Little Things

this is a harry styles fanfic. if you dont like one direction then you wont like this story just saying. anyway this is about a girl name Olivia. she lives in Brooklyn New York with her mom and dad and her dog max. she is 16 years old and is in the 10th grade. she is on her school basketball, baseball, dance, and field hockey team. she is a A+ student. and her number one dream is the world is to meet one direction and become an actress. but there is one problem in her life her parents never told her this but she is.....
you have to read to find out enjoy my loves


17. Chapter 16


Doctor: im very sorry to but Olivia is in a coma and we dont know when or if she will wake up im so sorry
Niall- -brakes down crying-
Harry- -hugs Niall and is crying- 
Liam- -starts to cry- I knew i should of gone with her 
Harry- come on lad you cant really think this is your fault now can you 
Liam- i dont know i just think if i went with her she could be bowling and having fun but know she practicly lifeless for god knows how long
-Zayn and Louis come back- 
Zayn- how is she 
Liam- she in a coma 
Louis- -starts to tear up- damn it 
Zayn- -starts to cry- she going to be okay 
-the girls come in-
Eleanor- how is she 
Danielle- Please say she okay
Niall- -crying- no she in a coma
Kim- oh no -starts to tear up-
Chloe- -starts crying- but we were supposed to be pranking people  
Destiny- she was my Best Friend -starts to tear up-
Nancy- its going to be okay guys she not dead 
Harry- -whispers- yet
Danielle- i hope she okay can you guys keep me updated 
Zayn- where you going 
Danielle- i got a Dance school in New York to for the whole month 
Liam- What when were you going to tell me 
Danielle- Tonight 
Liam- oh when are you leaving 
Danielle- same day as El
Liam- im going to miss you Dani 
Danielle- im going to miss you too -kisses him-  
Louis- Guys me and El have some news to share 
Liam- what is it 
Eleanor- were getting married and im pregnant 
Destiny- aw congrats guys  -phone rings- oh excuse me guys- 
-everyone else says congratulations- 

-on the phone with destiny- 
Destiny- Hello who this 
Justin- it um Justin 
Destiny- hey babe 
Justin- yea look Des you know i love you right 
Destiny- yea whats wrong 
Justin- im going on tour
Destiny- Really Babe im so Happy for you 
Justin- yea but im moving back to LA 
Destiny- but what about us 
Justin- thats just it there not going to be a us im sorry for calling like this but
Destiny- yea i got it bye Jerk 
-hangs up- 
Destiny- -starts to cry-
Chloe- des whats wrong 
Destiny- this day cant get any worst first Livy is in a coma and now Justin leaving me 
Chloe- what what happen you guys were so good together 
Destiny- -tells her what happen- 
Chloe- he a jerk Des dont waste your tears on him
Destiny- I know but I ...Love Him


-so  Danielle is in New York. Destiny and Justin are broken up and Olivia is still in a Coma lets see what happens now shall we-


-Niall and Harry are the only ones here everyone else are at the house

Doctor- she getting better she might wake up in a few days 
Niall- Really
Doctor- yes would you like to see her 
Harry- yes
-they go in the room-
Niall- oh Livy please wake up soon please -tears fall down his face-
Harry- come on Baby please your strong i know you can make it 


aww guys i really want to wake up but my body wont let me. WHOA i just read my own mind i can hear everything this is really cool i should be in a coma more often. whoa what am i feeling ahhh im waking up yay the light is gone i see a room HARRY AND NIALL YAY jezz livy speak up come use your words lets do this 

Olivia- -wakes up- harry....niall 
Harry- LivyBear  I thought i lost you 
Olivia- aww HarrBear you cant lose me 
Niall- you scared me
Olivia- -looks down- im sorry i didnt mean any harm
Niall- dont be sorry sis its not your fault
Harry- so how was being in a coma 
Olivia- scary and cool because i could hear everything and i had the same dream every night of what happen -tears start to form- 
Harry- Hey love its going to be okay 
Niall- dont worry they found the guy and he in Jail for life 
Olivia- good so when can I go home and eat real food 
Harry- -laughs- oh you havent change 
Olivia- yea so really when can i leave 
Niall- i go ask the doctor -leaves- 
Harry- i missed you 
Olivia- why i been hear the whole time 
Harry- I know i just i miss your beautiful green eyes the way you laugh and smile 
Olivia- aw HarrBear well im awake now 
Harry- im going to call everyone to come 
Niall- dont need to she can leave now
Olivia- FINALLY i hate hospitals now lets get real food im starving 
Harry- -laughs- okay lets go
Niall- -laughs- Nandos here we come 
Olivia- oh how I missed Nandos

A/N: i hope you liked it i need feed back thanks for reading my little monkeys :) 

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