Two love stories.

Two girls fall in love with the guys of there dreams. Twist and turns will they stay together or will the boys fame,life style, friends end the beautiful relationships


5. cold darkness

Abbey's P.O.V

When I woke up I was in a room strapped to a chair;duct tape across my mouth. 'Fuck. This is not good.' I thought. I took in my surroundings so if I had a chance to exscape I could. In the far right corner their was a window and door, closest left nothing but a hole in the floor, closest right a hole in the wall, far left another door. The whole room was wood and drifty, great this ment I was most likley in the middle of fucking damn nowhere! The door opened and in strode Oliver and his fucking companions. Yay, note sarcasam." I see your awake, so the deal is we want the rest of your papers. But the problem is you have them still." He smirked at me and bekoned his friends to stand in front of me." What do you fucking want now Oliver?"I asked in exasperated tone. He slapped me cracking my lip open." I want the god damn papers! My solution for this is to beat you til your partners give up the stupid papers. Thats all I want." He smirked again and snapped his fingers before leaving the room. Before I knew what was happening I was untied and thrown off the chair. I was kicked in the stomach repeatedly and also in the back. One of them picked me up and pinned my arms behind me. The other resulted in punching every inch of my body as hard as he could. I hadn't noticed that the one that had pinned my arms had also tied them again. He threw me agianst the wall and my head hit a lone plank of wood that was in the middle of the room; you could call it a pillar I guess. My whole body was throbbing in pain. Before they left they kicked my body several more times before satisfyed. They left the room to let me bleed out, I started to black out because of the pain in my body;before I knew it I blacked out. I slipped into the painless blackness.

Ciarra's P.O.V

I told Harry to leave, though he refused for the longest time. Finally presuading him with kisses and with prepairing Niall for telling him Abbey's missing. Once I got Harry to leave I knew what I had to do, and I found Oliver instantly. I drove to the abandoned house, which was creepy as all hell. I slowly pulled into the drive and turned off the engine, and started slowly towards the house. Oliver's guards instantly spotted me out. "Agent Williams is that you?" One of the younger guards asked recieving a hit in the back of the head from the older guard. "Yes it is I brought the papers let my partner go." I stayed were I was in the middle of the yard. The guards staired at me confused and then went inside and got Abbey. She was bloody and looked like she had been beaten to almost death. "What did you do to her?" I asked as they held her limp body up, and suddenly dropped her. "Well well, look what the cat dragged in. Agent Williams, I knew you would fall for the bait." Oliver shook his head and started walking my way ever more slowly. "It's a shame you fell for it though, nether of you are coming out alive. After I recieve the papers I will leave you dead bodies here and take my kids to there safe places." Oliver smirked slowly walking towards me. "Well wouldn't it ruin your plain if I didn't have the papers." I crossed my arms over my chest smugly looking at him. "Now William's I know your lieing." He snapped his fingers and I knew what that ment. I felt a wave of electicity come over me, and I dropped. And recieved many more shocks along with beatings in between. "Tell me where the papers are!" Oliver kept yelling at me, and with ever bit of energy to shake my head no each time. After getting whipped, kicked, punched, tazired, and stabbed, Oliver sat on the porch shaking his head. "Ugh I guess we will have to go to one of my last opitions." He whistled and out came buff man with cattle prod, damn this was going to hurt. "Now William's each time you don't tell you are going to get shot." I gulped and new I was going to scream on this one. "Where are the papers?" The man stood over me looking sad. "I don't know." That recieved a shot in the left thigh. I screamed and then came some police out of the tree's and took Oliver down. I smiled and felt Harry wrap his arm's around me. "I'm sorry, so so sorry." Harry said, the last thing I said was. "I love you Harry."

