Little Things

this is a harry styles fanfic. if you dont like one direction then you wont like this story just saying. anyway this is about a girl name Olivia. she lives in Brooklyn New York with her mom and dad and her dog max. she is 16 years old and is in the 10th grade. she is on her school basketball, baseball, dance, and field hockey team. she is a A+ student. and her number one dream is the world is to meet one direction and become an actress. but there is one problem in her life her parents never told her this but she is.....
you have to read to find out enjoy my loves


5. Chapter 4


Harry- so Livy are you excited to be living with Niall
Olivia- well he my brother now and yesh im flipping excited 
Niall- well sis be ready for the drama
Olivia- what drama?
Liam- well we need to tell people who you are and explain everything to them 
Olivia- well how is that drama 
Louis- well your going to be with us almost all the time and our fans are going to you and attack you ith photos and what not
Olivia- wow mhmmm I wonder if i was this crazy with you guys
Zayn- what you mean
Olivia- well before i knew about Niall being my brother i was a huge directioner but hen after i found out your my brother i just kinda got over it and im not a stalker fan any more not like i stalker you or anything
Niall- -laughs- oh sis i think this is going to be a wonderful experience for the both of us 


Zayn- why are you laughing
Olivia- im in London for 5 minutes and im already talking British 
Niall- -laugh- now you need to learn ho to talk Irish 
Olivia- -Laughs- 
- Fans are screaming and crowding us- 
Olivia- whoa so many people 
- Niall and Livy are starting to get really claustrophobic-
Harry- -holds Livy close to him- BACK UP PLEASE
- they back up- the boys say hello and sign a few things-
Louis- just breathe Livy
Niall- are you okay Liv
Olivia- -breathing heavily- yea im good just give me a minute
Liam- Alright I got the bags lets go
Olivia- Thank God
Niall/ Liam/ Louis/ Zayn/ Harry- -Laugh-


Niall- Home sweet home 
Olivia- im so tired
Liam- well it is almost after midnight we should get some sleep we have a big day tomorrow
Olivia- whats to tomorrow
Harry- a surprise
Olivia- ohh. so where do i sleep 
Niall- well your room is quiet ready for you yet maybe next week if not sooner
Olivia- okay so where do I sleep for now
Harry- she could sleep with me if she wants
Niall- -looks at harry weridly- okay but no funny business 
Harry- Lad what am I going to do I just meet her today 
Olivia- yea chill Bro. -smiles when she said bro-
Niall- why are you smiling like that
Olivia- well I never had a brother and today i found i have two and one of them is from my favorite group
Niall- well i never had a sister before so its a new thing for the both of us 
Harry- well im off to bed
Liam- Night guys
Louis- Night 
Zayn- im so tired im going to bed night 
Niall- night sis come up when your ready look around if you want
Olivia- Nah i do it tomorrow im so tired night 

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