I Love ...

This is a story about Toni Ann. She is the quiet girl in school who
has only a few close friends. She finally is able to go to a One Direction
concert. While there she realizes Harry and Liam keep looking at
her. Does this mean something?


1. Finally <3

Toni Ann POV
Today wa sthe day i FINALLY was going to a 1D concert! I called up my friend wondering what to wear because my normal school clothing was not enough. I finally decided on a knee-length white dress with a yellow belt around the middle. Then i curled my normally straight hair ( which was by my mid-back and brown) into a high pony tail. Then i applied my makeup and put my glasses and brown flats on. ( yes i know i wear glasses) and i was ready to go. Skip ahead to the concert: they were singing there 3rd song when i realized The Harry Styles was watching me. After another couple of sings, i noticed Liam was as well. At the end of the concert i was just walking out the door when i felt a tap on my shoulder.
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