Love me now!

This is about a girl named Sophie, who is a fan of one direction will she get to love them or just be friend with them. Read to find out


2. Introducing me

After they introduced themselves I decided to introduce myself , they started by asking me wat my name was and I said" Sophie Cornell " I tried to stand up and regain my balance but I couldn't I fell right back on my butt. I heard someone laugh quietly, I decided to know who it was then I stole a look at all of them then they all pointed at the blonde Irish accent boy, who was still laughing loudly. Then he immediately snapped back to reality and apologised, I broke the silence after few minutes and asked for how to get back home. They all stated at me then the black curly hair guy asked me where I lived I was about to say something but I couldn't remember I could remember my address. Then I told them that I could not remember. They said that it was ok that I will remember tommorrow when I wake up, I took a glance at the clock nearby and I discovered it was 3am on the morning I decided to ask for a spot to sleep then I fell asleep immediately after I was shown my room
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