Two love stories.

Two girls fall in love with the guys of there dreams. Twist and turns will they stay together or will the boys fame,life style, friends end the beautiful relationships


17. Forgive and forget

~Next morning~

Ciarra's P.O.V

I woke up to find Harry's arm protectively wrapped around my waist, and his warm breath tickling my neck. I was trying to hold back a laugh but failed. I let out the loudest laugh, it made Genevieve jump. Harry grumbled and pulled me closer to him. "I'm sorry Harry I didn't mean to wake you up." I said recovering from my laugh. He put his head on my shoulder and whispered in my ear. "It's alright, I would love to be woken up like that everyday." I felt my cheeks get hot, and felt him smirk. "Harry." I mumbled after a few minutes of silence. "Yes love?" He sleeply mumbled back to me. "I have to run some errands ok?" In one swift movement he managed to flip me around to face him. "Why? You're not leaving?" He half stated and questioned. "I need to clear up some things with some people." His eyes were searching mine as if to seek out the truth. "I swear I'm never leaving you Harry. Never again. Never will. After all I would miss you curly." I kissed his lips gently and crawled out of bed. He rested his head on his arm and watched me intently as I searched our closet. "I might actually go shopping with the girls." Harry tilted his head curiously, his eyes glued to me. "Eleanor, Perrie, Maryland, and Abbey." Harry nodded his head then let it drop slowly. "What's wrong?" This caused me to crawl on our bed and face him. He sat up and licked his lips and his eyes wondered down my body. I was only wearing my sports bra and my batman underwear. "Styles you have had plenty of time to check me out, spill the beans." Harry snapped his eyes to my face again and smiled the most cheeky smile he could manage in the morning. "About Maryland, she uh kinda um cheated on Liam. The kid isn't his." My eyes widened, inside I was bouncing around. Finally sweet Liam was released from Maryland. "Oh, I'm uh sad. Kinda not really." Harry smiled and lightly punched my arms. "Ciarra! It's alright, he is back with Danielle." I literally jumped up and ran around our room. "YES!!" Harry laughed at me and walked over to Gene and Milo and began petting them. "Well then I'm def going to go shopping celebration time!" I picked up my  phone and called up Eleanor.

C- Hey Eleanor!

E- Hey, Ciarra. What's up?

C- I know we haven't really talked but I was wondering if you would want to come and have a girls day with me? I was gonna call up Perrie, Abbey, and Danielle.

E- Oh my yes! I thought you were never going to ask! I would love too!

C- Yes! Ok, I will pick you up later El. Are you with Louis?

E- When am I not? I will see you later Cece

C- Alrighty bye El

E- Bye

I hung up the phone and jumped around again, as I was caught up in the moment I jumped on Harry's lap and kissed him. He smiled into the kiss and that's when I pulled away. " I haven't seen you this happy in a while." He laughed pushing a piece of hair out of my face. "Well I want to make friends with my boyfriends bandmates girlfriends. Woah that was a handful." I jumped up off of his lap and called up Perrie.

C- Hey Perrie

P- Hey? Ciarra?

C- Yeah, I know we had our differences in the past. But me and El are going shopping and I would love it if you would come.

P- Ciarra I over reacted. Zayn told me you two are really close, as in like best friends status. I really would love too.

C- Thanks Perrie for understanding.

P- Of course! Anyhow we need to all be friends cause I mean we will be seeing alot of eachother anyways.

C- haha Yeah.

P- Well um so were do you wanna meet.

C- Oh well I can pick you up after I pick up El is that alright?

P- Yes! ha well I'm at Zayns so I will be ready

C- Ok bye Perrie!

P- Bye Ciarra

I sighed in relief, I'm glad Perrie and I are friends now. I looked over to see Harry was on his phone talking too. He looked really hot, wait I'm checking him out. I giggled and searched up Abbey

C- Hello?

A- Why in gods name are you calling me this early?

C- Abbey it's noon, get your lazy arse up!

A- Damn so pushy, anyway why did you call?

C- Well I'm going shopping with El and Perrie, so I wanted to know if you shall allow us to be in thy's presents this eveing?

A- Stop talking weird, I honestly didn't get anything you said.

C- Somethimes Abbey! Do you wanna come or not?

 A- I hate shopping but I don't wanna miss a girls outing, I will come only if Maryland isn't.

C- We won't have to see her for a long time! Her and Liam broke up. She cheated on him, the baby isnt his. And now he's with Danielle, oh I think she's coming too

A- HELL YA! Finally the wicked witch of the west is outty 500

C- I will pick you up on my way to pick up El be ready

A- Ok, bye babes

C- Bye kid

Note to self, get Abbey a wheel chair. I grumbled and turned around to see Harry still on the phone, I began to get curious but decided if it was important it's better not to interupt him. I searched through my phone searching for Danielle. I her number because I have every contact from Harry's phone in mine, don't ask why I just do. I finally found it and dialed it.

D- Hello?

C- Hey Danielle, this is Ciarra. Harry's girlfriend, I heard you and Liam were back together

D- Oh yeah we are, and it's nice to meet you. Haha

C- Haha, I wanted to meet in person. Speaking of that, um all of us girls are getting together to go shopping. I was wondering if you would like to come?

