Two love stories.

Two girls fall in love with the guys of there dreams. Twist and turns will they stay together or will the boys fame,life style, friends end the beautiful relationships


16. Many Firsts

Abbey's P.O.V Me and Niall had finally made it to the doctors and were sitting in the waiting room."Mrs.Passage,time for you to go see the doctor now. Follow me."A nurse addressed me from the far corner of the room,she had long brown hair and a warm smile."Ok,!"I was practically bouncing with excitement as me and Niall made our way to the office, Niall moved closer to me and intertwined our fingers."Here is your room. The doctor is waiting for you."The nurse let me and Niall into the room. When I walked in the doctor was already sitting in a chair looking at my file. "Well hello there,are you two ready to see your baby or babies for the first time?"The doctor asked a warm smile on his face,Niall squeezed my hand."Sure!"I chirped. Thirty minutes later we were out of the doctors office,I still couldn't believe a little person was growing inside of me. "It's really amazing..."Niall spoke,shaking his head slightly in awe,I smiled at him. "Yeah,it really is..."I reached my hand over to his free hand and intertwined our fingers."You should call Ciarra." He mentioned after a moment of silence,I smiled wider. "I'll do that right now."

Ciarra's P.O.V

Harry fell asleep with Milo and Genevieve, possible the cutest thing I  have seen. I took a picture and posted it on twitter. Within seconds people were commenting. I was reading through them when I saw Louis commented. "Awww, Hazza's girly side has finally come out. ;) Give him a hug and a kiss for me" I laughed, then he commented again. "Second thought, don't touch my man..." I laughed harder now, and threw my phone on the couch. Louis was so funny sometimes, I was going to the kitchen when my phone started ringing. I ran to it as quietly and quickly as I could.

Me- Hello?

Abbey- Hey I just saw my baby.

Me-............. Was it amazing?

Abbey- The most beautiful thing I have ever seen, I still am in disbelief that a little person is growing inside of me.

Me- That's really great kid, I always thought I was going to have the kid first. You have proven me wrong.

Abbey- I guess so. haha. Do you and Harry want to come over tonight? We are having everyone over, Liam, Maryland, Taylor, Zayn, Perrie, Louis, and Eleanor. It should be really fun, please come.

Me- Ok, well I need to talk to Harry about it. I will get back to you as soon as possible ok?

Abbey- Ok, hurry up babe.

