! Niall I los-lost the baby!"She choked out between her cries."It's all my fault,yo-you should h-ha-hate meeee!"She was shaking so hard in my arms,I couldn't help but let the tears fall from my eyes,how could Abbey blame herself. I don't know how she could've killed the baby,but that was what she had been saying.

"Abbey you didn't kill the baby."I told her completely and utterly true,she hadn't hurt the baby at all.

"Yes I did,Niall I did."She told me,wipping the tears from her face and eyes.


"I drank some of a Rockstar energy drink." She looked down at her lap. I was about to speak when the doctor made himself present in the situation.

"Miss.Passage,there is no way you hurt that baby,it happened from a natural cause."He gave her and me a sympethetic smile."It was ment to happen so you can have another baby,maybe two. I'm truley sorry this has happened to you two."He walked out of the room,leaving me and Abbey by our selves. After Abbey was convinced she hadn't hurt the baby in any way we finally got to go home,when we got home she went to our bedroom without a word. I had made her her favourite foods and got her some rootbeers. She wouldn't eat and she wouldn't talk to anybody,I was starting to worry,so I decided to call her friends Connor,Zach,and Cail, and of course Ciarra.


Ciarra's P.O.V


I flew to London had spent all of my money on getting there, and showed up to the hospital sore and sad. I was greeted by Zayn, though I was distracted by Harry. Every inch of me wanted to run to him, and be pulled close to his heart. But I knew I could never let anything happen like that again, I couldn't get hurt. But of course I waltzed over to Harry, and next thing I knew I was in his arms. It was my home, and I knew it. I was melting like butter in his hands, just like always. When I saw Abbey I felt hopeless, angry, hurt, and most of all embarressed. I ran and held her tight, I wasn't gonna let her go until she began to pull away. "Hiya hun." I mumbled tears briming my eyes, she looked like shit. "Hiya babes." And I let the tears fall, I should have been here. I was selfish to leave her all alone, and stupid and self absorbed. "Well I'm staying with you because I spent all of my money on getting here." I smiled hoping to receave the happy, go lucky, Abbey smile back from here. All I got was a cold glance, it was like her mind was in another place. I leaned over to her and whispered in her ear. "On second thought I will rent a hotel room." She smiled and nodded her hand and leaned against Niall gently. "Ok guys we need to get some rest, Abbey and Niall especially." They both gave me a warm 'thank you' smile, and were happily enjoying eachothers presence. "Alright well we will be back to see you guys in the morning." Liam and Danielle came over and gently hugged Niall and Abbey. They nodded tiredly desperatly wanting to be home. "Us too!" Louis piped up, with a red eyed Eleanor in tow. Zayn and Perried nodded, feeling like a misplaced puzzle piece in the mist of everyone. Louis, Eleanor, Zayn, Perrie, Liam, and Danielle shuffled quietly and quickly out of the hospital. Leaving Niall glaring at Harry, Harry glancing at me, Abbey staring at me tiredly and me helpless uncomfortable. "Well you two should get going, I wish you both the best. You both are in my prayers." They nodded and tiredly stumbled out of the hospital leaving Harry and I standing in the waiting room. I turned around to find Harry walking up to me, and he wrapped his arms around my body. We stayed like this for a while, it seemed like seconds. Though in reality it was minutes, and long ones at that. "Harry we can't do this, we just can't." I pulled away harshly and glared at my reflection on the white tile floor. "Ciarra I-" "No Harry, nothing is gonna changed. Nothing ever will, and I can't keep getting hurt. I just can't." I felt the tear slip down my face, and watched it splatter on the floor. I felt a hand gently lift my face, and I stared into the eyes of the boy I would die for, the boy I loved. "Nothing will ever change until there is action, and Ciarra I want our relationship to be the way it used to be. We would spend hours just talking, spend weeks being love sick children, spend months away from eachother phiscally but mentally always together. Spend years being Mrs. Styles and Mr. Styles, and be together forever and always." I stared at him hopelessness filling me up, all I wanted to do was give in. "No Harry, it wont be like that. They hate me, they would rather watch me die than be with you. Or better yet send an assian after me, it won't ever be the same. Harry just except it, I'm not good enough for them or even you." I pulled away from him and grabbed my suitcase and guitar, and head down walked out of the hospital. Of course paps were there, and of course they all asked what went on in there. I numbly walked out and began walking down town, think about were I was gonna get money. As I was walking I came down to what us musicians call the music corner, but what every other average joe would call the beggers corner. I set up shop on a corner infront of a shop, and listend to the music around me. I heard the quick scurring of a quartet of violins, and the steady beat of a drum set. Very faintly I heard a dj going to town on a sick beat, I pulled out my guitar and began to just sing.


