Two love stories.

Two girls fall in love with the guys of there dreams. Twist and turns will they stay together or will the boys fame,life style, friends end the beautiful relationships


10. Crushed (Again)

Abbey's P.O.V

It had been a week since Niall told me he had to leave for tour in a week and lets just say I cried that night. Throughtout the week we have been doing stuff together,like watching movies,eating,amusment parks,shopping,and well getting the newbees in our house ready. I was currently in the car driving to the airport with Niall."Babe,it's gonna be alright."He said I didn't say anything. I just stayed put in the position of looking out of the car window,he couldn't see but I had silent tears running down my face. I watched as the trees passed by in a blur because of my tesrs and we were drinving some-what fast. While listening I noticed that the song 'Little Things' had come on. I wipped the tears away not wanting Niall to know I was crying and turned in my seat to turn the radio up. Once it was blaring I started to sing along to it,I was in the middle of Zayn's solo when Niall turned the radio all the way down and started singing. He grabbed my hand so I would face him, whenever he could he would take his eyes off the road and look at me while singing. The water works started again, once his solo came he pulled to the side of the road and gave me his full attention."...You’ll never love yourself half as much as I love you
You’ll never treat yourself right, darlin’ but I want
you to
If I let you know I’m here for you
Maybe you’ll love yourself like I love you, ohhh..." He sang,I was crying because I was happy and because I was sad he was leaving. When he was done singing he unbuckled himself from his seat and kissed me on the lips. Our lips moved in sync for a couple of seconds before he pulled away."Babe,please don't cry."He wipped the tears off my face before kissing me on the lips again. When he pulled away I just was lost for words for probably the first time in my life."I love you Niall."I blurted as he was pulling back onto the road. He turned and gave me a million dollar smile,"I love you more than you will ever know Abigail Marie Passage." He focused back onto the road and to soon we were at the airport. He found a parking spot before reaching behind him and grabbing two hoodies and a two pairs of sunglasses."Lets go."I finally realized we were here and it was really happening. I grudgully got out of the car with him, I grabbed one of his bags and met him at the front of the car."Put those sunglasses on girlie!"He joked,but I didn't laugh. I just sighed and took his hand after I put the singlasses and hoodie on."Babe,listen. I mean it,I will never and I mean never let this break us."He said it such a serious tone I almost was ashamed that he somehow knew that was what I was thinking at the moment."I know"I said quietly,"Lets just go,okay?"I didn't wait for him to answer I just started to the doors of the building. The paps were already sworming us as we were about 4/5 of the way to the door.Niall,are you ready to eave behind Abbey?"."Abbey,are you sad?"."Abbey,Niall! Is Abbey pregnant?"."Are you gong to cheat on Abbey again Niall?"Different things were shouted out at us,but one caught my attention the most. Would Niall cheat on me again? I sure as hell hoped not. The question brought on another wave of tears,I hiccuuped loudly on accident. Niall's hand had made it's way to my right hip,my other hip was attached to his side. 

Ciarra's P.O.V

The day has come, Harry was leaving. I hadn't seen Abbey all week because of the boys leaving. We agreed we were going to wait for our 'girls night'. Though I didn't sound like much fun since the boys were leaving. I had become a new habit of mine to twist my ring on my finger when I was nervous. "Love calm down, everything is going to be alright." Harry said patting my hand lovingly. "Harry I can't calm down, I'm about to lose you." I stiffled, trying to stay strong and not cry. "Babe come here." I crawled over to Harry who was driving. "Nothing is gonna happen to us. I promise, I mean after all you are mine." Harry pointed to the ring. "Well I would like to let you konw that your mine." I motioned to his ring, yes I did over the week get him a ring. "Forever and always." Harry whispered in my ear, and kissed my temple. We were sitting in silence when Harry spoke up. "Ciarra will you do me a favor while I'm gone?" I can't say no, to the green eyed boy. "Sure what is it Harry?" He took a deep breath before he spoke, oh no this isn't going to be good. "Could you please watch Maryland while we're gone? She is pregnant and all. For Liam, and me?" I had to think for a moment, might as well I mean we used to be best friends. After all I'm going to see her alot and all, our fiancee's are in the same band. "Your so lucky I like you Harry Styles." I happened to look out the front window as saw the airport. "No your lucky I like you Ciarra Styles." I blushed, that boy sure knew how to keep you distracted. We pulled up to the airport, my heart felt like it was going to beat out of my chest. We got out of the car and grabbed his luggage. Harry tightly gripped my hand, and kissed my cheek. "Babe here wear these." He handed me one of his hoodie's and a pair of sunglasses. "Thanks." We both put up our hoods and walked hand in hand into the airport.

