Love me now!

This is about a girl named Sophie, who is a fan of one direction will she get to love them or just be friend with them. Read to find out


3. Falling in love so quickly!!!

Harry pov
I decided to take her to my room when she said she was really tired, I carried her up ina bridal style to my room and payed her up the bed then she immediately fell asleep, I guess ahe was already too tired to wait a second, I walked back down stairs to the boys, and told them she has fallen asleep then we started to watch a movie
Liam pov
I decided to watch a movie when everyone was getting bored
We picked a random movie called "in time" we watched it carefully I decided to steal glance at harry and saw he had a worried face on I decided to talk to him so I asked if we could talk private then he said " yes of course"

Author pov
What do u think harry is going to really liam about his feelings comment to guess, winner gets to be part of the story. GOOD LUCK. Alex
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