Take me home

Who new a two week holiday could change five girls lives?


1. Packing and the plane trip

                                CHELSEA'S P.O.V

"Are you guys done packing yet were only gone for two weeks and Catherine dont pack your whole cuboard" I yelled from down stairs to my friends "already packed it" Catherine replied laughing i didnt reply i just sighed then all you could hear was "i dont wanna leave sammy" cried Kat "fine Kat shes only a yorkshire terrier she can come with us but your looking after her not me" I called to her "YAY" she yelled "lets go" I sighed. My friends Catherine, Karen, Kahlia, Kat and i had won a two week holiday first class in everything hotel, plane flights, restraunts everything to wait for it Doncaster England! 

                  ******* half an hour later *******

When we finally got there one direction song one thing just finished we all hopped out of our car grabed our luggage and walked in. As soon as we got our ticket we were headding for gate 16. Then when we got there we sat down on the most uncomfortable chairs for twenty minutes then i saw five guys then another two guys walk on the the plane the about three minutes later *beep* "would flight 166 please come to gate 16 and board the plane" the flight attendent called through the speaker, we all hopped up and gave the flight attendent our tickets and walked on to the plane it turned out that the guys were in first class to they must be special. I wondered why they were all wearing sunglasses and beenies or hats cause we were in a plane. Anyway i had to sit next to one of them he had a grey beenie and a pair of old school glasses. From the bits of his face I could see he was pretty hot. As i sat down next to him he said "hi" and i said "hi" back then I put in my earphones and started listerning to live while were young and then I heard the guy sitting next to me singing i looked over at him and just at that moment I told myself why didnt I see it before thats louis willliam tomlinson then I snapped out of  thoughts and said "it is" then he stopped singing and looked at me "sorry" "why your louis tomlinson" i wisperd to him "umm yeah" he wisperd back "its ok im not a crazy fan" i told him as he sighed in relif 

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