Two love stories.

Two girls fall in love with the guys of there dreams. Twist and turns will they stay together or will the boys fame,life style, friends end the beautiful relationships


20. Happily ever after..... Right?

Niall's P.O.V

We were all sitting on the couch and watching the movie LOL that Abbey had chosen. Abbey was curled up at my side and im pretty sure she was sleeping and I really wanted to eat but I didn't want to wake her up.

"Hey, Connor you should go and make food." I said quietly and I was slightly pouting.

He glared at me. "Why should I go get when Zach can go get it?"

"Ummm, good point mate. I don't know."

I shifted slightly moving Abbey from my lap and laying her head on the plush pillow. I stood up and swayed slightly because I had been sitting for so long and my legs were asleep, I walked over to the guest room where Zach and Connor would be sleeping while they were here.

"Zach!"I yelled at him through the door. "Come make us food!"

"You do it you lazy bum!"He yelled back at me.

I thought for a moment. "I need to take care of Abbey,she may be asleep but she still needs me."

"You make it."

"No you make it."

"I really think you should make it,I mean you really are a good cook right?" I raised an eye brow- or I tried to at least.

"Well...fine. But you so owe me." He walked down the hall most likely to make me precious food. I made it back out to the living room where Abbey was now laying in the middle of the floor playing cards with Connor and his little brother Cail.

"Go freaking fish!" Abbey yelled out as she pointed to the pile of cards to her left.

Connor glared at her as he added another card to the cards in his hands,it was obvious that Abbey was winning by all the pairs laying by her sides.

"Your cheating,I just know it."Connor mumbled and Abbey lifted an eyebrow to him. "Hey! It's a gut feeling. Don't be a hater."

"I'm always a hater when you comes to you Connor."She lightly slapped his cheek before slowly lifting herself from the floor, Connor quickly jumped up before helping her up on her feet.

I knew Abbey was torn up inside about losing the baby,hell so was I but I knew everything happens for a reason and that we must not have been ready for a baby. I also knew that one day me and Abbey would have many children running around enjoying themselves and making my life better if even possible.

Abbey's P.O.V

I was dying inside and I knew that Niall knew that also,I just had to keep up the happy face for Connor, Cail, and Zach and soon I would be able to cry myself to sleep in the safty of Niall's arms.

Ciarra's P.O.V

Every little sound sends me crying  in a corner, and I know Harry is trying his best to make me feel better. But when you are were almost raped things change, in an instant. I was currently watching Harry sleep peacefully (from the love seat in our room), though I can barely blink without being scared.  When he suddenly rolled over I choked back the tears threatening to come out, how did I turn out like this?? I used to be a secret agent dammit, I should have used the moves taught to me. I should have broke their noses, kicked them in grong. All these things came to me, none of that should have ever gone as far as it did. 'Stop blaming yourself Ciarra, you couldn't have done anything to prevent it.' I hadn't noticed Harry was looking at me until I happened to glance over at the bed. "Ciarra? Are you ok? Are you scared?" His morning voice came out, though it was still very late at night. "I-I'm fine just not tired." I whimpered, hoping that he would go back to sleep. "Come here baby." He mumbled scratching his chest with one hand and other motioning me to come to him. I mentally groaned and crawled out of my warm spot on the loveseat, and over to him. I sat next to him chills multiplying on my skin, from the cold silk sheets. "I didn't mean over there, I meant over here." Harry smiled and tapped on his legs, I for once was able to let a smile spread across my face unforced. I crawled over and as soon as we touched I was warm, home, and most importantly safe. I cuddled up to his chest hearing his heartbeat, while he gently played with my hair. "Harry?" I mumbled quietly hoping he could still hear me and that I wouldn't have to raise my voice to a higher level. "Yes Ciarra?" When he talked  I felt butterflies in my stomach yet I felt so comfortable. "Can I be Mrs. Styles again?" As soon as the worlds slipped out my mouth, I felt sick. 'You don't just ask your ex fiancé to be you fiancé again.' I mentally face palmed and in the mist of my thoughts I hadn't known Harry was gone. I groaned and looked at the edge of the bed to see Genevieve staring at me intently, unsure who I was. "Gene, come here honey." With those few words her tail was wagging so hard that her behind was shaking, and her inner puppy came out. "Oh how I missed you." I kissed her nose and she gently laid down on my lap. "Ciarra." I looked at the side of the bed to find Harry down on one knee, his hair all shaggy and messy, his white and hearted boxers, and revealing his tattoo's on his chest, stomach, and arms. "Will you do that honors of being my wife, I'm letting you know there is no backing out o-" I scared Genevieve by getting up so fast and interrupted Harry with kissing him. "I won't ever leave, no matter what happens. Because this may seem a little crazy but I think I'm in love with a boy named Harry." I mumbled through tears, I wasn't ever gonna leave.... Never again. 