Me- K

I hung up, and sunk into the couch. I had always felt out of place around Maryland, Perrie, and Eleanor. They all did something to make their fame seem more than being girlfriends of the biggest boy band in the world. Even Abbey being so sweet, and kind hearted made her seem worthy of being Niall's girlfriend. Me on the other hand, I was me. Nothing more than Harry's girlfriend. I grumbled loudly, and hadn't known Genevieve was staring at me curiously. "Come here Gene." She hopped carefully over Milo and Harry not waking ether of them up. She climbed up onto the love seat and stared at me, waiting for me to go on. "Well here it goes." I mumbled then began my speel. "Every one of One Directions girlfriends are all famous. For themselves, not just being a girlfriend of One Direction. Besides me. I'm just Ciarra Williams, the girl known for being Harry's girlfriend. Nothing more, nothing less. Even Abbey is famous in her own way, there is rarely any hate on her because she is just so sweet and kind hearted. Me, I'm a bitch to almost everyone. I hate somebody before I meet them. Well with the exception of Abbey, Niall, Zayn, Louis, Liam, Milo, Harry and you. But other wise I send off this vibe that I'm not good friend material. But I try, I truly try. But it seems I'm not good at anything." Once I finished venting, Genevieve looked like she was contemplating her next move. She looked up at me, walked over to me and sat in my lap. She leaned her head ever so gently on my chest as though she was listening to my heart beat. I let a tear fall, knowing that Genevieve accepted me as me. "You are even better than all of those girls, I love you because you stay the same around everyone. You never treat anyone like they aren't worth your time." I was startled by Harry, tears in his eyes. Ruffling up his hair nervously. "Harry." I breathed out, forgetting that he was there. Harry stood up and knelt down next to me. "Don't ever say anything like that about yourself again." He kissed me, forcefully yet gently. My hands found it's way up into his hair, his curls wrapping perfectly around my small fingers. We pulled away panting, he smiled his perfect smile melting me like butter. "I hate how perfect you are." I laughed, kissing his dimple. "I hate how perfect you are." He smiled pushing a lone piece of hair out of my face. "Abbey and Niall are throwing a party for their baby, they invited us. You want to go?" I asked staring into his emerald eyes, noticing the love, desire, hope, admiration in his eyes that I had never noticed before. "Of course. You know I'm a sucker for parties." He laughed a warm happy laugh. "Well we better get ready, I don't wanna be late to my best friends party." I kissed his forehead, and slowly stood up. Genevieve had hopped off of my lap when Harry came to me. "Nor do I." He locked our fingers together, and lead me to our room. "What to wear what to wear." Harry stated looking in the closet with both mine and his clothes hung mixed together. "How about this?" I threw his light brown chino pants at him, along with a white dress up shirt and navy blue coat. I then bent down and threw him a pair of white convers with a bow tie. "You know me to well." He said as he looked down at his outfit. "My turn." I was nervous, I didn't know what Harry was gonna pick. Harry took a while carefully selecting something to wear. He turned around holding a strapless black ruffle dress with a sweetheart neckline, he bent down and picked out a black a white pair of wedge high heel shoes with a black bow on top of the shoes. I stood in utter shock as he set the dress and shoes gently onto the bed. "Something pretty to go along with something beautiful." He kissed my cheek and grabbed his clothes and began changing. I also began changing Harry and I had our eyes on the other. Once changed Harry went over to the mirror and began fixing up his hair. I sat on the little stool in front of the mirror, and also began doing my hair. I bumped my hair and curled it, I just put on mascara and grabbed some lip balm. "Ready?" Harry asked observing me intently. "Mmm hum." I hummed, observing him. We both laughed and hooked arms. "Let me call Abbey, will you feed Gene and Milo?" Harry nodded his head and picked up Milo and Genevieve and walked into the kitchen.

Me- Hey abb

Abbey- HEY! Please tell me you are coming.

Me- Hell ya! Ha we will be at your house in a little k?

Abbey- Yeah, dress nice ok? It turns out there are going to be alot more people then expected.

Me- Good thing I am. See ya there

Abbey- Mmmk

She hung up and I walked into the kitchen to see Genevieve and Harry watching Milo eat intently. "Ready to go?" Harry nodded his head and put Milo in his little area along with Genevieve. We once again intwined our fingers and walked to our car, the ride to Abbey and Nialls was short. When we arrived the whole block was surrounded by cars, she wasn't kidding about having more people then expected. We finally found a spot and had to walk ten minutes to get to the house. When we got there we had to tell a HUGE security guard our names, and then we were actually in the house. There were so many celebrities there. As soon as Harry walking into the door, Taylor Swift came running up to him. "If it isn't Harry Styles, my beautiful boyfriend." She pulled him in for a hug and kissed him on the mouth. I stood there in utter shock. "What are you talking about?" Harry pulled away from here and wiped his mouth. "Go ask Paul." Harry nodded, and we walked around until we found Paul. "Paul we need to talk." Harry angerly mumbled, Paul noticed and we all went upstairs into Abbey and Niall's libruary. "What is this about me dating Taylor?" Paul turned a little pale but then soon recovered. "Long story short, fans aren't happy about you dating Ciarra. We are losing sales, we need you to pretend to be dating Taylor to get back some of your popularity back." I stood there, feeling dizzy. "No. I'm not going to do it, I'm not going to change who I'm dating just to be more famous." Harry said holding my hand tighter. "Harry you-" I cut Paul off. "He will."


