Same Mistakes


Hallie moves to New York to drown her sorrows in a hard core dance career, but one day she gets a surprise visit from her past. Will she have moved on? Or will she give in?

**You probably won't need to read the first movella to understand what's happening**


3. Hallie's Apartment

"We ain't ever gonna grow up!" I sung as a skipped past my roommate, Mickey (short for McKenzie), and tapped her nose.

"We brought food!" Alejandro yelled, walking in after me.

"Andro!" Mickey hugged him. "You might as well live here, you're here do much anyways!"

"But you still get excited to see me every time," he teased her. My gosh, I love these two. "Anyways, you'll have to come see Hallie perform her new solo this Saturday at the Show-Off."

I almost spit up my water. "Uhm, What? This Saturday? I think that's a little soon, I just learned it today."

"And it's already fantastic!" Alejandro exclaimed "And I have a celebrity client coming to see you."

"OMG WHO?!" Mickey and I yelled in unison.

"It's a surprise," Alejandro said.

After dinner, we spread out on the living room floor. "I'm beat," I announced after a few reruns of F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

"Same," Alejandro agreed "I should head home, walk me out Hal?"

"Kay," I walked with him down one flight of stair to the parking lot. "Should I come in early tomorrow?"

"Yeah," He answered, turning to face me. He leaned in so that I could smell his minty cologne and shampoo. Cupping my face with his hand, he kissed my forehead. I stared into his light blue eyes for a minute before he hopped in his car. I'd known him for almost 3 years, and in that time we'd exchanged probably hundreds of hugs. But no one ever kissed anyone.

I rejoined Mickey on the floor and watched half a movie with her, but I wasn't fully paying attention. I was more focused on Alejandro's strange kiss.

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