One love

Julia has lived in a small town her whole life and wants to do something with her life other than work on a small bakery with her best friend mary. What happens when they go to london for a month for summer break! Read more to find out.



MARY'S P.O.V- Beep,beep,beep! My alarm clock went off. I jumped out of bed and ran as fast as I could to the shower. I couldn't believe that today was the day that Julia and I are going to London!! I only took a 15 minute shower. Then I went to put my cloths on. I chose a pink lace top with a purple tank top under it and some orange skinny jeans with my white vans. I went to the bathroom and curled my blond shoulder length hair. I only put on a little bit of make up, I wanted to keep it simple. By the time I finished getting ready it was already 5:17 a.m. CRAP!! I better get going or I'm going to miss our plane.
JULIA'S P.O.V- Beep,beep,beep! My alarm clock went off. Today was the day me and Mary are going go LONDON!! I raced to the shower and hopped in. It only took me 10 minutes in the shower. When I got out I went to my room to get dressed. I pulled out my blue abrocrambie and Fitch t-shirt and some skinny jeans along with my black toms. I put my long brown hair in a messy bun for the airplane ride. By the time I finished getting ready for the day it was 5:15a.m. SHOOT! I'm going to miss my plane. I hopped in the car and drove to the airport. When I got there I saw Mary looking as cute as ever in her pink lace top. She ran over to me and said " are you ready juls" " as ready as I'll ever be " I replied. We walked inside to the counted to pick up our tickets and to check our luggage,Then headed off to security.
MARY'S P.O.V- As we headed off to security, I heard a lot of screaming,I wonder what's it's all about I thought. As we are walking through I of course wasn't watching where I was going and ran right into someone. "are you alright love" someone asked. "yes I'm fine I'm so sorry I wasn't watching where I was going" i replied. I looked straight into his eyes, man did he have the prettiest green eyes I have ever see and his hair omg his hair was so prefects the way each curl layer on his face. Wait I have seen those beautiful green eyes befor, but where. "I'm mary" I said. "I'm h-" he was cut off by another boy yelling " we need to go now!" practically dragging him away.
HARRY'S P.O.V- " I'm mary" she said in the sweetiest voice. Wow she was just, just BEAUTIFUL. "I'm h-" I said but didn't finish because Louis was yelling " we need to go now!" and dragging me away with him. I hope I get to see her again, boy she was beautiful and I wanted her, I want to hold her close to me and call her mine. But I couldn't because someone took me away from her. Now I was mad I guess everyone could sense it because Liam said " Harry are you alright lad?" " NO" I practally screamed " I was talking to a beautiful girl and I couldn't even tell her my name because LOUIS here dragged me away from her!"
JULIA'S P.O.V- mary was talking to someone, while another boy came up and dragged him away from her yelling " we need to go now!" wow ge took my breath away, he was gourgous. As we finished with security we made our way to our gate I asked mary " so mar who were you talking to." she replied " I don't know this boy interrupted him as he was telling me his name, but I do hope to see him soon." when we got to our gate everyone was boarding the plane. When it was our turn to hand the lady our tickets she had someone escort us to our seats. OMG WE HAVE FIRST CLASS SEATS!!!!! When we sat down I realized that I wasn't sitting next to mary, we had different seats that wevt even close to each other. Oh well. I sat down next to someone not even looking at them I sat down. The polite said" everyone take your seats we are about to take off", I thought to myself London here we come.
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