Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Night

This fan fiction is about a girl who comes from the demon relm. She ran away from a prison in the demon relm. For what reason? She meets up with Buffy and the gang one night, fighting demons. The girl's name is Night. Demons come searching for her practically ever chapter, but what is Night's connection with the demons. Why is it so important for them to capture her? Or could it be an even bigger demon behind it all with a sinister plan? Please read to find out!


1. First Night

                       It was a night of darkness.  Buffy and Dawn had only just came home when they saw a girl laying at the side of the staircase, sleeping.  "Who's this?" Dawn asked as she knelt down to the girl, appearing to be around Dawn's age.  Buffy grabbed Dawn's hand before she checked the girl's temperature.  "She's freezing."  Buffy said as she left the room and came back with a blanket. "Leave her alone for now.  When she wakes up in the morning, we'll know what we should do with her, if anything."  Buffy said as they both reluctently went upstairs to their rooms. 

                     In the middle of the night, Buffy went downstairs to check on the girl.  She was still sleeping.  "Why are you here?"  Buffy asked as she petted the girl's black hair.  "Slayer..."  Buffy heard the girl whisper.  "What's your name?"  Buffy asked as the girl opened her eyes.  "It's...Night..."  The girl said as she sat up to reveal a skinny body covered in mud.  "Why are you here?"  Buffy asked and the girl didn't answer.  "Well, I'm sure you must be tired."  Buffy said as she stood up.  "Goodnight, Night."  Buffy said before, again, reluctantly going upstairs to bed.  Night stood up and looked up the staircase with light blue eyes and then to the front door.

                      In the morning, Buffy went downstairs to see a blanket, but know girl.  "Where did she go?"  Dawn asked, not too far behind Buffy.  "I don't know, but we need to find her.  She could be dangerous."  Buffy said as she looked around the room, scaling each and every peice of furnature.  Then, they heard a knock on the door.  "Come in!"  Buffy shouted.  The doors swung open to Willow, Anya, and Xander.  "Good mornin'!"  Xander said happily.  "Good morning."  Dawn said with a smile as they shut the door after coming into the house.  "Why are you all here?"  Buffy asked and they all looked at each other.  "I keep hearing that there are more deaths in the area lately."  Xander said with a straight face.  "I think there might be a lot more demons on the loose this time." Willow said and everyone looked at each other, again.

                      Buffy lowered her head and sighed. Then, she looked up at Dawn. "We have to find that girl."  Buffy said as everyone looked at her, shocked.  "What girl?"  Anya asked.  "This morning, there was a girl sleeping right here."  Buffy said as she pointed to the blanket.  "This morning, she was gone."  Buffy said.  "You don't think that that girl might be behind this, do you? Do you even know her name?"  Willow asked.  Buffy looked up at everyone with a straight face and nodded solumnly and then looked towards the door.   "Her name's Night."                                                                                                                              

                                                                                                     TO BE CONTINUED

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