Broken hearted

Elain Veters was an ordinary girl until she met Niall Horan and accidentally switched phones with him. Then they had to meet up to switch back and Niall falls. He falls hard for her--as do Zayn, Louis, and Harry. Will she return Niall's feelings? Or will she choose one of the others? Or will she just leave them all broken hearted? Click the read button to find out...


2. A lot to explain

Niall's P.O.V.

I pulled up to her house and knocked on the door. Another girl with raven black hair and olive skin answered the door. "Elain, he's here!" She called down the hall and glared at me.
"'Kay, let me grab my shoes right quick!" Elain yelled back.
"Break her heart and I'll break your pretty-boy face," the girl threatened. I smiled at the threat and nodded.
"Okay, lets go," Elain said and walked up next to the girl. I felt my jaw drop slightly. Elain smiled and walked towards the limo we were riding in and pushed my mouth back up. "Close your mouth; you'll catch flies."
Her friend giggled and I grinned at her and followed after Elain.


Zayn's P.O.V.

The limo door opened and I saw Elain sliding in next to me and then Niall getting in next to her. I couldn't stop staring at her evenly toned toned legs, or her pretty blonde hair, the way it falls into perfect curls, probably without her even trying to make them like that. Her dress made her look even better; it was a strapless, dark pink with swirly designs around the bottom and the top. It was a low cut one and it barely covered her large bum and also highlighted her curves, too. She also had on thirty million necklaces and pink sandals on.
"Hello? Earth to Zayn?" Niall said, pulling me out of my reverie (daydream).
"What?" I asked.
"I said, what are you thinking about? I mean, you can't stop looking at Elain," Niall said, putting a possessive arm around her causing her to roll her eyes and giggle.
"Is it against the law to look at a pretty girl?" I shot back.
"True..."Niall trailed off.
"Guys, shut up," Harry said, looking at Elain directly in the eye. She blushed and looked down. Niall's arm tightened around her shoulder and he glared at Harry.
"Lets play a game since the club is out of town?" Elain suggested.
"Truth or dare?" I said.
"Truth or dare, Liam?" Elain asked.
"Dare," Liam said.
"I dare you to tell us your deepest secret," Elain grinned evilly.
"No!" He protested.
"Why not? Are you scared?" She taunted."
" deepest secret is that I'm secretly in love with Harry," Liam joked.
Once we all settled down from the laughter, Elain said that it was his turn to ask someone.
"Truth or dare....Niall?" Liam asked.
"Dare," he said, grinning like an idiot at Elain.
"I dare you to show Elain your true self," Harry said. Oh, shit, did he seriously just say that?

Elain's P.O.V.

"...true self?" I asked, confused.
"It's nothing, Elain. Harry's just goofing off," Niall said, quickly.
"No it's not. What's going on?" I asked, my voice turning an octave higher.
Niall looked me straight in the eye and his pupils got a little larger and told me, "Its nothing to worry about, Elain. Forget about it."
I jumped away from him. "S-stay over there."
"Elain? What's wrong?" Zayn asked, since I had jumped into his lap.
"V-vampire. I can see it. I don't get compulsed because the flower in my hair is vervain," I stuttered.
Zayn reached out to touch the flower. "I've never seen vervain in my life, though I've wanted to." I let him touch it and then buried my face into his chest.
"Elain, I'm so sorry. I didn't want you to know the truth," Niall said, looking down at his feet.
"Well, she already knows so, we might as well tell her," Lou said.
"Tell me what?" I asked, frantically.
"Me, Niall, and Louis are vampires, Zayn's a werewolf and Harry's a human," Liam explained.
I passed out.


