Little Things

this is a harry styles fanfic. if you dont like one direction then you wont like this story just saying. anyway this is about a girl name Olivia. she lives in Brooklyn New York with her mom and dad and her dog max. she is 16 years old and is in the 10th grade. she is on her school basketball, baseball, dance, and field hockey team. she is a A+ student. and her number one dream is the world is to meet one direction and become an actress. but there is one problem in her life her parents never told her this but she is.....
you have to read to find out enjoy my loves


16. Chapter 15

A/N: sorry for not updating i got grounded because some kid was making fun of one direction and i went all Directioner on her ass and got detention and then i got grounded but it was worth it :) lets continue our story shall we my little monkeys :)

Olivia- okay lets do this got the carrots 
Chloe- check. got the rope and tape
Olivia- yup. okay Boobear its prank time 
-they go in Louis room and drag him in the room next-door and tie him to a chair-
Chloe- -pours water on him-
Louis- -wakes and screams from the cold water- whats the hell is going on
Olivia- oh nothing just something i like to do for fun
Louis- your not going to rape me are you
Chloe- no of course not something much worst
Louis- what worst then getting raped
Olivia- well my dear Louis how would you feel if your carrots got into a accident
Louis- what do you mean
Chloe- -opens a bag full of carrots-
Louis- are those for me
Olivia- nope -starts to eat them-
Louis- what are you doing no stop my carrots
Chloe- -laughs- starts to eat them
Louis- i command you to stop
Olivia- and what if we dont
Louis- I-I-I
Olivia- exactly -finishes the  last carrot-
Chloe- those were good now i know why you love them so much
Louis- how could you you you monsters
Olivia- oh hush i buy you more later
Louis- YAY are you going to untie me now
Olivia- nope night
Louis- what no
Chloe- sleep tight
-they leave-

Olivia- Morning guys
Louis- morning
Eleanor- whats wrong with your neck babe
Louis- oh nothing just SOMEONE tied me up and ate my carrots and left me there -glaring at Olivia and Chloe-
-Chloe and Olivia burst into laughter-
Niall- good job sis -high fives her-
Olivia- thanks Bro
Harry- thats my girl -kisses her cheek-
Olivia- so what are we doing to day
Niall- I dont know what you want to do
Niall- -laughs- okay what are you guys say wanna go bowling
Louis/Eleanor- sure
Dani/Liam- Yes
Zayn- why not 
Nancy- sure
Destiny/Kimmy/Chloe- YESH
Olivia- Okay Lets Go


Olivia- im going to go to the car i left my phone
Harry- okay be careful
Olivia- oh calm down what going to happen someone going to take me and rape me
Liam- dont even joke
Olivia- alright sorry i be back
-she goes-
Niall- Congrats Babe now let the Masta go to work
-he bowls and misses-
Nancy- Niall you do know you have to hit the pins
Niall- oh hush im going to get now
-bowls and misses-
Nancy- oh yea you totally got that one
Niall- shut up
Nancy- you know you love me
Niall- -kisses her- yea i know
- its been 30 minutes and Olivia is not back-
Destiny- where Olivia
Chloe- yea she been gone for an half hour now
Dani- someone should go check where she is
Louis- I go
Eleanor- okay be careful
Zayn- I come with you
Kimmy- stay safe
-they leave-


I was just getting my phone when someone came and grab me i tried to scream but he overed my mouth and through me in a van im scared

Olivia- What the Hell dude what you want whats your Name 
The Guy- My Name is Mark and I want you sexy looking
Olivia- uhh how about no and you let me go
Mark- No I always get the girl
Olivia- Not this time creep
Mark- -smacks her and starts to punch and kick her-
Olivia- -crying- stop please
Mark- no -stops- -starts to remove her clothes-
Olivia- No Please dont do this to me Please
Mark- shut up slut -rapes her- you were good now get the fuck out of my sight slut
Olivia- -passes out-
Mark- ugh -throws her out into the parking lot and leaves-


Louis- -comes out sees her- Holy Shit Zayn Look 
Zayn- Crap I go get the guys call 911
Louis- -calls 911- Livy are you okay please speak to me -tears are going down his face-
-everyone runs out-
Niall- WHAT THE HELL HAPPEN -crying- 
Louis- I dont know we just came out here and there she was
Harry- -crying- my LivyBear
Liam- she going to be fine
Niall- ARE FUCKING NUTS LOOK AT HER LIAM LOOK AT HER- crying- my sister i only had for a week could be or is dead 
Eleanor- dont say that me and the girls are going to go home and you go to the hospital we will be there later okay so just calm down Niall she going to be okay 
-the girls went home and the boys went to the hospital- 


Doctor- Olivia Horan 
Niall- Thats me
Louis- How is she 
Doctor- she has a sprained wrist and a few broken rips and a head injury she a sleep now we have no clue  when or if she will wake up
Zayn- Your a Doctor you should know 
Liam- Zayn just chill
Harry- can we see her 
Doctor- yes you may room 69 
Harry- -chuckles at the number- thanks Doc 


-she hooked up to all these machines and has bruises everywhere and looks lifeless and hopeless-
Harry- I swear im going to kill the guy who did this 
Niall- me too 
Liam- she looks so innocent i dont know anyone who would do this to her 
Louis- my poor carrot girl 
Zayn- the guy should burn in hell
-machines start to go wacko-
Nurse- everyone out now we need to try and safe her
Harry- Dont try. DO IT 
-they leave and wait in the waiting room- 
Harry- -crying- please dont be dead please dont be dead 
Niall- -crying- oh Livy please be okay please 
Liam- -calls the girls to come-
Zayn- I need a drink 
Louis- i come with you 
-Zayn and Louis Leaves- 
Doctor- Olivia Horan 
Harry- that us is she okay 
Doctor- im very sorry to say this but were afraid Olivia is .............

A/N: Mahahaha cliff hanging her is Olivia okay or is she dead who know come back soon and find out ,y little monkeys i need your feed back please what did you guys think of it :) 


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