Little Things

this is a harry styles fanfic. if you dont like one direction then you wont like this story just saying. anyway this is about a girl name Olivia. she lives in Brooklyn New York with her mom and dad and her dog max. she is 16 years old and is in the 10th grade. she is on her school basketball, baseball, dance, and field hockey team. she is a A+ student. and her number one dream is the world is to meet one direction and become an actress. but there is one problem in her life her parents never told her this but she is.....
you have to read to find out enjoy my loves


8. Chapter 7

Olivia- so anyway what are we doing now
Niall- what ever you want to do 
Olivia- lets go to the park
Liam- cool
-they leave Nandos- 
Niall- so which park should we go t- -bumps into someone-
Niall- omg im sorry i didnt see you there are you okay
The Girl- yea im okay -looks up- Whoa your Niall Horan from One Direction I love you can I have a hug 
Niall- -laughs- sure love -hugs her- so love whats your name
The Girl- my name is Nancy Miller 
Niall- thats pretty name so whats your number love
Nancy- oh here - gives him her number- 
Niall- thanks love i call you later 
Nancy- okay bye it was nice to meet you
Niall- it was nice to meet you too love 
- Nancy leaves-
Olivia- does someone like a certain girl
Niall- -smiles- maybe
Liam- aww someone has a crush
Niall- shut up lets go to the park


- 3 girls walk by -
Girl 1- hey your one direction
Harry- yes we are can we help you
Girl 2- no but can we take a picture with you guys
Liam- sure loves
Girl 3- thanks so much
Louis- no problem
-Niall begins to leave-
Girl 3- hey Niall where are you going
Niall- you dont want me in the picture am i right
Girl 1 2 3- WHAT are you nuts boy we love you without you there is no one direction
Niall- aww thanks lately nobody wants me
Girl 2- well we want you now get over here and be in the picture
Niall- -laughs- okay okay
Olivia- alright 1 2 3 smile
-when they finish taking the picture-
Girl 1- omg thanks so much
Zayn- your welcome loves what are your names
Girl 1- im Destiny
Girl 2- im Chloe
Girl 3- and im Kimmy
Zayn- well it was nice to meet yo guys we should hang out soon
Liam- yea can we have your numbers 
Destiny- sure
-they give them their numbers- 
Kimmy- well we have to go we see you later okay
Liam- of course loves we call you later
Chloe- okay bye 
The Boys- Bye 

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