Little Things

this is a harry styles fanfic. if you dont like one direction then you wont like this story just saying. anyway this is about a girl name Olivia. she lives in Brooklyn New York with her mom and dad and her dog max. she is 16 years old and is in the 10th grade. she is on her school basketball, baseball, dance, and field hockey team. she is a A+ student. and her number one dream is the world is to meet one direction and become an actress. but there is one problem in her life her parents never told her this but she is.....
you have to read to find out enjoy my loves


25. Chapter 24


i see the Light no go away please someone help please. what is this feeling am i dying now oh god im too young for this. 

Olivia- am i dead 
Harry- -chuckles- no love but you really got hurt 
Olivia- is Louis okay
Louis- im fine carrot girl im just glad your fine 
Niall- sis this is the second time i know you think its cool to be in a coma but i dont like it 
Olivia- well that the last time i go into a coma 
Doctor- your awake good i just need one of you to sign her out and she can go 
Niall- okay i sign her out 

Harry- its time to get up in the morning 
Olivia- -half asleep- i swear if you jump on this bed and wake me up i will beat the crap out of you with my bat 
Harry- jezz your so violent 
Olivia- yes i am i be up in a minute
Harry- okay love -kisses her cheek-
-walks into the mini kitchen on the tour bus-
Olivia- so where is the first place we start 
Liam- California 
Olivia- cool i love the sun im getting sick of the cold 
Louis- -laughs-
Paul- okay boys we will be in California in 5 hours
Olivia- -groans- thats so long  
Zayn -laughs- your live 
Olivia- im going to watch Friends 
Niall- you dont want food 
Olivia- do we have food or did you eat al
Destiny- i saved you a bagel
Olivia- oh yay com with me to watch tv
Destiny- im not your slave
Olivia- please -puppy dog face-
Destiny- how can i say no to that face
Olivia- exactly so lets go call us when were in California  
- 2 hours later. destiny fell asleep. Liam doing a twit cam with Niall. Zayn sleeping. Louis and Harry are watching the walking dead. and Olivia on her laptop looking on twitter- 

Olivia- looking through all her messages 

-@1DLove- @LivyD69 how can someone so ugly be related to someone so beautiful like @NiallOffical
-@LiamMine- @LivyD69 Harry dose not deserve you your nothing but a ugly whore 
-@OneDirection4Life- @LivyD69 no wonder why your mom gave you up i would of to if i had a ugly bitch like you 
-@ZaynHot123- @LivyD you should just die right now like seriously you have been in a coma twice so far why is god teasing us he should just kill you already 

Olivia- -tearing are rolling down her face- maybe they are right -goes to the bathroom-
Harry- Hey babe were here -see her laptop and read the messages- Livy where you they are not true 
Niall- what going on 
Harry- -shows him the laptop-
Niall- -mad- what the hell is wrong with people 
Liam- I dont know but this is awful 
Destiny- why would anyone want to be mean to her 
Nancy- yea she so amazing 
Eleanor- they dont even know her
Danielle- exactly they have no reason to hate on her 
Perrie- where is she
Olivia- im right here -tearing are on her face- 
Harry- -hugs her- Livy its okay we all get hate and we learn to deal with it but what these people are saying is not true 
Olivia- thanks guys for being here 
Niall- i kinda have to your my little sister 
Olivia- -punches his arm-
Niall- ow i mean i still would be here even if we weren't related but im glad we are 
Olivia- -smiles- so were here lets go im so bored i thought i was going to die 
Liam- I love how you can be sad one second and the next your all happy 
Olivia- its a gift from the gods 

-the boys are tweeting- 
@Louis_Tomlinson- to the people who are hating on @LivyD69 i want you to stop she my carrot girl and she has been through alot this past months your nothing but haters and never will be a directioner in my eyes if you continue the hate 
@zaynmalik1D- stop the hate towards @LivyD69 she the most awesomeness best friend i can ask for and i love her like a sister so please stop thanks 
@Real_Liam-Payne- please leave @LivyD69 alone she done nothing wrong for you to hate her she my Buzz and im her woody i cant be woody without my buzz so please stop the hate and start the love
@NiallOffical- please leave @LivyD69 alone she the best sister anyone can ask for and im glad she with us on tour so please stop hating on her it would mean alot if you stop
@HarryStyles- please leave @LivyD69 alone she the love of my life and i would be broken if something happen to her because you so called directioners were being rude to her  
@Danielle Payzer- please stop hating on LivyD69 she my best friend and she an awesome dancer lol so please leave her alone 
@Eleanor Calder- @LivyD69 is like a sister to me so please dont hate on her i ,ove her to death and when she sad it like looking at a cild who cant get candy at the candy shop 
@Perrie Edwards- Leave @LivyD69 alone she done nothing to you she the best
@Destiny1D- @LivyD69 is my best friend ever!! and if you hurt her i will punch you in the face
@Nancy346- @LivyD69 is awesome and you dont have the right to hate on her if you dont know her which you dont
@ChloeHoran- @LivyD69 is my best friend leave her alone
@KimPerfect- @LivyD69 is awesome dont hate on her or i will mess you up  
@LivyD69- thanks guys your the bes i dont know what i do without you I love you and to the people who do love me thanks i love you too and to my haters hope you all go jump off a bridge i dont care what you say to me 


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