Abbey's P.O.V

It had been a week since everything had happened. The boys have left, I'm feeling a whole lot better with myself, and Ciarra and Harry were the match made in heaven. I keep waiting for Ciarra to tell me that she is pregnant with how much her and Harry go at it. Two days ago I found them doing it in the guest room of me and Niall's house. I was mortified to say the least but now I tease them 24/7.

Me and Niall are good but we decided to wait until we are married to have kids. That does not mean we aren't sexually active it just means Niall has to stop him self and put a condom on. I was in love with my life even though I still was sad about the miscarriage, but what could you do? It happened for a reason. Even though I was thrilled I was pregnant I wasn't ready to be a mom. I still had life to live before that happened, and plus i'm only nineteen- soon to be twenty in four days.

Today it was actually nice in Ireland, no rain. Just warm sun. Bright sun. The kind of sun that you never wanted to go away. Anyways enough about the sun. Niall and I had decided to sit out by the side of the pool. Currently I was putting sun tan lotion over my skin but couldn't reach my back.

"Hmmm, Niall?"I asked, stretching my arms to get my mid back.

"Yes Abbey?"

"Could you help me please?"I held out the sun tan lotion bottle to him. He sighed.

"I guess..."

He walked over to me, grabbing the bottle from my hand. Our fingers brushed and I swear I had been hit with an extra electric lightning bolt.

"Here?" He asked toughing my mid back, sending more bolts of lightning through me.



Before I knew what was happening I was being picked up into Niall's strong arms, he was walking to the edge of the deep end of the pool.

"Niall, you really don't want to do this..."I tried to pursued him.

"Yeah I do." He threw me into the cold frigged water. I went under, water surrounding me. My hair that had been up in a messy bun was falling apart and as I finally broke the surface of the water Niall was doubling over laughing.

"Oh, your gonna get it Horan." A slight smile played on my lips and I knew everything was going to be okay.

Harry's P.O.V

I hadn't noticed how much life had changed within a week, with Ciarra back in my life. I'm really glad that she and I were together again, especially with the sex. It seems like she never wants to not have it, which I'm not complaining about. I think right now we are both just dazed at the fact that we are Mrs. and Mr. Styles again. Well not technically yet, we are waiting to let things to easy up with the tabloids. Right now I was looking at her, her beauty seriously blocking out everything else in the world. "Harry, Hazza, boobie, boorah, hello?" Ciarra was waving her hands in front of my face. "Hunny, baby, boo, cupcake." I was sitting down so I pulled her onto my lap, she and I facing each other. "Want to go out and swim??" She playfully tugged on my shirt, and started to lean close to me. "No sex once so ever??"  I said inches away from her soft pink lips, wanting so bad to place mine on hers. "Nope. I'm serious too, I don't want to get prego." She pulled away as quickly as she sat down, I was mentally face palming. 'Why did you say that Harry, way to blow the moment.' "Cupcake will you please come tie my bikini straps?" I already felt the evil grin spreading on my face. "Yes babe, I will be there in a second." I stood up as fast as I could, in result to this action I got dizzy. Once I recovered I practically sprinted to the bed room to see her hair in a messy bun, her sunglasses on her head, and holding her bathing suit to her chest. "Could you have taken any longer Harry?" She said sarcastically, I felt her shiver when I touched her, and I shivered because she shivered. I gently tied it and wrapped my arms around her body, pulling her extremely close to me. "Harry, come on you outta get ready." She turned around and kissed my lips gently, almost in a teasing way. She pulled away and smacked my butt and winked. "You're mine now Styles." She yelled as she walked away. "And you're mine." I smiled happy to have the girl of my dreams in my life once again. I slipped on my suit and grabbed a pair of sunglasses. As I walked into the living room I saw Ciarra packing a lunch, seeing her made my stomach flip flop. I walked as quietly as I could and wrapped my arms around her waist. "You are so beautiful." I whispered in her ear, and her gently laughing. "Harry come on, lets go." I grabbed her hand and we walked out the door together.


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