Two love stories.

Two girls fall in love with the guys of there dreams. Twist and turns will they stay together or will the boys fame,life style, friends end the beautiful relationships


13. Game changer?

Ciarra's P.O.V

Harry and I had mindlessly walked around Cheshire, trying to leave Abbey and Niall some space. "Harry?" I glared at a girl eyeing him like a piece of chicken. "What is it?" He mumbled into my hair, and pecked into my temple. "What do you think about the baby situation?" I whispered the last part hoping no paps would hear. "Well it's definintly a game changer." Harry grabbed my hand and began swinging it. "What do you mean by that?" Harry stopped and looked at me very serious. "One direction might be over." I was completely stunned at how calmly he had acted about this. "Why are you acting so calmly about this? Harry I know singing is your everything, why are you so willing to give it up?" He smiled his million dollar smile. "Well I love singing but I love you more. If One Direction is over we can get married, start a family of our own. I have plenty enough money to keep us, and 4 kids going easily. Even then I could still sing, and you could do anything you wanted too." I was tearing up, he really did love me. He was willing to give up everything, just for me. "Harry I think it's time you meet my family." I flash of horror and happiness shot through his eyes. "U-Um ok." He smiled weakly, but on the inside completely terrified. "Harry the only thing you have to worry about is my brothers pounding on you." I kissed him playfully, and directioned us to go towards our car. "Ok, that makes everything less scary." I laughed, I would be scaried if I was him too. My eldest brother Chris was 28, and will beat the living hell out of anyone who hurts his family. My second brother Tj, is well 20 and crazy. My precious mom who is 48, wont hurt him. "Harry the only thing I'm worried about is Tj, making fun of you. Or convincing you to do something crazy." He smiled and hopped into the car. He quickly drove home and chased me into the house. "No Harry don't." I worned him, he was about to tickle me and I became a ninja when ever he did. He laughed and walked away towards the kitchen. "Hey love what do you want for dinner?" Harry questioned looking through our bare cuboards. This usually happens when Niall and Abbey are over, they eat all of our food then leave. "Um how about some pizza, or chinese?" He nodded and started ordering pizza. I got on my laptop and started to look for tickets to Montana, United States. I bought tickets and then dialed up my mom.

Ciarra- Hey mom guess what?

Mom- What boo?

Ciarra- Harry and I are coming to visit next week.

Mom- Oh great! I can't wait to meet the boy on your wall in real life.

Ciarra- Mom!

Mom- I love you sweetie, I gotta go.

Ciarra- Bye mom

I laughed at her enthusiasm, I know she did truely want to meet the guy. Though I still hadn't told her I'm engaged, I wonder how she will react. Next I dialed my brother Chris, and he answered quickly.

Chris- What do you want?

Ciarra- Well it's nice to hear from you to big brother.

Chris- Ha, sorry sis I thought it was Hilliary calling asking if the kids were ok.

Ciarra- Well at least she cares, how are Abby and Susan?

Chris- They are great, we are skiing. Well snowboarding but, anyhow what do you want?

Ciarra- Well Harry and I are coming down in a week, so I was wondering if you could round up your family and meet at moms to welcome Harry to the family?

Chris- Fine, but don't expect your little pretty boy to think he is all upper class.

Ciarra- I won't, Love you. Tell the girls and Hilliary too.

Chris- Alright bye sis.

Man was Harry in for a ride, now time to call Tj.

Tj- Hello?

Ciarra- Hey t, um go to moms in a week. Harry and I are coming down.

Tj- Hey Ciarra which way to 5 gay guys walk?

I hung up, knowing that was his favorite line to use on One Direction. "Hey love, can you get the pizza?" I heard Harry yell from the shower. "Yeah sure thing sweetie." I grabbed some bills from my bag and opened the door. "27.50 please." I young girl stood infront of me, I nodded and handed her the money. I shut the door once she gave me the pizza and soda, I flopped myself onto our couch and turned on some stupid show and ate my pizza.

Abbey's P.O.V

Me and Niall were on the couch in our living room cuddleing and watching tv when Ciarra called.

Me-Hey Bayba.

C-Hey,so I just wanted to call and to tell you that me and Harry are going back to my home town in Montana,USA so he can meet T,Chris,and Mom.

Me-Aww,Babe. I wanna come too,I wanna see T,mom and Chris.

C-Well maybe another bout this. Me and You will go visit them a week after me and Harry get back.

Me-Ugh,fine. I'm holding you to that then.

C-K,whatever. I gotta go...

