Same Mistakes


Hallie moves to New York to drown her sorrows in a hard core dance career, but one day she gets a surprise visit from her past. Will she have moved on? Or will she give in?

**You probably won't need to read the first movella to understand what's happening**


4. The Saturday Show-Off

"They're sitting in the front row, you'll do great, don't be nervous." Alejandro repeated in my ear.

"Ok, ok. Go sit down." I told him. He kissed my cheek and left, making me nervous and flustered all over again. I tried not to imagine who the celebrity was that will be watching me dance.

"Now please welcome on stage our final performer, Hallie Smithers." I walked out onto the dark stage and took my position. The music started and I smoothly moved through the first part of the song. As the music sped up, I tried to resist every urge to look into the audience. No, it'll only make me more nervous. I told myself. Finally, when the song ended and the applause broke out, I searched the audience for familiar faces. But it was too late and the curtain was already closing in front of me.

I rushed off stage still wearing the glittery red costume.

"Hallie! That was perfect Baby Brit!" Alejandro praised me as I ran into his arms. He spun me around once then turned me towards our guest of honor. My smile immediately disappeared as I recognized him.

"That was a gorgeous dance, love." Harry Styles said to me. Don't pretend you don't know me. Don't pretend you don't remember what you did. I stepped back and Alejandro laid a reassuring hand on my shoulder.

"Thanks, Harry." I mumbled, trying to hide my returning feelings.

"Is it ok with you if I talk to Hallie alone for a bit?" He asked Alejandro. I walked out to the sidewalk with him, not waiting for an answer from Alejandro. "I missed you." Harry said. I tried not to look at him, scared that I would cry. "I thought about you all the time." I wanted to believe him, but I couldn't. "The others are here, too. Josie and Perrie couldn't stop talking about how much they wanted to see you. Louis, too." Louis was the only one I'd kept in touch with. He and I had cried together after Harry broke up with me. He'd told Christa (my best friend and his girlfriend at the time) that he was leaving, he'd said he wanted to make it work. But she refused, said she couldn't do long distance. At least he tried. Harry didn't try to make it work.

"I'd love to see them again." I looked up at him to find him starring at me with his deep green eyes. "Let's go back inside, before Alejandro gets worried." At the mention of his name, Harry cringed. "What's..?"

"Are you two, you know... Together?" He asked awkwardly.

"No, just close friends."

"Oh, well it's just how he talks about you and, erm, nevermind. Let's go back." I followed him in only to be tackled in a hug by Josie and Perrie.

"Excuse me?" I coughed out. "I need air please!" They let me go and I saw the tall blue-eyed boy with his gorgeous girl in front of me. "Louis!!" I yelled and jumped into his strong arms.

"Hallie!" He yelled back, embracing me. "My favorite dancer!" The four of us started talking and laughing about old time.

"You haven't changed, babe." Louis told me. Alejandro decided that was the perfect time to step in.

"Well," he started. "It's getting late and we have dinner plans, are you gonna come Hal?"

"Yeah just let me go change." I went back to the dressing rooms. I took off the fake eyelashes and red lipstick first. I left most of the stage make up, knowing Alejandro we'd be going to a fancy restaurant anyways. He always does fancy things for his clients. I left my hair in the long, straightened ponytail and changed out of my tights and costume. I put on a loose black button-up shirt tucked into a glittery silver skirt with sheer star printed tights and black ankle boots.

"Ok, I'm ready. Let's go Andro." I said once I met them outside. I linked arms with Alejandro and skipped off to the cab.

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