One love

Julia has lived in a small town her whole life and wants to do something with her life other than work on a small bakery with her best friend mary. What happens when they go to london for a month for summer break! Read more to find out.



JULIA'S P.O.V- Beep, beep, beep! I hear my alarm clock sreach as I wake up. I look over and realize it is 9:30 and that I had accidentally pressed snooze at 6:30! I was going to be late for work! I was racing around my little apartment trying to ready in time for work. Since I have missed enough days of work already I needed to be on time or I might be fired. I hoped in the shower for only 7 minutes, blow dried my hair, and put on my uniform. I got in my car and drove off to Nonthing Bunt Cakes( that's where I work). When I got there I saw my best friend Mary decorating the cakes already. When she saw me she ran over to me and said that she had I surprise for me after work. * after work* Mary and I went to my place to eat lunch. When we gotn there she practically dragged me into my apartment. She told me to sit down. "we are going to London for a month" she yelled.
MARY'S P.O.V- "we are going to London for a month" I yelled. Julia has always told me how boring life here in Reno is and said she wanted to get away and move to London, so yesterday I got us two tickets to LONDON and we leave first thing tomorrow morning! Ahhhhhhh!!!
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