Me-K bye Babe. Tell mom,T,and Chris Hi and I love them when you see them.


Ciarra hung up the phone and I sunk deeper into the couch."What's wrong Love?"Niall asked,concern etched on his face."Nothing,I just talked to Ciarra.Her and Harry are going to go see our family...well my second family. Her first family."I leaned into his side,he sighed."I guess this means I have to meet your family?"I nodded in response,I was worried that my dad would totally go into interigation mode. My dad and I didn't really have a good relashionship because when I was in high school I wasn't wild but I did party sometimes and to him that was not allowed in his house. Me and my mom though were super tight even though we do fight sometimes."Well they moved to the states,so I guess I could get a plane ticket for Tuesday?"I asked then stood up,Niall just nodded his head not really interested.I sighed then went into the kitchen because I was craving chocolate ice cream. I txted Ciarra our plan and she said that she thought it was a good idea. I grabbed a carton of the Tom and Jerry's chocolate ice cream,then a spoon and dug in. I was enjoying my ice cream when I thought about the past. My thoughts drifted through everything from my first real boyfriend from my first real hangover. I laughed silently to myself about  some of them,like when I was so drunk I thought spiders were my babies. I was almost done with my ice cream when I heard the front door open.'Weird...I didn't know people were coming over'I thought,I just shrugged it off then looked for more food to eat. I was searching the cuboards when a bright,overly happy voice broke the silence in the kitchen."Oh My God Abbey! I can't be-lieve your pregnant! We can go back to being best friends!"I turned around to see a huge-bellied,Maryland smiling brightly at me. I just put on a fake smile,"No,I don't think so. Ciarra is my first and only best friend."My voice sounded overly sweet,even for me. She visibly flinched before she put another fake smile on her face."Oh right...Ciarra. That bitch."When she called Ciarra a bitch I kinda flipped."Shut the fuck up Maryland! You know nothing about her...she has gone through so much more then your spoiled ass! Just leave,you face burns my eyes."I marched up the stairs out of my kitchen,through the living room and up the stairs to Niall and I's room. The bitch had some nerve.

1 week later

Harry's P.O.V

I was honestly scared to death, I called my mum repeatedly after Ciarra told me we were leaving. Now only minutes from landing my heart is thuding, Ciarra know's I'm nervous and is squeezing my hand comfortingly but I'm still scared. "Harry, babe. I promise I won't let ANYTHING happen to you." She pecked my cheek, as the plan landed. The flight attendents ushered us out of the plane, and of course right as we got out of the plane there stood a tall man holding a sign that said: Ciarra! I looked over at Ciarra who eyes lit up when she saw him, and she let go of my hand and ran to him. "TJ!!!!!!" She tackled him in a hug, he hugged her lightly and then hit her in the arm. "Sup you little brat, I see your pretty boy is here." He said glaring at me, but then his face lightened up. "I'm just kidding, I can't act like Chris." He held out his hand and I shook it, he was sure friendly. He grabbed Ciarra's bags and started to motion us out to the parking lot. "So Harry, I'm sorry but I HAVE to make fun of One Direction. It is my brotherly duties to do so." I laughed, while Ciarra shot him a death glare. "Ok sure go ahead, shoot." Tj's face brightened and he was off. "Which way do 5 gay guys walk?" I was about to say which way when Ciarra responed first. "I don't know, lets get 4 of your friends together and see." I grabbed her hand and she just laughed as Tj walk sadly towards his truck.