'Puttin’ my defences up ‘Cause I don’t wanna fall in love If I ever did that I think I’d have a heart attack Never put my love out on the line Never said yes to the right guy Never had trouble getting what I want

But when it comes to you, I’m never good enough When I don’t care I can play ‘em like a Ken doll

Won’t wash my hair Then make 'em bounce like a basketball But you make me wanna act like a girl

Paint my nails and wear high heels Yes, you make me so nervous And I just can’t hold your hand

You make me glow, but I cover up Won’t let it show, so I’m Puttin’ my defences up 'Cause I don’t wanna fall in love If I ever did that I think I’d have a heart attack [x3] Never break a sweat for the other guys When you come around, I get paralyzed And every time I try to be myself It comes out wrong like a cry for help

It's just not fair Pain's more trouble than love is worth I gasp for air It feels so good, but you know it hurts

But you make me wanna act like a girl Paint my nails and wear perfume For you. Make me so nervous

And I just can’t hold your hand You make me glow, but I cover up Won’t let it show, so I’m Puttin’ my defences up 'Cause I don’t wanna fall in love If I ever did that I think I’d have a heart attack [x3] The feelings are lost in my lungs They’re burning, I’d rather be numb And there’s no one else to blame So scared I take off in a run I’m flying too close to the sun And I burst into flames You make me glow, but I cover up Won’t let it show, so I’m Puttin’ my defences up ‘Cause I don’t wanna fall in love If I ever did that

I think I’d have a heart attack [x5]' (I don't own the song, just for the story!)


Everyone stared at me, and for a moment I felt like running away and hiding. When I was about to walk away a wild array of applause struck up, and people began pouring money in my guitar case. I was about to pack up and count how much I had when the crowd started to cheer, demanding a cover of a song. "Alright, well what do you guys want to hear?" I shouted out so that everyone could hear, there were so many responses back that I felt like my eardrums burst. "Alright, Alright, I’m just gonna pick alright?" They all stared at me intently as I thought of a song that I knew how to play on my guitar and could sing to. "Ok how about Imagine by John Lennon?" I heard shouting along the lines of: Yes! My favorite! Please! I don't care just sing! I laughed and gently started strumming, and then the same drummer gently played his part, the violinist gently strumming there part. I felt finally apart of something special, something important. By the end of the song I wasn't the only one singing, everyone in the crowd had join in. The drummer, violinist, and I stopped in unison. As soon as we stopped, cheers were said and everyone was clapping and pouring more money in the drummers, violinist, and I's money containers. I smiled and began counting the money, just enough to get a room for the day. By now it was noon, and I desperately needed to sleep. I began packing up my guitar when shadow was casted over me and I looked up to see a boy about my age who happened to be the drummer. "You did really great, what's your name?" I could clearly hear his Australian accent ringing from his voice. "I'm Ciarra, you?" I stood up and held out my hand. "Chad, you're Harry Styles ex-girlfriend right?" I felt my heart rip into shreds at the sound of Harry's name. "Yeah. Well nice to meet you." I started to walk away when I felt a tug on my shirt. "Call me sometime, maybe we can get the violins, you and I together." I gentle smile spread on his, and I took his number gently out of his hand. "Sure." And I walked to see a hotel downtown, just in time to rent a hotel for a day.


Abbey's P.O.V

"Go away. “I rolled over so I could burry my face in the pillows.

"You are gonna have to get up, I mean the house will burn down if you don’t. “Hearing Zach's teasing voice had me lifting my head from the pillow.

"How did you get here? “I asked sitting up, I flinched slightly from the stitches on my stomach.

"Well, Niall called me and told me to get Connor, Cail and myself down here for you. “He sat down on the bed next to me."Plus, I haven't seen you in forever. I thought it would be good to come down."

I smiled, my family was here. Maybe not my blood family but my choice family was here. Ciarra, with all the memories; good, bad, sad, and happy. Ciarra has always been there for me when my first love broke my heart from the time I regretted giving my first time to the school player freshman year because I thought he loved me; through thick and thin I knew we would always be best friends. Zach and I had been friends since I was at least six. We had never dated but he had given me boy advice and I had given him girl advice. I had some really good memories with Zach. Connor and Cail I had met when I was about seven, they were always fun. I would wrestle with Connor, Cail, and Zach when we would all hang out together. Those three boys have beaten up all of my ex-boyfriends. I loved my choice family and would never give them up.

"We need to get you out, so let's go watch a movie. We will even let you pick. “He stood up and held his hands out for me, I took them and silently stood up.

