One love

Julia has lived in a small town her whole life and wants to do something with her life other than work on a small bakery with her best friend mary. What happens when they go to london for a month for summer break! Read more to find out.



JULIA'S P.O.V- When I sat down I put my head phones in and stared to hum little things by one direction. I guess I was humming a little to loud because the guy I was sitting next to tapped my shoulder and said "catchy song isn't it?" "oh I'm so sorry was I to loud?" I asked "no love your fine", when I looked at him he looked so fimilier but for where? "I'm Louis," " I'm Julia nice to meet you." We ended up talking the whole plane ride and when it was over he took my phone from me and put his number in and it said 'louis the love of your life' and then he handed me his phone so I put in 'julia the love of your life' and handed it back to him. He started laughing really hard. Then it was time to go.
MARY'S P.O.V- when I sat down there was a man sitting there with really curly hair then I realized that it was him, the guy from the airport the one who was about to tell me his name but that other boy came and ruined it for us. But I was really happy to see him again he was really sweet and kind and gave me butterfly's in the pit of my tummy. When I sat down I guess I startled him because he jumped a little. "oh I'm sorry I didnt mean to scare you I was just taking my seat." "that's alright love, mary right." " yes, and you are h." "Harry." " well its very nice to meet you Harry" " same goes for you." we ended up talking for a while about my life and his but then he asked me something that I was scared to talk about. " where is your biological father now?" " he committed suicide when I was younger." " oh my gosh I didn't know, I'm very sorry for asking." he said. " it alright i got over him a while ago." then it was time to get off the plane. He asked my for my phone number and I gave it to him and he gave me his. Once I got off the plane I cought up with Julia and we when to go and get our luggage from the luggage claim. Once we got our luggage we called our taxi and when to our hotel. It was about 10:30 pm and we both were really tired so we called it quits and fell asleep.
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