Abbey's P.O.V 

Once we were safely through the doors,away from the paps I took of the hoodie but not the glasses. Why you ask. Because I didn't want Niall to see I had cried again."Babe,you know you can take of the glasses right?"He asked teasingly."Yeah."I tried not to let my voice waver but it did a little bit."Abbey,don't cry."He said softly,it only made me cry more. I didn't notice we had made our way to the others until Niall had stopped walking. I looked around and saw Eleanor and Louis, Perrie and Zayn, Liam and Maryland, and finally my best friend and Harry. I rushed over to Ciarra and cried and hugged her. I put her in a bone crushing hug,I thought I was hurting her. But if I was she didn't say anything,"It's alright Broster. It will all be okay."She continued saying soothing things in my ear until I had stopped crying. I finally pulled away from and said thank you."It's alright Broster. I'll always be here for ya."I smiled greatfully to her."Yeah,I'll always be here for you too."I told her,she looked over my shoulder. I turned around to see some random chick hanging off of Niall. Some shits gonna go down,and I don't fucking care who the hell sees.

Ciarra's P.O.V

After Harry and I showed up there were paps everywhere. "Ciarra! Ciarra what is that on your hand? Harry did you purpose to Ciarra? Ciarra! Harry! Over here! Just one picture." I sighed and held Harry's hand. Until one of them touched me. "Oh hel-heck no! Ok don't touch me I'm not a friggin animal!" I quickly attached to Harry again, he leaned over towards me. "That is going to be all over." Harry said and smiled his smile. "Oh Styles." I kissed his dimple and walked inside of the airport to see Eleanor, Louis, Perrie, and Zayn. "Zayny!" I tackled him in a hug, I hadn't seen him in forever. "Well hi Ciarra." Zayn said while hugging me. We pulled away and I saw Perrie glaring at me. "I have my own don't worry I wont take him." I said jokingly but she didn't take it that way. I walked over to Eleanor and Louis, Louis went to give me a hug when Eleanor came and hugged me. "Hi, I've heard all about you. We are like besties now." She said hugging me. "I'm sorry Eleanor but that place it taken, but we can be friends." As soon as I said that Abbey came flying into me. She gave me a bone crushing hug and was crying. I comforted her until she stopped, but then she saw a girl clinging to Niall. "Broster I got this." I rolled up my sleeves and walked over to Niall. "Omg Niall you could do so much better than Abbey." Niall was about to speak up, but was cut off by mio. "Oh bitch you did not just go there, you should learn to back off! This man is taken, so back the hhheeeellll up. Or I will mess your fucking face up. Wait I don't need too, you already are a beautiful monkey!" I felt a pair of arms around my waist, I quickly reconized it was Harry. "That's right you monkey back up! Walk away, that's right keep walking." I felt Harry laugh into my shoulder. "Niall go talk to her NOW!" Niall practically ran to Abbey. 'Flight 123 is boarding now.' I felt my stomach drop, that was Harry's flight. "Babe it will be alright, ok. I promise, come here." Harry pulled me into him, and I cried. "Sshhhh. It's ok, we will talk everyday ok?" I nodded my head, and pulled away. "Forever and always?" I held out my pinkie, and he took it in his. "Forever and always." He kissed me one last time and walked away towards the flight. "Abbey! Get your butt over here! We are going now!" I saw Abbey running towards me. She pulled me into a hug and cried. "Come on lets get this girls night on." I said as we were walking out, we had our arms locked like idiots when I felt her tug on my ring. "Hey!" I said and saw happiness written all over her face. "Mrs. Harry Styles!"

Niall's P.O.V

I was talking to Harry when a random chick came up and latched on to my arm. Well this was awkward,she was wearing a slutty shirt that showed off to much boob and a really short skirt that was really like wearing underwear."Omg Niall you could do so much better than Abbey." The blonde said,I was about to say something but Ciarra beat me to it. She started to go all 'kick yo mofo ass,ninja' on the girl. The girl let go of me and I took this as my chance to get away from her. Harry came up behind Ciarra and calmed her down so the girl could run away. She turned to me,"Niall go talk to her NOW!" I nodded my head an ran off to where I saw her sitting on a chair. Her head in her hands, I sar down next to her. I was about to speak but something cut me off."Flight 123 is boarding now." Abbey hadn't looked at me yet,"Babe,I swear I didn't do anything. I was about to tear her off of me but Ciarra beat me to it."She looked up at me,tears fully streaming down her face."I believe you. I-just fucking kiss me!"She beat me to it,her lips were soon on mine. The kiss was sloppy yet firm,we made out before I heard someone yell my name. I sighed before pulling away."I love you babe. But I gotta go before my flight leaves without me."She simply nodded."I love you too!"She pulled me in for a hug."I'll call you when I land.'I said into her hair,I pulled away. She had silent tears falling down her cheeks again. I wipped them away,"I love you but I really gotta go."With that I kissed her one last time before going off to boarding.

