Love me now!

This is about a girl named Sophie, who is a fan of one direction will she get to love them or just be friend with them. Read to find out


1. What a nightmare

Hi, my name is sophie Cornell I have sparking blue eyes
And blonde long hair, my dad died when I was born, now I am leaving with my mum
Who takes care of me. It was 2am in the morning when I decided to go at for a walk, I felt sleepy and decided to go with my dog, as I was walking down the street I fell, and I all I knew was that the dog kept barking in my ear. I woke up in a place where I saw someone staring at me my eyes were blorey and I could no notice the person at the front of me, all i knew was that the person was stroking my back and I fell in a big sleep. I was in a dark place tied up alone screaming for help when I felt someone bashed my head with a pipe and I started to bleed a stream of blood. I woke up crying when someone asked me why was I crying, I didn't bother answering the question. I just kept on crying louder and louder, until I asked my self where was I, I jumped up when I saw five boys staring at me, they kept on staring, untill I started to yell " where am I and who are u.
They all answerd me and said I was in a save place in one direction house, I was surprised they introduced themselves as: Niall Zane Liam Louis and Harry. Then Harry asked what my name was and I replied Sophie.
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