I Love ...

This is a story about Toni Ann. She is the quiet girl in school who
has only a few close friends. She finally is able to go to a One Direction
concert. While there she realizes Harry and Liam keep looking at
her. Does this mean something?


2. OMG!!

Liam POV
As i ran onstage i was just expecting it to be a normal concert the regular screaming fans and bright lights, but was i wrong. After maybe 4 songs i noticed this girl in the 3rd row. She had long brown hair and brown eyes she also wore glasses. I swore it was love at first sight. I also noticed Harry was eyeing her. ): After the concert, i was thinking about going to talk to her .
Harry's POV
During the first couple of minutes if the concert i spotted a girl around my age. the first thing i thought was " she is beautiful" nxt i said to myself i am going to talk to her.
Toni Ann POV
i felt a tap on my shoulder. So i turned around, and guess who it was ? Thats right Harry from one direction. On the inside i was fan girling. but on the outside i did what i do often, blushed red. " Hello love im Harry and what is ur name?" he said. Off to the side i saw Liam who looked angry
" O um im Toni Ann, but u can call me Toni" i said shyly
" o thats a lovely name and wear r u from"
" im from orlando, orlando florida" omg im talkin to HARRY STYLES!!
" o thats kool why dont u come backstage and meet the boys?" he said happily
I said alrite, and we started to walk when i niticed Liam had left.
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