Harry's P.O.V

I stared at Ciarra in shock, as she sat on a desk her head looking at the ground. "Thank you Ciarra for understanding, now we gotta make it offical. You two need to break up in public, make it dramatic. Ciarra you have to be the bad person, say you cheated on someone." Paul looked at me, then Ciarra. "And you two can't get married." My heart felt like it was getting ripped out of my chest, held out in front of me to watch and do nothing about it. "Yes sir." Ciarra mumbled. Ciarra never said sir, that means she's given up. "Alright time to go public." Paul ushered us down stairs and into the living room full of celebrities. "Now." He whispered in our ears. I walked out a little more with Ciarra next to me. "I knew it was never gonna last, you're to good for me. Nobody wants little ole Ciarra to have a happy ending." She kissed my cheek, then walked out into the middle of the party. "Fine Harry fine. He's better then you anyways!" She stomped away and out the door. Everything stood still, my whole world felt like it was about to colapse. Soon after Ciarra left everyone was surrounding me, asking me what happened. "Nothing." I stumbled around when Taylor was infront of me. "Hubby." She screamed, everyone turned to us. "I love you so much." When she kissed me, I didn't move. I had to feel something, but nothing. She pulled away smiled and grabbed my hand. "Harry broke it off with Ciarra to be with me." Everyone clapped, shouted celebrated. "Finally!" Some shouted. "Now I don't have to pretend to like her." Others said. "She didn't deserve you." Some said to me. I felt anger boiling up in me, and I broke. "I'm leaving." I told everyone and flagged down a cab. When I got to house I was shocked to see Ciarra was still there on the couch snuggled up with Genevieve and Milo. I swong the door open, she looked startled but soon returned to normal. "Hi." She mumbled barely audible. "C-C-Ciarra? I tthought you left." She shook her head and stood up. "I didn't want to leave without good bye." When she stood up she brought bags with her. "We all know that you and her are better together, and soon it will be more. You will want to be with her because she understands you." I stood there unable to speak, until she touched my face. "No. No your not leaving, I'm not letting you leave. Its a lie." Before she had a chance to get away I went outside and lone behold paps were outside shouting at me. "Ciarra and I are engaged. Taylor came on me like a love sick puppy, because fans would prefer me with her then me and Ciarra."

Niall's P.O.V After Abbey and I were finally done making-out she pulled away from me. Her face was stained with happy tears. "Fuck you."She spoke,I tensed at her words."Now I have to go redo my eye makeup."She smiled widely at me, I laughed releaved that she wasn't mad at me. "Sorry."I said sheepishly, I kissed her nose before she could completely pull away from me. "I'm going to cleen up."She said while admiring the ring on her finger,it sparkled in the light of the kitchen. I smiled admiring her beauty while she was completely oblivious to it. "Okay,don't take to long."I told her,she looked back up at me and smiled before disappearing out of the kitchen. I quickly started getting the place ready for party. I was extremely happy that Abbey had said yes, when I had told hershewas my everything I had ment it. Thirty minutes later the party was in full swing, celebrities were everywhere. Of course the band had come,well almost the band. Harry and Ciarra still weren't here and I could tell Abbey was getting impatient."I'm sure they will be here soon."I tried to sooth her but it didn't really work. She was still bouncing on her feet,standing on her tip-toes every once in a while looking at the door. Waiting for them to walk through the threshold, I knew she was excited to tell Ciarra we were getting married. "They better."She mumbled, she noticed that Perry was looking at her worriedly so she gave her a tight smile. I was listening to Louis tell a story about how he put mustard in Harry's pants when Abbey suddenly pulled away from me. I watched as she weaves through all people in the living room,she was headed to the front door.

