imagens of one direction

lots of imanges of the boys comment below what 1D boy and ur name and ill do all of them


7. imgen of harry

you were jamming in your room, home alone, listening to "up all night" by one direction. at least, you THOUGHT you were home alone. someone had walked in downstairs, but you didn't realize until they appeared at your bedroom door. when you turned around, you stopped and stared. you knew that face.
"hey love, couldn't help hearing your music from my car," he said. your window ha...

d been open and he had almost driven by, but stopped and had parked by the car. "you like it?"
"i love it," you said, unable to move from that spot. you were face to face with THE harry styles, and not just the poster.
"are you alright love?" he asked, staring into your eyes. you melted inside.
"oh, yeah, fine, um," you stuttered. "i just, i just can't believe your in my room," you said, standing up. he giggled.
"yeah, well, your taste in music is spot-on," he said playfully, winking at you. you smiled like an idiot. "how could i stay away?"
you were certain he was flirting now. OMG. you giggled nervously.
"um, yeah," you said, unable to take your eyes off of him. he looked especially gorgeous today.
"so, me and the lads are going to meet at starbucks soon, wanna come with?" he offered politely. it took you a second to take in that you had just been invited for coffee by HARRY STYLES.
"i'd,i'd, i'd love to," you squeaked out. he took your hand, leading you to his car. once you got in, and he started the engine, he paused, and kissed your cheek. you literally felt electricity shoot through your body. he just reached a new level of perfect. ♥
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