imagens of one direction

lots of imanges of the boys comment below what 1D boy and ur name and ill do all of them


1. imangen of harry 1

harry has been on tour for three months already and it was close to ur three year anivercy. you decided to do somthing speacle because he was coming home in three u decided to goto the mall while you were driving you got a text from harry saying that not to belve the rumors of him and caraline so u went on twitter and you saw pictrues trends and how he was happy with that girl so u waited till he got home and you would let him explane and when he got there he had a exxcided look on his face 'y/n ived miss you' 'ive missed you to' 'so harry whos caraline' y/n shes just a friend i promise' 'ok' you couldnt resist it to be mad at him so u just let it slide and you spend the rest of the night cuddleinq until you both fall asleep and ur night ended

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