imagens of one direction

lots of imanges of the boys comment below what 1D boy and ur name and ill do all of them


6. imagen for miyu

you were out with your boyfriend, liam, at nandos and all the girls were drooling over him. you were getting super annoyed, so you offered that you guys go back to your place.
"nah, nah lets stay here," liam said half- heartedly, obviously loving all the attention.
*a few hours later*
"stop overreacting!! i apologize for ...being more than an invisible silhouette for once!!" liam yelled, slamming his things on the table, angry that you were mad at him for acting like a bachelor at nandos.
"you were never invisible..." was all you could manage, even though it was a big fat lie. liam was mysterious, quiet and layed low. but ever since half the globe had been diagnosed with one direction infection, he was impossible to resist.
"never invisible?!?! no one even remembered my name until i became famous!! i finally got some recognition for something i worked for, and you just had to take it away!! did that make you happy?! are you happy now?!?! thanks!!" liam yelled, and shoved past you. tears were sliding down your face. he had never yelled at you before.
"wh-where are you g-going?" you asked, not being able to contain yourself.
"away," he huffed, and slammed the door. you couldn't believe he just walked out on you, possibly forever. you were on the ground now , curled up in the fetal position, crying his name in between sobs.
*the next day*
you were still really bummed, and a tear now and then escaped. you were lying on the couch in sweats, hair unbrushed and face un-made up, watching sad romance movies and eating whatever you could find- ice cream, yogurt, cookies, ravioli. yup, you were in a slump.
until liam burst through the door in the living room- right across the room from you. when he saw your tear-stricken face and slump-ish appearance, his face fell. he obviously felt awful about how badly he hurt you.
"babe..." he started.
"no.. me first. liam, i never should have gotten fed up with you and the other girls. you had never had that kind of attention and wanted to experience it, i get it. im so sorry," you said, a small tear rolling down your face. he just couldn't take it any more. he leaned over and kissed you, and when he pulled away he said,
"so does this mean we're good?" he asked, knowing the answer.
"of course it does, dummy," you said playfully, and kissed him again. ♥ hoped you liked it miyu

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