The Story of a Ritch Kid (1D fanfic)

A girl named Maximum is ritch, has a ritch family, goes to a ritch people school, and lives in the ritchest place on earth, Beverly Hills.
Well that happened after her parents got really famous.
So she just might be struggling to fit in.
The school is a preforming arts school, so she has to become a part of the 'celebrity family' and do something that will get her recognized in the world of entertainment.
What would she do just to fit in at her school?
Fake love?
Fake hate?
And what happens when some people get a bit too jelous of her new life in ritch country?
You can only see if you read- The Story of a Ritch Kid- A Syd! Classic


4. From Nothing To Something?

Harry's POV

     I hold Maximum's face in my hands and whip away the tears from her face. He skin is so smooth and her eyes are so deep. A deep blue see of beautiful. I get lost in her eyes then she touches my face to whip away the tears from my face with a tissue. I let go of her face and let out a laugh. I let her clean the tears of my face. She laughs a bit too. I take the tissue from her and roll it up into a ball, then I shoot the ball, aiming for the trash can across the room trying to impress her. I miss. Darn, it was so close!

"Nice try." she says. She continues " Now go pick it up."

"Uhhh.. but it is all the way at the back of the class!" I whine.

"Well then maybe next time shoot for a closer trash can so it would be a shorter walk." she says coolly.

"Hey, are you implying that I can't aim and throw to a trash can?" I say

"Yup, pretty much, now that tissue is calling your name." she says with a smile.

"Alright." is all I say before getting up and walking to the other end of the class to throw away the tissue.

Austin's POV

     I am writing some lyrics for a new song I was thinking about. Something catches the corner of my eye. I look in that direction then see Maximum looking at me. I wave to her with a cool half smile. She smiles back at me waving as well. Seeing her smile at me makes me smile fully with a lot of teeth. I realized that I was still waving to her so I stopped. How imbarasing. That only makes her laugh a bit. It looks like she was about to get up to go to my table, but then the bell rings and the teacher followed by a bunch of other kids walk in.

Maximum's POV
     I was going to get up and tell Austin that his fly was open but then the bell rang and a bunch of kids and the teacher walked inside the classroom. Well too late now. Harry came back to sit next to me on my right. He smiles at me when he sits down. Then we waves to anothe guy walking in the classroom. The guy waves back. He has a buzz cut and is tall. He also looks fit. Very very fit. Did I mention that he looks muscly. My god I can't help but stare at him! He takes the seat to the left of me and says...

"Hi  Harry and hello, what is you name love?"

I forget my full name and all I can let out is "Max."

Harry has turned his attention to Justin to say hi and does not help me tell the guy my full name.

"That's a cute name! My name is Liam" he holds out his hand, and I shake it. His hands are so soft and warm. I could just live in them. He smiles at me then lets go.

"Alright class, because everybody thinks that language arts is so boring I decided this year to make it more interesting, to turn the first project of the year into a group project. You will have to write a short story and the top 3 best stories will be acted out in front of the class. The best story and act from the three preformed in front of the class will be presented in front of the school!"

"Okay, now it is time to pair up!"

Austin's POV

     I really want to be paired up with Maximum. It would be awesome to find out more about her. I really want to be friends with her one day. And not just friends friends. I mean good friends. She seems like a really cool person. The teacher calls out my name getting ready to pair me up.

"Austin Mahone with............................ Justin Bieber, your topic is two enemies that hate each other to the extreme. You get to choose your own ending. That goes for everybody else's topics by the way."

When she called out Justin's name, I really was disappointed. I look at Maximum and I see her looking at my lap smiling. That turns my attention to my lap and I see that my fly is open and that my neon pink underwear is as clear as day, sticking out of my pants. I blush automatically embarrassed and quickly tuck in my underwear than zip up my pants. I look at Maximum once again and see her looking at me again with a big smile on her face. My cheeks are burning red now, and it is not just from embarrassment.

Harry's POV

      I see Maximum looking at that desk with a big smile. I really want to be partnered with Maximum on this project. And if I do, I want my topic to be a love story. I want to get close to her. She seems like a cool person and who knows, maybe she could be more than a friend to me.The teacher calls out my name.

"Harry Styles with.................................. Rebecca Park, and your topic will be forbidden love."

I turn my head to the back of the class to see a blonde girl smiling at me. That must be Rebecca.

Rebecca's POV

Really, Harry Styles. It's awesome to get him cause he is smoken hot but I wanted to get a guy with a girlfriend. You know, to give a challenge. He will be way to easy. Anyway, at least in the end, my boyfriend will be hot, ritch, and did I meantion famous!

Maximum's POV

Well there goes the chance of me being paired with somebody that I know. Or is it? There is always Liam. God I want to be partnered with Liam so badly. I don't care if in the play that he has to beat me up! I just want to spend more time with him to figure him out. My name is called out.

"Maximum with...........................Zayn Malik, and your topic is a love triangle."

Zayn Malik? Who is he? Sombody taps my shoulder so I turn in that direction. What I see when I turn is tall, dark and handsome. Perfect I can do a love triangle with him. And I guess I have a little crush on him. But I think he has a girlfriend, by the way, that a blonde girl is looking at me. Or is that Rebecca. It can't be, or is it?

"Oh and because you are doing a love triangle, you must have another boy in your group. Now that boy would be...........................


(to be continued)


Who will Maximum's second partner be?

What will Rebecca do now that Harry is her partner?

What will Austin do to redeem him self after all of the embarrassed?

Does Zayn have a girlfriend?

Who will Liam be partnered with

Who are the 2 celebrity guys going to be?

Find out all this and more in chapter 4 of The Story of a Rich Kid- Lunch Time!


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