Is it a love story?

This story is a crooked love story. Will love ever find its way to the heart of each member in this story? Or will it not?


3. kyle's P.O.V

     When I saw this girl in distress, I came and rushed to help her. I ripped that drunk guy off of her, and beat up the two guys who were about to rape her. After all of the drama, I was left with some scars, various bruises, and an bleeding nose. Once I saw the girl's face, I got lost in my own world. She was so beautiful, once she caught me staring at her, she asked if I  would want to stay at her place for a day so she could nurse me. I accepted her brilliant offer, so I could get to know her better. 

   Once the day had passed by, it was time for me to leave. I found out her name is Amethyst Jane Pellow. That was all I knew about her. As I was about to turn away, she leaned in and kissed me. the kiss was so slow and gentle. As she pulled away I saw a tear run down her face as she ran, away leaving me confused. Was it something I did? I hope not. So I sprinted to follow her. As I stopped she just sat down on a park bench and buried  her head in her knees crying. I did not get it, why she would cry, or why she would run away from me. But slowly she raised her head and looked up at me. Her eyes glistening, and her hair a mess, but all I could see was an angel who has fallen and needs to be helped back up to her wings.

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