Abbey's  P.O.V

When me and Niall arrived at my old house in Helena,Montana my mom pulled me and Niall into a huge hug,my dad glared at Niall and put me in a side hug."Mom,Dad...this is my BOYFRIEND Niall Horan."I told them as I walked through the front door of our smaller house."Nice to meet you looked familiar."My mom turned to me."Abbey is he part of that band you are in love with and freak out even if his band name is mentioned?"I felt the blood rush to my cheeks and I heard Niall chuckling behind me, I hid my face in my hands and just half ran half  fast walked to the closest bathroom. My mom was so embaressing. I quickly shut the door to the bathroom and locked it,I couldn't believe my mom said that in frony of Niall! I got calmed down so I wasn't blushing and unlocked the door and stepped over the threashold. I walked around the house and I found them downstairs in the basment/livingroom ,Niall was sitting on the couch,my dad wasn't anywhere to be found,and my mom was on the phone behind the bar."Babe,come sit with me."Niall motioned to his lap,and smiled. His smile caused butterflies in my stomache,"Okay..."I walked over to him and sat on his lap,his arm snaked around my waist and he put a small peck on my head. I blushed again becuase when I looked uver to my mom she winked and smiled."So...Babe. I find it very flattering that you have my face all over your walls."Niall smirked and pulled me closer to  his chest."Niall! Thats embarressing!"I whined into his chest, he put both of his arms around me so he was fully hugging me."Well kids break it up. I was just talking to the Spiroffs, the Murgles, and the Devines. Connor,Cael,and Zach are in town to see you Abbey. Chrissy,Jason,Wayneo,Kimmo, Sherry and Steve are coming tonight to see you along with the boys."My mom went and sat down in the recliner right next to the couch, I got really excited. I hadn't seen the boys in what seemed like forever."Really?"I squealed and wiggled around on Nialls lap, me wiggling around earned me a groan but I just ignored it."Yeah,they will all be here in about 20-30 minutes so I suggest you guys get your stuff put up in Abbey's room. They will be here soon so don't try anything."With that my mom got up from the recliner and went to get my stuff from upstairs at the door. Niall followed me and soon everything was put up in my room. Me and Niall were laying down on the couch. My chest was against Niall's and chest,my hands were playing with his blonde hair, his hands were playing with my hair too, my left leg was inbetween his legs and his right leg was slung over my right leg. We were just waiting for everybody to get to the house,it was just me and Niall down here in the basement."So, whats your story with these boys?"Niall asked,obiously jealous."How bout I just tell you later on tonight?"I asked,not really really in the mood for a talk."Okay,fine...but we will talk about this later on."Niall sighed and pecked my lips, if my mother hadn't called us from upstairs we would have gone into a makeout session."They are here!"My mom called down to us, I sighed and pecked Niall's lips one more time before getting off of Niall and going upstairs once he got up to. With his arm wrapped around my waist we made our way up to meet with people from my childhood. 

Ciarra's P.O.V

Harry and I were hanging out in my room, well I was tearing all of my one direction posters while Harry was hanging up them. "Harry STOP!" I laughed as he was making out with a poster I had of him. "No I look so sexy in this one! Look I'm giving the bad boy look!" Harry put on the exact look that was on the poster. "Ciarra! Harry! Chris, Hillary and the kids are here." Harry smiled weakly and grabbed my hand. "Harry it's gonna be alright." I kissed him, he smiled into the kiss. We walked into the kitchen and there  stood my brother holding two beautiful blondes. "Abby! Susan!" They hopped out of Chris's arms and into mine. "Auntie Cc!" They said in unison tackling me. "Hey cuties!" I kissed their heads, and then they attacked Harry. "Chris, Hillary." I hugged them both, and helped my mom set the food on the table. We all quickly sat at the table. "Well I love having you all here." My mom said, and motioned to the food telling us we could eat. We all dug in, after about 30 minutes I decided I would tell them about Harry and I. "Um guys I would like to share something with you all." They all looked at me expectedly, though Chris was glaring at Harry. "Um, well Harry and I are engaged." It was dead silent, you could have heard a penny drop. "What the hell are you thinking!" Chris yelled pushing his chair away from the table and walking towards Harry. "Chris sit down." Hillary yelled, as Chris was about to lay a hand on him. Then Chris hit him in the mouth making Harry's lip bleed. "What the hell Chris!" I ran in between Chris and Harry right as Chris went to lay another hit on Harry, hitting me instead. "Dammit! I came down here to let you all know about a life changing event! Harry understands me. And for fucking god! I'm not a little girl anymore, so stop. You guys lost me, I don't want to be apart of a family who wont expect my decisions. So I'm just gonna grab my stuff and get out of your fucking hair." I stomped to my room and grabbed my stuff with Harry's, as I walked into the living room I found Hillary tending to Chris. Who was bleeding everywhere, I looked over to see Harry was also bleeding not as bad. "Bye." Tj and my mom were so shocked they hadn't said a word, Chris and Hillary where glaring at me. While Abby and Susan were balling their eyes out. "Abby, Susan come here." I said they started to come when Hillary spoke up. "Don't you touch her, she isn't part of this family." I was left completely shocked, I always thought Hillary and I were friends. "I thought you would stand up for me." I glared at my mom through the tears that were falling freely now. "Come here babe." Harry pulled me under his arm, and we walked out of the house and flagged down a cab.

