Little Things

this is a harry styles fanfic. if you dont like one direction then you wont like this story just saying. anyway this is about a girl name Olivia. she lives in Brooklyn New York with her mom and dad and her dog max. she is 16 years old and is in the 10th grade. she is on her school basketball, baseball, dance, and field hockey team. she is a A+ student. and her number one dream is the world is to meet one direction and become an actress. but there is one problem in her life her parents never told her this but she is.....
you have to read to find out enjoy my loves


35. Chapter 32


Olivia- -throws a pillow at Chloe- WAKE UP
Chloe- -wakes up- What The Hell
Olivia- its prank time -smiles-
Chloe- five more minutes -goes back to sleep-
Olivia- grr fine i do by my self
Chloe- good have fun
Olivia- i will
-Olivia goes into Josh room-
Josh- no 
Olivia- please you girlfriend is being a meany 
Josh- why is Chloe being a meanie 
Olivia- she wont wake up and help me pull a prank
Josh- lets not have a prank day today
Olivia- but but everyday is prank day
Josh- lets have a fun day
Olivia- Pranks are fun
Andy- -wakes up- how about we go to the mall 
Olivia- but i hate shopping
Destiny- -runs in the room- did someone say shopping
Andy&Josh- -points to Livy-
Destiny- -pulls Olivia- lets go shopping 
-all the girls go shopping-

Eleanor- omg this is so cute 
Danielle- i love that dress on you Perrie
Perrie-Thanks Dani
Destiny- how do i look -pose-
Chloe- beautiful 
Kim- you look awesome 
Olivia- can we eat now 
Eleanor- one more store and then we can eat
Olivia- -groans- 
-they are walking and Livy sees the candy store-
Olivia- CANDY
Eleanor- oh no
Destiny- Livy come on 
Chloe- step away from the store 
Olivia- -runs to the store-
Olivia- -running around the store with candy in her mouth and in her pockets- ITS CANDY LAND
Kim- drop the candy and no one gets hurt
Olivia- -runs
Chloe- catch her-
Danielle- -pulls her down to the floor-
Olivia- ow god damn Dani that hurt
Danielle- sorry
Kim- no candy you know how hyper you get from one piece of candy
Olivia- oh please pretty please with ice cream and wipe cream and sprinkles and a cherry on top -puppy dog eyes- 
Perrie- oh come on
Chloe- no not the eyes 
Destiny- fin but only 5 pieces 
-after shopping- 

Eleanor- were back
Destiny- beware we have a hyper Livy
Niall- are you kidding
Olivia- NIALLER -jumps on him
Niall- oh god hey sis how are you doing
Olivia- IM HYPER
Niall- I can see that 
Olivia- HAZZA
Harry- LIVY
Olivia- Hi -laughs-
Harry- -chuckles- why hello are we hyper today
Olivia- yes we are 
Louis- hey carrot girl lets watch a movie
Olivia- or lets have a race 
Liam- -picks her up and sits on the couch while holding her down- we are watching a movie and you are going to like it 
Olivia- -sticking her tongue out- meany 
Zayn- what movie 
Olivia- toy ..
Everyone- NO
Olivia- oh poo umm can we watch finding nemo
Louis- fine
Olivia- YESH
Liam- calm down
Olivia- and carry on -giggles- 
-after the movie Livy is running around- 
Harry- babe you need to relax
Olivia- NOOOOO
Louis- just let her ware her self off 
Olivia- I BELIEVE I CAN FLY I BELIEVE I CAN TOUCH THE SKY -jumpas from the top of the stairs onto the landing covered in pillows and blankets- CAN I HAVE MORE CANDY
Niall- No 
Olivia- Please 
Liam- No
Olivia- Please Please Please Please Please Please -crashes to the floor-
Chloe- finally its a sleep
Danielle- Liam come on we need some sleep
Liam- coming babe night guys
Louis- El lets go check on Taylor and go to bed 
Eleanor- ok night everyone 
Niall- Nancy love come to bed with me
Nancy- coming babe 
Josh- Chloe lets go to bed 
Andy- come on Kimmy 
Kim- coming 
Chloe- night mofos 
Perrie- Night lets go up to bed Zayn
Zayn- coming nights
Destiny- night
Harry- night
-everyone goes to bed besides Destiny and Harry and Livy is on the floor sleeping-
Harry- im going to stay with her
Destiny- i stay with you
Harry- okay
Destiny- look at her she has candy on her forehead and a rapper on her cheek
Harry- -laughs- she looks adorable
Destiny- yea well night
Harry- night
-they got to bed- 

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