Forgetting you

A poem about moving past an old love


1. Forget you

I'm slowly gettin' stronger,

The time between each thought of you gettin' longer.

And I don't always break down and cry

When I look back to us and say why.

Though I still hav my moments,

When the tears flood out in torrents;

Your memory is a'startin to fade,

Along with all the happy ones we made.

'Cause in truth, I don't need you;

Not like that's anythin' new.

I realize now you werent good for me;

But only now, after all the lies and pretendin' to be.

And now only time will heal this pain;

Only time can make this heart broke me sane.

So I gotta keep holding' on;

Clinging to this ledge 'till its all gone.

'Till I can laugh again, and smile too.

Just gotta hold on long enough to forget you.

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