Abbey's P.O.V

I was sitting in the family room tucked under Niall's arm,everybody was here and everyone was getting along perfectly. I had told everyone about me being pregnant and lets just say my dad kinda got pissed. Connor and Zach were gonna kill Niall but we quickly worked it out and everyone understood I was fine with it."So...did you know Adrian Peterson got transfered to the Seattle Seahawks Abbey?"Connor and Zach were currently filling me in on the latest news on the NFL, apperantly I had been deprived from it."No I did not."This seemed to displease them."Gurl, you have been deprived from to much NFL football."Zach said immatating a black girl,I laughed at him. It was truley good to back with old friends and honorary family. I was just about to answer back to Zach's comment when my phone went off."Excuse mio."I got up from Niall's slung arm and went into my bedroom.

Me-Hello? can me and Harry come stay at your place for the rest of the week?

Me-Yeah of course,you'll have to sleep in the spare bedroom but yeah it's cool.

Ciarra-K...thank you. Me and Harry will be there in about 15.

The line went dead with a click and I knew that something had gone wrong at her house. I went out back into the living room,Niall was chatting with the guys and he looked hot. I took a moment to admire his hottness before coming back to the present and task at hand."Niall, can we talk. Please?"I had one arm behind my back and the other was hanging limp at my side, I was chewing my lip out of habit ."Yeah sure Babe."He jumped off of the couch and Zach and Connor called him whipped. He came over to me and I went back into my room with him trailing behind me."So what's up baby?"Niall asked leaning against my dresser, I walked over to him and leaned into him. My body inbetween his legs, I rested the rest of my body on him and just flat out told him."So Harry and Ciarra are going to be staying with us for the rest of the week. I don't know what happened between her and her family but just please let me handle it when they get here?"I pleaded with Niall and he just gave me a look and sighed."Cock block."Niall mumbled and ran a hand through his perfect hair. I just chuckled."Niall did you really think that you would be able to have sex with me when my parents are just right above us? Yeah I would love to but I'm sorry to say it hunk it ain't happenin."I kissed him on the lips then pulled away and patted his chest before going back out to the living room waiting for Ciarra and Harry.

Harry's P.O.V

"Um stop here." Ciarra said as we passed a gas station, we hopped out and walked into the gas station. She was walking towards the restroom, as soon as she got to the girls bathroom she pulled me in and locked the door. "Sit on the toilet." She demanded, I put down the seat and sat. She wetted a paper towel, and sat on my lap. She began dabbing my face, I flinched and she started to cry again. "I-I'm so sorry Harry. They are usually so calm, and don't care what I do." She cried into my chest, and I held her until she stopped crying. "Love it doesn't really matter to me. I just fought with him because, he hit you. And no man should ever hit a girl, I know I have. And I felt terrible the whole time, so I couldn't let your brother even by accident hit you." She smiled weakly and finished cleaning me up. "There. Now I see my fiancee." She kissed me, which set bombs off in my stomach. "Let's go home." I whispered into her ear after a while. "Ok? How though?" She smiled wide. "Private jet." She looked excited for a minute, but it soon faded. "We can't, we have to go to the Passages house." I laughed at how loyal she was, so I nodded. "Ok, but only for a few days alright?" She nodded and got off my lap. "Come on, lets get outta the restroom, people are going to think we are having sex." She winked at me then unlocked the door. We walked out hand in hand, she then called Abbey. After a few minutes she hung up and hopped onto my lap. "She will be here in 10 minutes." She sighed and leaned against me. "Forever and Always." She kissed me and slowly dozed off into sleep.

Abbey's P.O.V

Me and Niall had returned back out to the living room with my friends. I was sitting on Nialls lap in the recliner,he was stroking my hair lightly,we were also watching a football game. Connor and Zach were on the couch watching intently because it was Connor''s team the Raven's against Zach's team the Bronco's."Yes!Yes! Yes!"Connor jumped up and screamed at the tv,Zach had his head in his hands mumbling what im sure were cuss words."What just happened?"Niall whispered into my ear,I could tell he had a shy smile on his features."Ray Lewis just saced Payton Manning."I told him,he smiled at me."Hun,your are going to have to speak in english for me."He said laughing slightly,by now Connor and Zach were fully listening on our convo."Well Ray Lewis plays on defence for theRavens, and Payton Manning is the quarterback for the Broncos. So when Ray saced Payton it's a big deal. What it means to sac a quarterback is that you have to tackle th-"Niall cut me off by gently pressing his finger to my lips,I looked at him with a confused expression."Shhh...I got the first part. Thats all I needed to know."He smiled then pecked my lips,I smiled into the kiss almost forgetting about Zach and Connor. Almost. I pulled away and rested my forehead against Niall's."Yeah,guys if you are going to have sex save it for later."Connor said while Zach was dubbling over in laughter,I blushed and hide my face in the crook of Niall's shoulder. His laugh was cut short when Ciarra and Harry came down the stairs,the room went silent and I saw Ciarra looking pissed,hurt,tired and most of all in need of a best friend.