D- I think I could make it. Liam and the boys are going out so might as well.

C- Great! So I will pick you up later ok? I will have El or someone call you when we are on our way.

D- Ok great! Can't wait to see ya!

C- Same! Bye Danielle

C- Bye

I jumped around, and quickly got changed into a pair of Harry's sweats, an old dance sweatshirt I had, and I grabbed his beanie. I heard the shower running so I went in the bathroom. "Harry I'm leaving!" I shouted over the running water. "Not until I get a kiss." I grumbled knowing I'm probably going to get wet. He open up the curtain and water instantly splashed out. "You're getting everything wet." I laughed as we poked his head out of the curtain looking like a mop dog. "Yes I am." He winked at me. "Grr you Harry Styles." I walked over to him and kissed him, I never wanted to stop. I was almost tempted to cancel my day with the girls so we could finish. He ruined the moment by releasing the curtain from his hand letting water literally spill all over the place. "Looks like we will have to contiune this later tonight." I mumbled winking at him. "That we shall. Hey I'm going out with the boys since you're going out with the girls." I nodded my head and began to walk out the door. "I love you Harold Edward Styles!" I waited and he shouted over the water. "I love you Ciarra Lillian Styles!" I nodded my head in acceptance and walked out in the living grabbed my car keys and headed out to get the girls.

Abbey's P.O.V

After Ciarra called me I got up to get dressed for the outing,as I slowly tried to get out of the bed Niall and I shared he tugged me back to his warm and Inviting chest.

'Where do you think your going?"He asked into my hair,a small giggle escaped my lips when he tickled my sides lightly.

"I'm going shopping with Ciarra and the girls,so you need to go and let me get ready."I pulled away from him then went and showered, when I got out of the steamed room Niall was still in bed sleeping,my pillow clutched to his chest.

I sighed before going into the closet,looking for something to wear. After searching the closet for several minutes I found a pair of ripped light wash jeans, a blue sweater top that clung to my body, a pair of Women's Ash Thelma Canvas Wedge Trainers that were black and white. I had fixed my hair into a perfect messy bun atop my head, my make up was very natural, only having mascara and eye liner on. My lips were coated in Baby Lips chapstick, giving them a soft look and feel. a put on a owl necklace and owl earings before switching out my blue nose ring to a diamond one, I also put my ying yang belly ring in. I knew not one other person would see the belly ring but it was the thought that counted.

Just as I grabbed my phone, and wallet Ciarra came into the house.

"Let's go!"She yelled,I glared at her in return.

"Calm yourself young grasshopper."I retorted while walking to the door."Im coming."Ciarra followed me out the door,once I made it outside the sun hit my face,causing me to sneeze.

"Well bless you."Ciarra grumbled, flicking her long brown hair over her shoulder. Ciarra was wearing a pair of ripped light wash skinny jeans, a rainbow sweatshirt, and a pair of purple high top. Her hair was pushed down by a a pink hippie head band, her eye lids held pink eye shadow, along with that she had on mascara, and purple eye liner. As always she looked beautiful, I couldn't help but notice that unopened pink Rockstar in her right hand. She must have noticed me looking at it longingly.

"Uh-Ciarra, that drink for me?"I asked,trying to butter her up so if it wasn't for me she would give it to me.

"Yes, yes it is. But you can't drink all of it at once with that baby."

Harry's P.O.V

I hopped out of the shower, to see my sweats, Ciarra's old dance sweater, and my beanie layed on the bed. I put on some boxers, and pulled on the sweats. I then picked up her sweatshirt which was extra large, I put it on and I smelt like her perfum. I smiled, fixed my hair and put the beanie on. I grabbed my car keys off of the table and walked out the front door. I unconciously slammed the door, soon after I heard foot steps. Very slowly I lifted my head to see a swarm of paps running my way. Thinking quickly I started towards my car, but of course they were there too. So the questions were asked, non-stop. Though all at once so I heard muffled voices, only catching a few words from different people. They quieted down and looked at me expectedly. "I didn't get ANY of that." I flashed my cheekiest smile possible, receiving a couple blushes from the female paps. "Harry are you dating Taylor Swift?" My stomach dropped, did they not hear what I said last time. I was about to answer when a black SUV swong around the corner coming to a hard stop as soon as it reached my house. The doors opened and body guards came towards me. "Uncle Simon." I mumbled under my breathe, as soon as they had shown up they were at my sides leading me to the car. I hopped in greatfully, in the passangers seat was Paul. "Paul where are we going?" I questioned as soon as the car started foward. "Simon's office." I gulped uncomfortablely, I knew he was mad at me because of the way I acted about the whole "Taylor" thing. In little to no time we were at the back entrance of Simon's office building. The body guards lead me to the door but never entered. My palms were sweaty, my heart was thumping rapidly, and my legs were quivering. I waved to the secretary hoping my nerves would go away for a slite moment. She looked up at me, but soon looked down and began shuffling her papers. I was now thinking I was going to faint, but I was at Simon's door. I took a deep breathe and pushed open the heavy glass doors.

