Little Things

this is a harry styles fanfic. if you dont like one direction then you wont like this story just saying. anyway this is about a girl name Olivia. she lives in Brooklyn New York with her mom and dad and her dog max. she is 16 years old and is in the 10th grade. she is on her school basketball, baseball, dance, and field hockey team. she is a A+ student. and her number one dream is the world is to meet one direction and become an actress. but there is one problem in her life her parents never told her this but she is.....
you have to read to find out enjoy my loves


29. Chapter 28


ugh i dont know what to do i dont want them to be mad at me or think of me differently im just not hungry anymore after reading all those comments just hurt and not eating helps cope with the pain. just as i was about to leave somebody ran behind me and gave me a big bear hug. i screamed. i turn around to see........ KYLE 

Olivia- KYLE i havent seen you since the funeral i miss you how is Marissa and Katlynn 
Kyle- they are good they are acutlly with me now
Olivia- we should hang out
Kyle- yes we should   i miss my Livy Boo 
Olivia- -laughs- and i missed my Kyle Boo, so what are guys doing here 
Kyle- spring break 
Olivia- ohh nice 
Kyle- so how is the famous life treating you 
Olivia- im not famous 
Kyle- are you crazy, of course you are, you Niall Horan little sister and you dating Harry Styles 
Olivia- -laughs- i guess the does make me famous in a way 
Kyle- so do you get any hate 
Olivia- yea alot but also alot of people are really sweet and nice 
Kyle- well just ignore them they are not worth your tears 
Olivia- thanks Kyle you have always been my number 1 best friend 
Kyle- -laughs- so do you want to go out to eat with me and Marissa and Katelynn 
Olivia- umm in not hungry 
Kyle- Livy you not starting that crap again 
Olivia- umm
Kyle- Livy dont listen to those haters you are skinny as can be and your beautiful and you care about others and your funny and crazy and im glad i can call you my best friend 
Olivia- thanks Ky you always know what to say
Kyle- its a gift so when was the last time you ate
Olivia- umm 6 days
Kyle- well it not as bad as last time
Olivia- yea that was a long hurtful year
Kyle- yes not only for you but for me too, to look at my best friend suffer and their was nothing i could do
Olivia- well i promise i will eat
Kyle- Pinky Promise ?
Olivia- pinky promise
Kyle- good come on lets go Marissa and Katelynn are going to flip out when they see you
Olivia- okay lets go im starving
Kyle- there my best friend -smiles-
Olivia- -smile- I love you Ky you were always like a big brother to me -hugs him- 
Kyle- I love you to Liv and i just didnt want to see you get hurt now lets go eat 


Marissa- Im so Happy to you Livy I missed my best friend 
Katelynn- yes me too so tell us what is it like to have all this attention 
Olivia- -laughs- i missed you guys to and it not so bad  but it madness sometimes 
Kyle- -laughs- aww you poor little famous girl 
Olivia- -laughs- 
Waiter- Hello my name is Kevin and i will be you waiter for the evening can i start you guys off with something to drink 
Kyle- I have a Coke 
Marissa- I have a Diet Coke
Katelynn- and can i get a Pepsi 
Olivia- and i have the root beer 
Kevin- okay i be right back with the drinks 
Olivia- Thank You Kevin
Kevin- you welcome its my job
-few minutes Kevin comes back with the drinks-
Kevin- here you go guys, can i get your orders or do you still need time 
Olivia- um can i get the buffalo wings with a side of fries 
Kyle- can i get the hamburger 
Katlynn- i have the chicken platter
Marissa- and can i get the Buffalo Wrap
Kevin- okay i be back with you meals
-He comes back with the food-
-they eat they chat they pay thay leave-  
Olivia- well i should get back you know they are probably worried about me 
Kyle- okay bye livy -hugs her- 
Marissa- call us if your in town -hugs her- 
Katelynn- im going to miss you so much -hugs her-
Olivia- bye guys im going to miss you guys too Love you guys

A/N: sorry if it sucked i have writers block i do better next time my little monkeys bye for now :)



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