Ciarra's P.O.V

I held Harry's hand as we walked into the house, Mr. Passage was on his lap top when we walked in. "Ciarra! Come here kid." His warm smile filled me with joy, which only last for a few seconds. I quickly gave him a hug, and walked downstairs to see two boys, Abbey, and Niall. They were laughing but it was cut short when Niall saw us. He glared at us as we went down the stairs, I glumly looked at him. Abbey was fully smilely, and the two boys were staring at me wide eyed. "Hey babe!" Abbey hopped off of Niall's lap and jumped into my arms, ripping my hand away from Harry's. I quickly shrugged her off, and reattached my hand with Harry's. "Well um I'm going to go to my old room...." I drug Harry with me as I went to the opposite door of Abbeys. I walked in and was releaved to see my room was exactly how I left it. I hopped onto the bed and curled up into a ball and began to cry. I felt Harry climb onto the bed and snuggle near. "Ciarra, love. Your gonna be ok, I love you to much to let you go. Forever and always remember?" I smiled and faced him, his pearly whites showing. "Forever and always." I laughed into him, and we kicked off our shoe's. Harry took off his shirt and pants, I got up and grabbed some shorts and a tank top. I pulled up the blankets and snuggled into him.

Niall's P.O.V

After Ciarra and Harry disappered  I stormed into Abbey's room. I slammed the door shut and paced her small room. This was supossed to be me and Abbey's weekend but Harry and Ciarra had to come and ruin it. I was lost in my thoughts when a knock sounded at the door."Niall..."Asked a small voice,bearly audible from the through the wooden door."What?!"I snapped."Can I come in?"Again the voice came out barley audible."Whatever."I snapped again. The door slowly opened to reveal Abbey,she looked at me with a small smile on her perfect lips."What's wrong?"She asked, did she really not know?"Well lets see,this whole vacation was supossed to be us but everyone had to go and bloody ruin it! And you don't even act like you care,you are so selfish aboout everything aren't you?!"I stopped talking for a breif moment."You now what i'll leave so you can have your time alone with everyone here,yeah?"I half stated and questioned,I didn't know why I was acting like a douche I just was."Niall please."Abbey said and came up to me to touch my arm but before she could touch me I lashed out."Dont."I then stormed past her knocking her over but I was way to pissed to care at the moment. I stormed past Connor and Zach and up the stairs,out of the house. I went to the car me and Abbey had rented out and drove away from the one I loved with my whole self and into the unknown. I didn't know where I was going til I ended up at a pub.

Harry's P.O.V

The bad thing about being to close to Abbey's bedroom was the sounds coming from it. I heard arguing between Niall and Abbey, I heard a thud and then storming away. I quickly got up without waking Ciarra, and slipped on a pair of sweats from her room. I ran out to see Abbey laying on the floor whipping away tears. I went to pick her up when the two boys pushed me out of the way and tended her.  "Connor, Zach I'm fine." She grumbled trying to get up. "You get out! Both of you! You and Niall! Get out!" Zach said shoving me to the wall. Ciarra came out and looked at Abbey then me. She stormed towards me and Zach, Zach put down his hand when he saw her. "I-I'm sorry....." He said looking at the ground, then Ciarra slapped him. "Don't you EVER lay a hand on my fiancee got it?" She glared at him and then went over to Abbey. She leaned near Abbey's ear and whispered something. Abbey nodded and then got up. "Ok you two leave." Ciarra said to Connor and Zach. They nodded and gathered their stuff. "Harry, find Niall. And if nessisary beat the shit out of him." Abbey flitched. "No don't." Abbey mumbled, I nodded and went to Ciarra's room and picked up my shirt and put it on. I then grabbed my coat, pecked Ciarra on the cheek. "Hey Abbey can I borrow a car?" Right then Zach spoke up. "We can drive you around, just in case things get out of hand." I nodded and followed them outside. Not before we got out the door we were stopped by Mr. Passage. "Where you boys going?" He gave us a questioning look. "We are going out for some pool sir. We will be home soon though." Mr. Passage smiled and motioned us out. We hopped into a truck and began to drive down the dirt road.

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