The Story of a Ritch Kid (1D fanfic)

A girl named Maximum is ritch, has a ritch family, goes to a ritch people school, and lives in the ritchest place on earth, Beverly Hills.
Well that happened after her parents got really famous.
So she just might be struggling to fit in.
The school is a preforming arts school, so she has to become a part of the 'celebrity family' and do something that will get her recognized in the world of entertainment.
What would she do just to fit in at her school?
Fake love?
Fake hate?
And what happens when some people get a bit too jelous of her new life in ritch country?
You can only see if you read- The Story of a Ritch Kid- A Syd! Classic


3. I Hate Bieng Bate

Maximum's POV

     I am still star struck after what happened between me and Austin Mohone not too long ago. Oh my gosh, I just met Austin Mohone! Austin Mohone! Geez, and I just saw Justin Bieber! How am I suppose to consentrate in my next subject knowing I got close to these 2 Youtube stars!?!? I have Language Arts next with Mrs. Marteenez. And as always, I am early! (whoah, no way, SHOCK OF MY LIFE)
    As  I walk in the class I see nobody else in there.(The second biggest SHOCK OF MY LIFE) And to top it off the teacher is not even here! ( Imagine my mind just exploding with all of this shock)

     I take a seat in the front of the class as always, set down my back pack, and pull out my iPad. I start scrolling over fan fictions in the popular section. I always wanted to write my own using what is happening to me now, but I don't think I am a good enough writer to do so! I find one that reads 'Ed's Girl'. I have always been a fan of Ed Sheeran! I mean, he is Ed Sheeran! But never any other singers from the UK. I start reading the preview, and right when I was about to read chapter one a voice comes creeping up to me. Perfect! Just perfect! (can you read the sarcasim I have today, well yeah it is there)

I look up from my tablet and see a boy with curlly hair say "You look pretty!"

Honestly I do not know if I should ignore him, blush, take it as an insult, or take my tablet and smack him in the face with it...then tell him to go AWAY!

"Hello my name is Harry, Harry Styles."

Harry's POV

     When I walk into my first class, which seems to be rather early, I see a girl sitting there with glasses on, peering at her iPad. She looks a bit shy. So without me thinking, these words slip out of my mouth.

"You look pretty!" All she does is look up at me and stares with question on her face. I quickly introduce my self to save this crashing conversation. Even though it's not much of a conversation when she has not even said a thing yet.

"Hello my name is Harry Styles." I look at her and smile.

She flashes me a quick smile then looks back down at her tablet. I walk towards her and take a seat right next to her. She turns around and looks at me, then the seat that I am sitting in, right beside her.

"Wow, you where lucky to get a seat when all the other ones in the whole entire room are taken!" That sarcasim hits me in the face so hard that I can't help but laugh.

As soon as I start to laugh a little, she shoots me this funny look, then I can't help but laugh even harder. At this point, I'm laughing so hard that my chair is tilted  back and I am holding on to my gut. I loose balance and my chair leans completely backwards and I fall on the floor. But the funniest thing was  that I didn't stop laughing, even though on the ground.

     That just made the girl with the glasses laugh really hard. Her laugh is the funniest thing I have ever heard! I try to grab on to the table to help my-self up, but because her laugh is so infections, as soon as i sat down on my chairs, I just started to laugh again!

    About 2 minutes later, we finally finished laughing. We were both in tears.

Rebeca's POV

     Today I heard some rumors that Austin Mohone and Maximum where talking outside at the entrance this morning. You think I might be angry? Well I'm not. Actually, the closer she gets to any of the celebrity students, the easier it would be to get rid of any of there girlfriends. Just think about it.


Austin's POV

     I just can't stop thinking about lunch. And no it is not because I am hungry, it's because, probably, I would see that girl that I bumped into this morning and maybe learn her name! My next class is Launguage Arts with Mrs.Marteenez. When I walk in the class room, to my surprise, I see that girl form this morning. I couldn't help but smile. All of a sudden, I finnally became aware of what was around her and I saw the all so famous Harry Styles from One Direction. How in the world am I suppose to talk to her when royalty is right in front of her. I'm just a Youtube star. Harry Styles is the real deal!

     Because there were no one else in the class, I just walked past them and sat two tables down and one to the right of theirs. I set down my stuff and I cannot help but ease drop on there conversation.

They are both laughing and tears of laughter start to drag down there faces because of the excessive amount. When they both calm down a bit, Harry holds on to her face and uses his thumbs to whip away her tears. To tell you the truth, I stop watching at that piont on. All I hears are a couple of giggles. And after that, I hear from that very sweat fimilliar voice "My name is Maximum, Maximum Ride."

That is when I get that smile that really hurts because you're smilling for so long and hard and can't stop. She has a very interesting name that only makes me want to know more about her.




Who are the 4 other new kids?

Does Harry have a thing for Maximum?

Does Maximum have a thing for Harry?

Will Austin and Maximum ever have a chance to properly meet each other?

What will go down in Launguage Arts class? Well Something WILL!

Find out all that and more when you read chapter 4 of The Storey of a Ritch Kid- From Nothing to Something?


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