Two love stories.

Two girls fall in love with the guys of there dreams. Twist and turns will they stay together or will the boys fame,life style, friends end the beautiful relationships


21. Epilogue

Ciarra's P.O.V

Life got easier with Harry as the years went by, along with having to cope with his career. On August 18th 2016, Harry and I were married. Our wedding was beautiful, elegant, and over all cheerful. When he kissed me being Mrs. Styles for the very first time, him being Mr. Styles. We went to Hawaii for our honey moon, where him and I happily celebrated being together. As the years went on the band had grown stronger together, yet they had became less popular.


On July 23 at 6:42 am 2017 our daughter Darcy Lee Styles was born. When I called Harry to tell him I was in labor he dropped everything and came to Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, United Kingdom. Anne took me to the hospital, called my family and informed them that I was going into labor. My family flew there to see Harry, Darcy, and I, as a family.


Two years later I had gotten pregnant again, and on June 13th at 8:05 pm 2019 our son Connor Edward Styles was born. Harry and Darcy were there when I had given birth to our beautiful baby boy. Harry bawled his eyes out when he held our son for the very first time, I had to under go a sea section because of Connors size.


 When Darcy was 6 and Connor 4, I had gotten pregnant with twins. On November 7th 11:11 am 2023 the Styles twins were born. Zain Jesse Styles and Jesus Carter Styles were the last of our kids. Zayn was thrilled to find that one of our twins was named after him, which for him gave him bragging rights.


Abbey and Niall were the godparents of Darcy, Lou and El were the godparents of Connor, Zayn and Perrie were the godparents of Zain, and Liam an Trish were the godparents of Jesus. Every one was thrilled to be the god parents of the children as Harry and I were pleased with our children. They all grew up to be what they had wanted, which in our case they all wanted to be famous.


 Darcy Lee had become a very famous female actress just like her Aunt Abbey, they even starred in a movie together.


 Connor had become a singer for a band called "Still hope in humanity." They sang MANY different types of genres, which made them like the new Beatles.

Zain followed his dreams in becoming an artist, which included photography, paints, still art, sculptures. He and his cousins (Jade and Spencer)  were currently traveling the world together for their art.

Jesus had become a sports icon, he played so many different sports it was very hard to keep track of. He played football for Manchester United for 5 years, then switched to playing American football for the San Fransico 49ers for 7 years. At the age of 30 he retired as a player and became the head coach for many teams.

Over all Harry and I's life seemed to pan out almost perfectly, we had gone through a lot yet nothing seemed to ever separate us. Harry and I well are still moving on, every day I wake up glad that I have him, my friends, and my family. To think that without Maryland none of this would have ever happened, so to her I thank. She is what had made my life possible. We now live in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, United Kingdom, where Harry was raised. Abbey and Niall moved to Montana, United States where Abbey and I were raised, Zayn and Perrie were living the dream living in France, Liam and Trish also lived in the states, but thankfully we had Lou and El just three blocks from us to have company. We could have lived anywhere in the world, Harry and I, yet I didn't care where we were as long it was him and me and soon after our family.

Abbey's P.O.V

As the years went by Niall and I eventually got married. Are wedding took place on the beach at the Virgin Islands, July 13th, 2016. The wedding was a joyful ceremony and I had been three months pregnant. On April 1st I had gone into labor with me and Niall's first son Aaron James Horan, he was born at 5:35am April 2nd. A year later I announced to the family that I was pregnant again. Aven Marie Horan was born May 31st, at 3:00 in the morning. Two years later I gave birth too triplets. Ellie Genevieve Horan, Reece Ann Horan, and Tyler Cole Horan, came out on the date of August 16th, Reece first, Ellie second, and Tyler last. January 28th, three years later, Jade Christen Horan was born at 1:00pm, then a year later Derek Lee Horan was born on November 5th.

Aaron, became a extremely good athlete and played soccer for the University of Alabama on a full ride scholarship. He was around the height of 6'0ft-don't ask where he got height from-he had blonde hair and his dad's bright baby blue eyes. He was a very sweet kid and got his major in Marine Biology. He now had two kids of his own, Marcy, and Logan, and a beautiful wife named Jennifer. He was now at the age of 25.

Aven had become a fashion designer and a model, she had long brown hair and her mom's dark blue eyes, and she had the sweetest smile. She was very shy and a lot like her uncle Louis. She was married too a guy named Andrew and she was pregnant with their first daughter Emily at the age of 24. Aven went to the college of Louisville and majored in Fashion Design.

Reece was 5'8 had medium length dirty blonde hair and had her dad's baby blue eyes. She went on to becoming a A-listing actress and went to LSU to study the performing arts. Reece was a very stubborn girl and now that she was at the age of 22 she had everything at her finger tips. She had a steady boyfriend named Ty and they seemed happy together.

Ellie was extremely into sports and went on a full ride scholarship to Oregon and became a Duck. She played outside and middle hitter on their volleyball team and loved every second of it. She was 5'9 had long curly dirty blonde hair and her dad's eyes that had the longest eyelashes I had ever seen. Her major is becoming a vet and she has a minor in English.

Tyler was into music and like his dad is in a band where he is the lead singer. He is 5'8, shaggy brown hair and baby blue eyes are what he is known  for. He is 22 and still moving up in the world. He never went to college but to him that doesn't matter. Tyler was a loud soul and always got teased by his two older sisters that he was younger than them.

Jade at the age of 19 is traveling across the world and taking pictures, her short 5'5 frame had become in love with the camera at an early age and ever since she always has one by her side. In high school she was part of the yearbook committee and she loved it. She had long blonde hair and my dark blue eyes, along with my personality.

Derek at the age of 18 was still trying to figure out what he wanted to do, he was extremely smart but he hated the class room. In all reality he loved to paint. He was 5'8 had shaggy brown hair, and dark blue eyes. He had proposed to his high school sweetheart Ava and they were setting the date for October 24th.

As for me and Niall, after the wedding we had moved to the states because he loved it so much. I had become an A-listing actress and that is still what I'm doing today, I loved it and it was my dream come true. We lived in the country part of Montana where the pap's weren't so bad. The band eventually retired in 2020 and made it official on June 27th. Harry, Niall, Louis, Liam, and Zayn were all still close and as a way to remember that we all-including out families- took a three week vacation Starting on June 27th and ending on July 17th.

Zayn Married Carly and so far they had two children, Brandon and Layla. They lived in Paris France and had started a charity for starving children around the world. Every year Niall and I make a $3,000 donation.

El, and Louis had a child named Spencer and she was the light of their lives. They lived in Holmes chapel, Three blocks away from Ciarra and Harry.

Liam married a girl named Trisha after him and Danielle broke up for the second and last time. They had twins named Connor and Drake. Liam and Trish lived in Florida.

So far everything is great and we all planned to keep it that way. My children are wonderful bundles of joy in my world that will no matter what make me happy and I hope to have many more joys in the rest of my years.

*****Authors note- Important-*****

Watch out for the story that comes after this, it called Two Love Stories---After The End.





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