Is it a love story?

This story is a crooked love story. Will love ever find its way to the heart of each member in this story? Or will it not?


1. The beginning of times

I hurried into my house, feeling the cold breeze hit me as I ran. You see I work at this fashion agency where I have to make these designs that look stupid, and are so out of style. See my dream is to become a fashion designer, I want to create celebrities outfits for those special occasions. I just want to express myself doing my favorite thing, fashion designing. It's like singing and painting where you can express yourself, but when I do it my own ways, it feels like I'm free, no one can stop me that's how I want it. My full name is amethyst Jane Pellow. Well I prefer Amethyst. I learn everyday is to believe in yourself, and to never give up.

One day when my boss yelled at me for spilling a latte over her new created outfit, then I argued back saying rude things, so guess what I got fired. I was happy to get fired anyway so no problem.

One fall afternoon I was at the park admiring the colors of the leaves that were falling down on me. I loved the great feeling of the smell of the new weather and the new things that will happen, so I took out my sketch notebook and started designing a dress using the colors of the leaves that I saw. But then as I sketched I didn't notice a fairly familiar guy sit right beside me. As he got the attention of looking over my shoulder to my sketch he jut stopped and stared. I looked at him and he looked at me." Um do I know you it's like I've seen you before?"Well hello young fellow I am John Nater, a top fashion designer. Well I just sat down beside you looking at your exquisite design of passionate colors very fashionable for the weather right now". I just looked at him in a very surprised face. "Y-your my favorite designer J-j-John N-n-Nater." Well alrighty my name is John Nater, may I ask at is your name?" My name is amethyst, amethyst Pellow." Well amethyst nice to meet you, would you like me to sign you in a contract for 5 months to work with me then after that you could start your own business by yourself?" Why of course sir I would love to work with someone as fine as you sir!"Well lesson 1: never call me sir I prefer John." Ok um.. John."

As he left I felt so happy that I fell in a pile of fresh fallen leaves, still admiring the smell of the freshness. As I went home i started designing many different outfits. I wanted to impress John. For this is just the beginning.

*three years later*

I am now the top designer in the whole wide of Great Britain. After everything I still thank John for everything.

One day as I was walking the streets of London at about 3 in the morning because I had no more food, 2 guys who were walking and falling here and then came up to me and was like ,"hey baby kiss me like you mean it." I guessed he was drunk because of his foul smelling breath of alcohol. He pushed me up to the wall and forcibly tried. To kiss me, luckily this guy getting out of an taxi saw me and came running towards me. He ripped the guy of of me and psyched the two guys aggressively punched and kicked them until they were no longer able to even open their eyes. The guy asked if i was ok and if they hurt me. I replayed my saying a little bit. I asked him if he wanted to stay me, so I could take care of his bleeding nose and bruises. He gladly accepted my offer.

As the day passed it was time for him to return, before he left I asked him for his phone number and his name, his name was Kyle chermon. I don't know why but there is something about that guy that I will never forget about but before he could turn away, I leaned in.............
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