The Story of a Ritch Kid (1D fanfic)

A girl named Maximum is ritch, has a ritch family, goes to a ritch people school, and lives in the ritchest place on earth, Beverly Hills.
Well that happened after her parents got really famous.
So she just might be struggling to fit in.
The school is a preforming arts school, so she has to become a part of the 'celebrity family' and do something that will get her recognized in the world of entertainment.
What would she do just to fit in at her school?
Fake love?
Fake hate?
And what happens when some people get a bit too jelous of her new life in ritch country?
You can only see if you read- The Story of a Ritch Kid- A Syd! Classic


8. Social Networks Suck


i love how everyone is loving the book and actually giving me a reason not to leave it to dry up in the dust, so dont think i wount continue it and keep on writing chapters. extreamly soon i will be posting another chapter so keep ur eyes open for it, and expect......THE UNEXPECTED!

look at this chapter again when u get that email as an actual story will be here except this stuff ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


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