 Ciarra's P.O.V

I was sitting in a leather chair watching the celebrity gossip channel, and eating chips. Eleanor, Danielle, Abbey, and Perrie were in another store buying matching pairs of moustache underwear. I was dozing off when a story caught my attention.


 'The rumors of famous boyband member Harry Styles and Taylor Swift have been cleared as of 2:00 pm this morning from Syco records. This cheeky member is in fact dating Taylor Swift,  bandmate Zayn Malik has said "They had grown awfully close, it was only a matter of time before those two (Harry Styles and Taylor Swift) had became something." Now you may be wondering what happened to Ciarra Williams. Bandmate Niall Horan told our channel "She was obsessive, crazy, quiet bossy, and was no good for Harry." That's all we have on this story, tune back tomorrow for more on the new couple Haylor, and what went down between Ciarra and Harry. This is AL where you get the hottest news first.'

I sat bewildered, I honestly couldn't move. I hadn't noticed I was crying until I was getting some ugly, nasty glares. I hopped out of the chair and ran to the public bathroom, with my luck there was a lock on the door and nobody was in the bathroom. I sat on the counter and saw that I had make-up streaks down my face. I searched through my purse and found wipes. (thanks to Eleanor) I wiped all of my make- up and took off my headband and angryly threw it across the bathroom, I should have known. He would have never gone for someone like me, how could he? I heard a rumbling sound and searched through my bags, it was my phone. It was Eleanor, I let it go to voicemail. Danielle tried, then Perrie, and Abbey. I let them all go to voicemail, I looked through my Iphone and saw there was hate on me. I deleted my twitter, instagram, facebook, hotmail, everything. That's all I need, is for them to tell me how I'm a sorry loser. I was about to delete my last email when I accidently clicked one and read the message. The angry fan told me to jump of a clif, disappear. When the idea popped into my head, leave. Go somewhere like an island, it's a good idea. I looked through my purse and saw I had a couple hundreds, and on my card I had 2,000. I would have enough to fly and start over, I was about to book a flight when my phone rang and my mothers number showed up.

M-Ciarra? Ciarra?

C- Y-yes?

M- Don't let this throw you down, like you say there is always gonna be haters.

C- It's not so easy anymore mom....... I can't take any of this....

M- Yes Ciarra you can, I believe in you.

C- How am I supposed to get through this?

M- Don't let what they say get to you, be honest. Be true to who you are.......

My mom hung up leaving me to listen to the dead line, after a moment I hung up. I looked at myself and now anger was in me. I punched the mirror with all the force I could, next glass shattered and fell onto the sink. Pain began shooting from my hand, and blood covering up the open wounds. I grabbed a $200 from my purse and stuck it in the mirror frame, I grabbed my stuff and walked towards my headband. I wrapped the pink fabric around my throbbing hand, I unlocked the door and walked out to see paps. They saw me, my shaking hand, tear stained face, swollen eyes. They bombarded me with questions, I didn't listen until I found the AL hostess. I went straight to her, and she gladly met me halfway. "Ciarra what happened between Harry and you?" Even in her eyes there was smitten, nasty, satisfaction. "Harry said he and I were forever and always, but I wasn't good enough for you all. I wasn't some perfect celebrity, and that's what tore us apart. He was strong enough to move on, I haven't gotten to that point." What I had said hadn't fased her. "One more question what would you want to say to Harry?" I choked down the tears, ready to come out. " I wish everything could have turned out differently, I had a special feeling about you I though maybe you did too. You would understand but...... no matter what, you'll always be in my heart. The only I want is for you to be happy whether it's with me or without me." I pushed through the crowd, tears blurring my vision. I was walking, trying to get out of here. I looked up at a tv, and saw me all over the news. Trash, horrible, cruel, selfish, fame seeking. I fell to my knee's when a gentle voice whispered in my ear. "Get up honey." I looked up through blurred eye's to see my mom's eyes kindly looking at me. "M-Mom?" she smiled at picked me up. "Ciarra long time no see." Her smile weak, but steady. "H-ho-how d-did you f-f-fin-find me?" She held a finger up to his lips signaling me to be quiet now. I nodded, she wrapped her arm protectively around my waist. We walked to the car, she signalled me to drive. For the first time since my world has fallen apart, I laughed. It was a awkward laugh, yet comforting. "I'm not gonna be the one to crash us." I smiled and unlocked my car, as soon as we sat in the car paps were running out of the building. I was shaking and forgot how to drive. I was snapped back into reality when my mom's hand found it's way into mine. "You. Are. Ok." I nodded, and got into gear. My mom rolled down the window and gave them the number one finger. This sent me into a laughing fit, and my mom had a pleased smile planted on her lips. It got quiet, and we sat in silence. "Where to?" My voice shattering the silence, making my mom jump a little. "Harry and your house." I was about to pull over when she gave me the look like, 'do as I say.' I turned towards Harry and I's house. My mom slid a CD into my Cd player and one of us by Joan Osborne came on. I gave a half smile, and kept driving to the house.

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