I woke up still in the limo with the boys. I smiled and latched onto Niall.
"How do you feel, Elain?" Liam asked.
"Better than ever. Are we gonna hit this club or what?" I asked.
"Do you remember anything about the last thirty minutes?" Niall asked.
"All I know is that I fell asleep," I said, turning my head to the side.
They all let out a sigh of relief. "I ask, once again, are we gonna hit this club or what?" I asked, impatiently.
They grinned and we all got out and went inside. The music was so loud I had to shout my drink order to the bartender.
"Just get me a piña colada," I shouted.
The guy turned and started fixing it and then a random dude came up to me. "What's your name, beautiful?" He asked.
"Taken," I shout back and latch onto Niall then I turned and got my drink. I took a sip of it and grimaced at the strong taste of it.
"Lets go dance, Niall," I said, putting the cup down on the bar and pulled Niall out on the dance floor. We started this chain dance, called 'the grind'. The way it goes is we all get in a line and grind our hips against the back of the person in front of us. I was in the front of the line and Niall was behind me and I felt something poking against my butt when he did the grinding part.
I pulled out of line and drank the rest of my drink then proceeded to order another one.
My back was to the dance floor and all of the sudden I felt someone kissing my neck and their hands were on my sides. I turned around to see Niall kissing me hungrily. I drank a couple more piña coladas and then turned and met his lips with the same passion.
"Catch me if you can," I giggled and ran to the restroom. He followed me and when he came in, he locked the door. I looked up from where I was sitting on the counter and he kissed me again. I felt him lick my lower lip, asking entrance into my mouth. I opened my mouth for him and let him explore my mouth. He moved his mouth down to my neck and I felt something poke out of his mouth and lightly scratching my neck. I looked down at him to see pointed teeth rubbing against me and there were these lines all under his eyes. I gasped and pulled back a little.
"Can I taste-?" I cut him off.
"Please," I said, exposing my neck even more for him to feed. I felt a slight puncture on my neck and it hurt a little at first but then it started to feel good. He pulled away licking his lips and I, being drunk, started to slip my dress off. He stopped me and kissed me again then he bit his wrist and put it in my mouth. I looked in the mirror to see where he bit me, healing.
Niall cleaned up my neck and it looked like he left a hickey in a couple of places and looked me in the eye, his pupils getting larger. "You won't tell anyone mine or the boys secrets, or that I fed on you. It's our dirty little secret, okay?" I nodded and we came out and were met by four concerned boys.
"Hey guys," I said, weakly.
"What were you doing in there?" Liam asked, concerned.
"I had too much to drink. I was in there throwing up and Niall was holding my hair back for me," I said.
"Looks like he had a drink while he was in there," Louis said, noticing the small dot of blood on Niall's shirt collar.
"No. It was from the blood bag I had earlier," Niall avoided eye contact with any of them. Louis stepped forward and took a slight whiff of his shirt quickly.
"It was recently, Li.," he said, in a serious tone, which was so rare for him.
"Oh, so you'll let some famous vampire feed on you, but not a vampire you've known for your whole life?" The one guy from earlier was back.
"There's so such thing as vampires, or werewolves," I said, turning to the arrogant (full of themselves) guy.
"Really? Then how about this?" The guy grabbed my hand and bit my hand causing me to flinch and then held it up to Niall's face. The lines from the bathroom were back.
"What's your point?" I ask him, getting annoyed with him.
"Vampire, vampire, vampire, werewolf, human, human," he said, pointing us out.
"Hey, vampire, you'd better watch yourself. Werewolf bites can kill vampires..." Zayn grinned.
"Do it, mutt, I dare you," he said.
The guy grabs me and runs out of the place. I hear myself yell, "Niall, help!" He then bites me and would have drained me of my blood if they hadn't found us.
"The best thing about traveling with a wolf? Their sense of smell," Liam said, as he grabbed the guy and broke his neck. Niall bit his wrist and fed it to me and my neck was healing.
"Is he d-dead?" I asked, scared for my life.
"He's a vampire, love. He'll be like this for about two hours and then wake up, but so he doesn't wake up and find us-" they turned me around so I couldn't see what they were doing, and did whatever and then when I turned back around, they were all gone, except for Niall and he took me to the hotel where they were staying and he cleaned me up, handing me a pair of sweat pants and a t-shirt for me to wear. I made him turn around and I changed into them, only to catch him taking a glimpse of me while I was putting the shirt on, so he saw my push-up, lacy black bra and my large breasts spilling out of the top of it.
"Do you mind?" He asked, staring at my neck.
"Can you wait until I have the shirt on?" I asked him.
"I'm only asking you now because I'm not gonna be able to control myself without your permission. I have a limited amount of self control when I feed and when you put the shirt on my control will be gone. So, no, I have to feed now." He said, still staring at my neck.
I tilted my head to the side and allowing him to feed on me and then I started feeling dizzy, so I sat down. "Niall, that's enough." He detached his mouth from my neck. I laid back onto his bed and I felt him sit me up and put the shirt on me and then laid me back down and covered me up.
Niall's POV
Her phone went off and I saw it was a text from someone called Nina?

NINA: it's past midnight. Ur mom is gonna wonder where u r
ME: I'm sleeping over @ Niall's. I'm way 2 drunk 2 drive and so is he.
NINA: k. Want me to tell them that @ staying over at Noel's?
ME: ya thnx ur the best
NINA: ik I am

I pull of my shirt and stay in my jeans and crawled into the bed and felt her cuddle into my bare chest. I'd have a lot to explain to her tomorrow...
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