"Even romance? “I asked lifting a brow in question.

He took in a long breathe, after a couple of seconds he spoke."Yeah, I guess."


Harry's P.O.V


Ciarra stomped away, leaving me alone. The world began rushing around me like I was in a time machine. I watched everyone around me moving unhumanly fast, and me walking slow. Next thing I knew I was at Ciarra and I's house, and was slammed hard with the warm air. I gently hung up my coat and walked every so slowly into the living room. Everything exactly where Ciarra left it, nothing moved even to the slightlest inch. Genevieve and Milo looked at me worriedly, and I mindlessly brushed them off and fell onto the bed. I layed there looking around the beige room wondering how things went crazy so fast. I rolled to my left and had a flash back. Ciarra was in my arms laughing and gently squarming, begging me to let her go. Her soft hair tickling my forehead, her laughter roaming around the house. Then she turned around to face me, she looked me in the eyes with her own dark chocolate eyes. The sweetest of smiled spread upon her lips, and in seconds of looking she had planted a kiss on me with her soft lips. I hadn't noticed I was crying until my pillow was soaking wet, and part of my shirt had gotten wet. I sat up with a raging headache and looked at the clock on the bedside table. 4:00 pm. I must have fell asleep, and dreampt of Ciarra. Every inch of me wanted her back, wanted to not be famous. If I had to not be famous to be with her then be it, even if it means quiting the band. I was going to do everything that I could to be with her. As I was ploting how I was gonna get Ciarra back, there was a knock on the door. I didn't move not caring who was at the door, but the knocks quickened. So I tiredly walked out of the room and answered it.


Ciarra's P.O.V

I woke up to the sounds of knocking, I got up and looked at the clock 3:25 pm. I grumbled and rubbed my eyes, I opened the door to find people with masks on. I was about to scream when one of them wrapped their hands on my mouth and forced me to the bed. I knew what was about the happen next, I squirmed and kicked. But with three men against you, its hard to win. But I managed to kick one of them in their privates receiving a scream. "Damn bitch! You want it hard don't you." I was shocked, it was chad. He had a devil mask on, its smile creeply matching his actions. He began pulling down my pants and observing my body. I hadn't noticed one of the men had already taken off his pants and was touching himself at the sight of Chad and I. He had a actor mask on, one side of it was happy the other sad. The other male was just beginning to take off his pants. His mask was just a manniquin face. Chad just kept running his hand on the inside of my legs, as I squirmed. Chad released his grip on me, and I began to run. I had almost gotten to the door when the male with the actor mask on came to me and held me against the wall by my throat. I choked sending him into a laughing fit, and giving him a boner. "Hmm I love being in control." He began to kiss my kneck and I began to cry. Chad came over and slowly dropped his pants and motioned me to take off his boxers. I refused and the male dropped me on the ground hard, blood spilling out of my leg. "Chad you picked a good one." Chad just laughed and ripped off my shirt and motioned the guy with the manniquin mask on to come over. "Cover her eyes, I don't want to see the pleading look in them while I destroy her." Next thing I knew I was naked, and one of them was about to get me but there was knock on the door. I heard shuffling and then the blind fold was ripped off my face. "Ciarra?" It was Harry.They began to climb out the window right as Harry busted down the door. I was still naked on the bed, not wanted to touch myself because of the pain. Harry ran over to the window looking to see if he could find someone out there. While he was doing that I got some clothes onf and  I walked to the bathroom and looked at myself. There were bruises everywhere on  my face. I lifted my shirt to see many finger print marks on my body, on my breasts there were hand prints. When I looked at my legs there were brusies and dried blood, I didn't want to look anywhere else. I fell to the floor and cried, feeling so used. "Ciarra?" I looked up to see Harry tears brimming his eyes, looking at my face. "Go away! Don't look at me!" I screamed trying to hind myself, feeling ashamed that I couldn't do anything to defend myself. "Let me see." Harry was now full on crying and held his hand out to me. I took them carefully and stood up. He examined my face touching it gently now and then. "I'm sorry baby." He kissed my lips, and to my surprise it didn't hurt. "There's more." I mumbled after we pulled away, he looked at me expectedly. I lifted my shirt revealing my breasts and stomach, Harry stopped crying and anger filled him. He punched the wall as I slowly laid my shirt back over me, and I took his face in my hands. "Did they?" Harry asked me anger still clearly boiling up in him. "No, they didn't because of you." I cried and latched onto him. "Harry." He looked down at me and brushed a piece of my hair out of my face. "Yes?" His deep voice making my body shiver. "Forever and Always?"



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