I Love ...

This is a story about Toni Ann. She is the quiet girl in school who
has only a few close friends. She finally is able to go to a One Direction
concert. While there she realizes Harry and Liam keep looking at
her. Does this mean something?


4. IDK

Zayn POV
Toni was rlly fun to talk to. She told lots of stories and kept cracking jokes. Harry invited her to come back to the hotel with us and of course she said yes. We also traded phone numbers so we could keep in contact.
Niall POV
Toni was so nice, she also had a huge appetite not like mist girls. She also was kind of cute with her glasses. I might have feelings for her
Toni POV
ok so the i am now at 1D hotel and have gotten to know the boys. They are all so funny and nice i think that if i had to choose to go out with one if them i already knew who it was. He waas nice and really funny. i noticed Liam was sitting alone so i went to talk. to him " hey Liam wats up u look sad" i said
" O its nothing im just thinking"
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