Harry's P.O.V

I refusfully walked onto the plane, feeling like shit leaving my fiancee a week after the purposal. Niall plopped himself in the seat next to me. "Hey, so we should talk." I nodded my head, Zayn and Liam sat behind us and Louis infront. "Uhhh guys, I'm all alone. Without my babe." Louis whinned turning around in his seat. "Your not the only one Lou, I'm missing Perrie, Liam just left his prego fiancee behind, Niall left his girlfriend, and so did Harry." I felt anger flush through me, she isn't just my girlfriend. "She isn't just my girlfriend Zayn, she is my fiancee." I remebered I hadn't told the boys. "What! Fiancee?" Niall screeched like a girl. "Hazza, what happened? I thought we had something." Louis said and turned himself around and decided to ignore me. "Congrats though it's kinda early." Liam said grumbly, and that made me angry. 'At least I didn't have to get mine pregnant for them to marry me.' I said in my head, but managed to grumble thanks. Zayn didn't say anything out of embarresment. "So tell me about it." Niall said as he motioned for the food cart towards him, as though this was going to be a movie. "Well it was just like any purposal." I said desperatly wanting to land so that I could talk to Ciarra. "Come on mate every detail." Niall said stuffing peanuts in his face. "Well....." This was going to be a long ride.

Abbey's P.O.V

Me an Ciarra were about to go through the front doors but Eleanor and Perrie came up behind us."Hey,I'm Eleanor."Eleanor took me into a bone crushing hug."Can't...breath."I managed to get out."Oh my gosh! I'm sorry."Eleanor quickly responded,I chuckled."It's okay."I turned to Perrie."Hey,I'm Abbey. It's really nice to meet you! I really love Little Mix and your song 'DNA' it's the best."I pulled her in for a quick hug,she shyly responded."Uh-well I guess you already know who I am. And thanks,I will be sure to tell Jade,Leigh-Anne,and Jesy what you said."She looked over my shoulder."Uh-Oh. Paps are waiting for us."She looked at all of us."So,I want each of your phone numbers."I took my phone out of my boot and handed it to Eleanor to start it all off."Okay!"Eleanor typed her information into my phone,she passed it on to Perrie."Uh-"Ciarra grabbed my elbow."Abbey..."Ciarra cautiously whispered in my ear."Yeah?"I turned around a smile on my face."Don't you think your being...I don't know,a little so fast to be friends with them?"I just shrugged,Ciarra was always a little more hesitant on being nice to new people in her life. I turned back to Perrie and Eleanor."All done,we just used your phone to call us so we had your number."Perrie was reading a text,Eleanor was smiing widely at me and Ciarra."Oh,Okay. Well Eleanor I'm going to call you El. And Perrie,"She looked up from her screen when I said her name."I'm going to call you Pear." She looked back down to her screen mumbling an okay."Uh-guys I'm sorry to cut the little love session short,but Abbey and I made plans to go somewhere. So,yeah we gotta go."Ciarra was already pulling me out the door."Bye guys!"I called over my shoulder,we were soon surrounded by flashing camaras' and paps."Ciarra! Are you and Harry engaged?""Abbey are you pregnant?"Abbey! Over here!""Ciarra look this way?""Abbey are you having an affair with Louis Tomlinson?""Ciarra did you and Perrie get in a fight inside the building?"Abbey,is Niall cheating on you with Jennette Mccurdy?""Abbey,who was that girl hanging on to Niall in the airport?Do you know her?"We had finally reached Nialls' car,I unlocked it so me and Ciarra could get in. "Okay,Ciarra we can get in now."I looked around to see she wasn't here, she was at Harrys' car across the lot. Well then,I got into the car and stated it. I trieded to be careful and not run over any feet or paparazzi. Once I was finally out of the parking lot I was cursing to myself. The paps really should move and get out of the way. I mean its not like I meant to run over the dudes foot. Car horns should sound like bulletts,then people would move I bet. I turned the radio up and 'Try'By Pink came on,I turned the radio up really loud and jammed out. I could get ride of the tears this way. I would not cry again.


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