Is it a love story?

This story is a crooked love story. Will love ever find its way to the heart of each member in this story? Or will it not?


2. The story of my whole life

And we kissed a slow, cherishing kiss. As I backed away I ran, I ran to the farthest that I could. You see my life wasn't that easy, I was abused my my step dad, by my past boyfriends, and I even got raped. Every passed boyfriend either cheated, or abused me. That's why I moved from the US to here Great Britain, I now feel here is my new home where I can start a new life where I can live free and not be controlled by people who are selfish. I like to donate my free times to charity helping children, and by donating some things, when I see those children who were abandoned I cry, every time no matter what. That's why I ran away from Kyle, because of all of the pain that killed me that caused me to drive into a tree, that caused me to cut myself when Im feeling down, and to not eat for days, to stay in bed all day, to stop fighting. But I stood up and fought again after I found my real mother that abandoned me and my step father from the abuse. I sat on the bench and cried and cried I couldn't resist crying I had to pour out all of my feelings, but what am I doing, I'm loving someone again, why is it the charm in his eyes? Is it the way he saved me or is it something else that I have not ever seen in any guy. I guess I'm falling again....... Falling in love. But I had to fight my feelings but no I couldn't , because this is love. And when I looked up I saw the one and only face of Kyle, he looked at me with his charming eyes that get me lost every time then he started to say ....................
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