Abbey's P.O.V I looked out the front door,I saw Ciarra driving away. When I saw her walk out the door she looked broken,completely and utterly broken. I hurried back over to Niall,when I got to his side he gave me a worried look. "What is it?"He asked putting a hand on my waist,I bit the inside of my lip. "I just saw Ciarra,she looked hurt and sad. And as her best friend I need to go after her. I know this was supposed to be our night but I really just need to make sure she's okay. It might take all night so I'm going to go get a change of clothes and go see her."I told him in a rush,I was worried about my best friend. "Okay. Go. Just be careful okay?"He asked, he looked me in the eyes. I nodded at his words. "Sure."I replyed,I turned to walk away but Niall caught my hand. Pulling me into him he kissed me deeply, I couldn't help but give a little moan into the kiss. When he pulled away I took a deep breathe."I love you." He said looking me in the eye. I knew he ment it. "I love you too." I gave him one last kiss before pulling away. Fifteen minutes later I was driving down the road,going to meet up with Ciarra at the hotel she wanted to meet me at. I had stopped at the closest drug store,getting all of the fattening foods I could think of, along with the best chick-flick movies of all time. I quickly made my way up to the room number she was staying at. "Knock knock!"I yelled standing outside her door,after a few moments she opened the door,looking sad. "Hey."She said before turning around and walking back into the room. I lugged the bags of food,drinks,and movies into the room along with my over-night bag. I put them down on the floor near the couch in the living room. "Alright babe, I brought cookie dough, chocolate icecream vanilla ice cream, strawberry, and rockieroad ice cream. Strawberries,bananas,vanilla wafers,some gummie bears,chocolate bars,bags of chips,skittles,gummie worms,cake,hot fudge, cans of pop, and last but not least movies. For movies I brought The Notebook, The Last Song, Legend of the Falls, Titanic, and P.S. I Love You, for all the romance. For horror I brought Holloween,The Exorcist, and A nightmare o. Elms street. And for Comedy I brought Pink Panther2, and Superbad." I had placed everything on the floor around me. I had a feeling tonight everyone would be sobbing, good and bad tears.

Ciarra's P.O.V

By 3:00 am I was hyped up on sugar, and sad. Abbey had crashed during the exorcist, so I was alone, scared, and hyper. I was holding my phone shaking, I turned it on and saw many missed calls and text messages. All from Harry, asking where I had run off to. I finally after plenty of thought dialed his number. I held my breathe one ring, two ring.


Ciarra- H-Harry?

Harry- Ciarra, Ciarra please come home. I told everyone that I only wanted to be with you and only you.

Ciarra- Harry I don't want to be the reason you have to stop doing what you love....

Harry- But I would rather quit singing, quit breathing for you. I  don't want to lose my everything

Ciarra- Harry please come and get me....

Harry- Where are you?

Ciarra- Holiday inn

Harry- I will be there in a few

I hung up and looked at Genevieve laying on my bed looking at me. As though to tell me that I had done the right thing. I wasn't going to leave Abbey here alone so I texted Niall to come over and get her. Once I looked up I realized how messy it was in here. Funny when your world seems to be caving in on you that you forget everything, and you stop caring. I went to the bathroom and realized I looked like I was hit by a train repeatively. I rinsed my face and went over to my suitcase, I lifted the cover and saw right on top of everything was Harry's Jack Willis sweatshirt on top. I slipped it on and went back to the livingroom area. I started to clean up when I heard a knock on the door. I looked through the peep hole to see a stressed/ tired looking Niall. I unlocked the door and was surprised be the impact of Niall. He held me in a tight huge and his tears began to wet Harry's sweatshirt. "Whats wrong hunny?" I asked rubbing his back. "I-I thou-thought you w-we-were gone FOREVER." I laughed and I began to cry. "I love you." I whispered in his ear. "I love you too, but as like a little sister." I laughed and kissed his cheek. "Go get her." He searched the room until he found Abbeys body on a bed. He scooped her up princess style and walked out the door. "Those two are perfect for eachother." I mumbled and smiled. Soon there would be a little child holding their hands, bringing them closer then before. I sat on a seat in the corner and began to cry, my best friend/ little sister was growing up. All of those years we spent acting like idiots, defending each other, fighting each other, being together. Now none of those days mattered anymore, she was gonna be a mother. Niall a father. My world seemed to be spinning, how this all happened so fast. It seemed like yesterday we were in middle school running after eachother, laughing, not caring who said what about who. Just living in the moment. I laughed remebering all of the idiotic things we did. I heard a knock again, I stood up and brushed off myself. I hadn't even glanced through the peep hole, I opened the door to see my prince charming holding onto roses. "Forever and Always?" I pulled him into me, and burried me head into his chest. He held me tighter then ever before, and cried silently into me. "Forever and Always." I whispered looking up at his tear stained face. Getting onto my tip toes and kissing him with as much

force as I could.


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