The Story of a Ritch Kid (1D fanfic)

A girl named Maximum is ritch, has a ritch family, goes to a ritch people school, and lives in the ritchest place on earth, Beverly Hills.
Well that happened after her parents got really famous.
So she just might be struggling to fit in.
The school is a preforming arts school, so she has to become a part of the 'celebrity family' and do something that will get her recognized in the world of entertainment.
What would she do just to fit in at her school?
Fake love?
Fake hate?
And what happens when some people get a bit too jelous of her new life in ritch country?
You can only see if you read- The Story of a Ritch Kid- A Syd! Classic


5. Lunch Time


"Oh and because you are doing a love triangle, you must have another boy in your group. Now that boy would be.........choosen by you!" she says killing the antisipation for every boy who has not been partenered up yet. "So Ms.Ride, who will it be?" she says looking at me.

"Uhhmmm..... I think I am going to cho-" I was about to say Liam's name, that was until a boy came in the room and rudely interruped my. He had a late slip in his hand and had some what of curly hair just like Harry.

"Sorry that I am late." the boy says.

"Well because it is your first day I presume I will let it slind." the teacher replyed.

"Thank you Mrs.Makenzee." the rather cute boy says. I mean I guess he is cute. He look around 17 or 18 and his smile could melt ice! My god, I love celebrities and there pretty faces. Or, probably, hopefully he is not a celebrity. So I do not have to worry about Rebecca watching my every move if he has a girl friend. God do I hope he does not have a girlfriend. Or a boyfriend for that matter. Thinking of boyfrined, I miss Jeremy. He has not given me a call since about THREE MONTHS AGO. I wonder what is going on with him.

"Alright class, because this new student decided to arrive at class late today, he will have to introduce him self and tell us a bit about him self." the teacher told the boy and the class.

"Well my name is George Shelley, and I am in a boy band or I rather call it a boy group called Union J. There is a whole back story for that buty long story short, Louis Walsh put me in a already exsiting boy band of 3, and now we are taking a break from the live shows for a while. Oh and I am 19." he said with a big smile on his face through out the whole introduction.

Ah, I swear his smile is the reason for global warming!

"Okay then, pretty good. Now if you don't mind, you can take a seat on Ms.Rides table. Right there next to Styles." she said pointing to the extra seat at the end of the table in the front of the class. He walks over and flashes a smile at Harry, Liam, and me. He then settles down and puts his back pack on the back of his chair.

"Okay were was I? Oh yes, Ms.Ride, who are you going to choose to play the other boy in the love triangle play?" the teacher asks me.

"Uhhmm, I am going to choose George Shelley." I say.

You should see the shock on everybody's face. Famous or not, nobody ever chooses the new kid to do anything. They ever do, almost everybody ingores them for the semester. Why? I did not know why. Probably to say that 'oh, i am Rebecca and I make all the rules because I am awesome.' Pelease. Anyway.

"Really Maximum, him? Yeah he might be famous but really? You are not being forced by some Chris Brown beater or something? WOW!" Rebecca say with a couple of follow up laughs.

"Okay, okay, that will be enough out of you Ms.Park or you wll get detention." the teacher thretens.

"Okay, well, Love Triangle, Malik, Ride, and Shelley." The teacher checks.

"Man Shelley, what a gay name. I bet you his middle name if Perls." Adam says. Adam is pretty much like the schools bully. Yet I have heard some roomers that he has a crush on a girl that would probably never go for him, thatv is shocking because most of the girls will throw there friends under the bus to have the same status as that kid.

"Anybody talks out of turn, you and anybody laughing will get 2 week detention, do you understand?'

We all nod. I pass a quick look at George and it looks like he was flashing me a little friendly glance. I can not help but to smile to the table.

George's POV

     A girl that I barley know chose me for a prohjevt event thought I have only been in the room for less than a minute. I wonder if she likes me. She does look cute but with nerdy twist to it. She has the glasses but the long curly caremel brown hair. I think she is looking at me so I flash her a friendly glance. I see her smile to the table showing that shje saw me look at her. She is just adorable, just for some reason adorable. Cuddly adorable with a hint of 'I can smuther you with kisses adorable'.

I have to talk to her at lunch, if I am going to do a love story with her, that is the least I could do.

*The Bell Rings*

"Alright class, do not forget to pick up your tool sheet for the project!" the teacher says before we all walk out of the class room.

I see Maximum has some how slipped out of the door before anybody else so I pick up a sheet from the teacher's desk, then race out the door. That is right race, becuase I see another guy looking like her was going after her. I am not sure what his name is thoiugh. I finally give up and go to my locker. Somebody approches the locker to the right of me after I oppen mine. I look to see who it is and I saw that it was the boy that was chasing that girl I wanted to talk to. I look to him and decided to talk to him.

"Hi." I say casaully.

"He turns to the left then to the right and sees me, "Wait, you are talking to me?" he says with a confused face.

"Yeah I am talking to, what is your name?' I said coming of a bit hostile.

"uhmm... Austin, Austin Mahone." he replyed.

"No way, the Austin Mahone! Oh My God! I love your music! Can I have your autograph!?!" A random girl says poping into out convorsation.

I realize that random girl if "Maximum! How are you doing?" Austin asks.

"Good! And did you know I favorite coloured colour is pink? Neon to be exact." She laughs and Austin just blushes. She walkes over to the locker next to be and looks at me with a big smile.

"Hi you." Maximum says to me.

"Hi you." is all I say before she takes a little bag out of her locker and than walkes to the lunch cafiteria.

I watch her back as she walkes off.

"What is going on between you two?" he asks.

"Nothing." I say in a childish voice.

"Common, stop acting. What is goingon betwwen you guys?' Austin asks again.

"Really, nothing. I honestly don't know my self, but ever since I walked in the classroom she has not stopped smiling at me." I say.

He mumbles something then walks off to the cafitiria.

Austin's POV

"Just perfect." I mumble angery, then walk to the lunch cafitiria. I see Maximum go outside to the outdoor lunch area. I see sitting outside by her self. She is litteraly the only one outside. I walk over to her.

"Hey." I say.

"Hi." she says looking at me with a bit of a upset in her eyes.

"What is wrong?" I wonder with a edge of worry in my voice.

"Nothing, everybody is just ignoring me, like Zayn, and Liam, and about the rest of the school all becasue I chose George for the project." she tells me.

"Well hey, there is a bright side." I say sitting down next to her.

"Is it as bright as your boxers?" she says jocking me.

"Ha ha funny, no, at least I am not ignorig you." I tell her smiling.

"Yeah, I guess that is as bright as it can get." she giggles.

"Hey I have feelings too." I whine.

"No!"she says to me.

After about 30   minutes of talking to Maximum outside all alone, it was time to go back to our lokers and get ready for next period.

"Austin, thanks hanging out with me outside. I really need the company."

"Any time." I say.

Then she leans in at the same time I do......

Ad right at that moment, niether me or Maximum notice the people coming outside.........



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