Niall's P.O.V

When Harry called me to tell me Abbey had been taken I kind of freaked out a bit. One minute I was happily eating pizza and ice cream, the next I was scared and pissed at myself for leaving Abbey at the hotel alone after the fight. I was now driving to Harry's flat so we could go and find Abbey and Ciarra. I arrived I walked up to Harry's flat and just walked in."Harry, you ready?!"My hands were shaking and I was sweating a tad bit."Right here you idiot,now can we leave?" I could tell Harry was irritated, I followed Harry out the door getting into the passenger seat of his car. After about fifteen minutes of driving I tuned and looked at Haarry."Do you know where they are?" I asked him. ",yes I do." I looked harder at him."Damn it Harry! You told me you knew, tell me aren't lying!" I yelled at him." I do know where they are,ok? I listened to Ciarra and Abbey talk about stuff when they thought I wasn't there." He kept looking strait ahead, his shoulders looked tense but I personaly didn't blame him. I would probably have a massive headache when all of this was done, my whole body was stiff. Soon enough we arrived at an old cabin in the middle of nowwhere. I had called the cops about fifeteen minutes before we got here. I looked out the window and saw Ciarra and Abbey. Abbey looked like she was dead or dying;laying at someones feet. Ciarra was laying on the ground being zapped by something. It wasn't a tazer but something like it. We watched for about ten minutes before the cops showed up;getting out of the cop cars they arrested the people who had tourchored Abbey and Ciarra. They had told us on the phone to stay in the car while they got the bad guys and thats what we had done. Harry hadn't said anything and neither had I. We had just watched. As soon as the cops gave us the okay we rushed out of the car and went to Abbey and Ciarra's sides. The paramedics were coming I fantly heard someone say but I really didn't care.

Harry's P.O.V

I paced back in forth in the waiting room, nervous to see Ciarra. I had been pacing for 2 hours now, my legs stiff and sore from the constant walking but I could have cared less. Niall was tapping his foot on the floor and tapping his fingers on the chair. There was indents in the chair where his fingers were rapidly moving. Finally a woman showed up looking worn out from constantly tending to Ciarra and Abbey. " Um are you Ciarra's fiance?" I smiled at the thought and nodded my head yes. "Alright please follow me." I turned to look at Niall who had returned to tapping his foot and fingers waiting for the nurse looking for Abbey's "finace". I was shaking walking towards Ciarra's room, we got to her door. "Alright she is awake, but keep your voice low she may lose conciounce any second. Once she does I will tell you all details." I impaciently nodded my head, and the nurse opened the door. I tried not to let out a gasp but I couldn't hold it in, she looked like a mummy. Literly. "Harry!" Ciarra screamed trying to get up but pushed back by a nurse. I shoved the nurse out of the way and too her side. "Ciarra love, are you alright?" I managed to say between sobs. "Harry don't cry." She said pulling me onto the bed, the nurse went to refuse when Ciarra shot her a glare. Ciarra layed her head on my chest. "Don't say a word lets just charish this moment." Ciarra whispered. And with that there was silence.

Niall's P.O.V

When the nurse came out and got Harry I couldn't sit anymore, I got up and started pacing. After what seemed like forever but was probably only a couple of minutes the nurse came out." Mr.Horan?" She asked looking between me and another man in the room. I walked over to her."That's me."I told her,she looked sad. I followed her to a room that smelled very starellized."Talk softly,and be very gentle with her. She lost a great amount of blood,broken leg and wrist. She has some trouble breathing some try not to put to much weight on her chest,okay?"She smiled and walked away. What the nurse told me hit me hard and I had tears streaming down my face. I walked into the room and saw something that tore my heart to peices. Their laying in the bed was my beautiful Abbey."Niall?"She croaked out to me. I simpley nodded head while tears still ran freely down my face."Come here babe." She told me, she was looking at me with concern written all over her face. I walked over to her bed-side."I-I can't lay down with you-i'll hurt you." I told her faintly. She looked up at me,tears briming her eyes. I watched as one fell, it trailed lonley down her cheek."I-..." She cut me off."Shut the hell up and kiss me."I gently bent my lips down to meet hers. The kiss was like the first kiss we had ever had. Sparks flew and I went into orbit. The kiss was slow and passionate,heated but not to where it was sloppy. Our tounges stayed out of it. After what seemed like seconds but was probably a couple of minutes I broke away for air. She grabbed the front of my shirt and pulled me on top of her."Stay with me please. And that means you will lay down with me and wrap your arms around me like you still love me." I was shocked,what did she mean 'like you STILL love me' I never stopped." Abbey, I never stopped loving you. I never will stop, this love is forever and always." Layed by her side and wrapped my arms around her just like she requested."I never stopped loving you either Niall, you may have broken me but I never let you go. I never will be able to let you go, because I still love you." And with that she fell asleep in my arms like I hope she will do forever and always.



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