I Love ...

This is a story about Toni Ann. She is the quiet girl in school who
has only a few close friends. She finally is able to go to a One Direction
concert. While there she realizes Harry and Liam keep looking at
her. Does this mean something?


3. Meeting the Boys

Liams Pov
i was walking up to the mystery girl when of course Harry runs up and taps her on the shoulder. They start talking and i finally get annoyed and walk back to the other guys. "
Hey Liam wats wrong" Niall says looking worried " Its nothing dont worry about it Nialler" i say forcing a smile. " oo is someone jealous" Louis yells out being his cheeky self " o shut lou it doesnt matter Harry got to her first" i say sadly looking towards the ground " oi cheer up mate u still hav me" zayn calls out smirking ( sometimes these boys r so stupid i think to myself. And as i was gettin into a conversation with Niall about tommorrows concert the devil himself walks in.
Harry POV
i started talking to Toni and i saw she was a really nice girl. She was 18 and was going to college in a few months. I brought her to see the boys and when inwalked in i saw Liam put on his angry face. " hey guys this Toni An " i said cheerfully " um hi you can just call me Toni if you want" she said shyly while blushing. aw how cute " ello luv im Zayn" he said while winking " AND IM LOUIS!!" he yelled while running over and hugging her. O louis wat w r we gonna do with you i thought " hi im niall" he said while waving and then going back to eating his crisps he didnt hav a secod ago
Liam POV
All the boys introduced themselves ( some more than others ). while i sat and admired her beauty. When it was my turn i got up and kissed her cheek " and im Liam by the way" in the background i heard Niall and Louis whistling and cracking jokes. " o its nice to meet you" Toni said while smiling, which by the way showed off her braces which in a way was nerdy but cute
Toni POV
I. waz finally getting to meet them Zayn winked at me, Louis crushed me in a hug while Niall barely noticed me becuznhe was busy eatin crisps. Finaly Liam came up to me and kissed my cheek. and all i said was " o its nice to meet you" i went and sat next to Zayn and started a conversation about hair products haha
Harrys POV
Liam kissed her cheek!!! how could he i saw her first !! wait maybe he likes her to and if he does then who will she choose. Liam this is war i thought while sending him my best death glare

Authors Note:
srry for such short chapters. it is my first story and it is also 2:25 in the morning! Any comments plz tell me i need to know if inshould continue it or not Thanks Fellow Directioners <3
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