Little Things

this is a harry styles fanfic. if you dont like one direction then you wont like this story just saying. anyway this is about a girl name Olivia. she lives in Brooklyn New York with her mom and dad and her dog max. she is 16 years old and is in the 10th grade. she is on her school basketball, baseball, dance, and field hockey team. she is a A+ student. and her number one dream is the world is to meet one direction and become an actress. but there is one problem in her life her parents never told her this but she is.....
you have to read to find out enjoy my loves


13. Chapter 12


-knock on the door-

Olivia- who is it
Niall- your favorite brother in the world
Olivia- Greg?
Niall- what no. why you trying to ruin the game
Olivia- -laughs- sorry what you what want
Niall- open the door and I tell you 
-opens the door- 
Olivia- what you want
Liam- are you okay
Olivia- Im fine
Zayn- you dont seem fine
Harry- please we just want to help you
Niall- -holds her- shhhhh its going to be okay 
Liam- -rubs her back- yea dont worry everything is going to be okay
Harry- im goig to be here for you 
Olivia- can i please just be alone
Liam/ Zayn/ Niall- sure 
-they leave-
Olivia- what part of alone dont you get
Harry- the alone part
Olivia- -laughs- really
Harry- I just want be with you 
Olivia- okay
Harry- -hugs her- I love you did you know that
Olivia- no no i did not
Harry- well now you do
Olivia- sing to me
Harry- okay -sings little things-
Olivia- -starts to go to sleep-
Harry- Its you they add up to. im inlove with you and all your little things
-they both fall asleep-


Olivia- morning harrbear
Harry- morning livybear
Olivia- im hungry lets go eat
Harry- okay
-they go downstairs to eat- 


-Louis and Niall are splashing water at each other- 
Harry- what are you guys doing
Niall- Louis wont make me eggs so i splashed him and then he splashed me and then it turn into a water fight 
Olivia- -laughs- you missed a spot - splashes Niall-
Niall- oh its on sis
Olivia- Bring it food lover
-Nialler is chasing her with a bucket of water-
Olivia- No Stop im sorry -hides behind Louis- 
Louis- -spins her around- if anyone going to be a shield its going to be you
Niall- Mhahaha -pours the bucket of water on her-
Olivia- NIALL!!
Niall- yes
Olivia- ugh im going to get change clean this mess up
Niall- yes Mommy Direction
Olivia- -pulls out the sink hose- what was that
Niall- I mean um yes Livy
Olivia- -smiles- thought so
- hour later-
Olivia- -comes downstairs- okay so what up for today
Niall- well me, Zayn, and Liam are going to the studio and Harry and Louis are staying here. you can either hang out with them or stay by yourself but we got go bye guys see later
Olivia- okay bye guy
-they leave- 
Louis- so you want hang out with us 
Olivia- sure why not
Harry- yay -hugs Louis- 
Olivia- you guys are weird 
Harry- are saying i not normal 
Olivia- I dont know how about you ask your four nipples that
Louis- BURN - high fives olivia-
Olivia- -laughs- 
Harry- hey my nipples are special to me
Olivia- okay Harry what ever you say
Harry- they are
Louis- okay Harry calm your nipples. so what do you guys want to do today
Olivia- I dont know lets hang out with Destiny, Chloe, and Kimmy
Harry- sure i go call them
-few minutes later-
Harry- okay they are on their way
Olivia- alright so you guys just want cook and watch a movie
Louis- sure
-door bell-
Olivia- I got it
Olivia- hey guys
Destiny- hey Livy
Chloe- so what are we doing today
Louis- we are just going to cook and watch a movie 
Kimmy- cool what movie
Harry- -laughs- okay love
Destiny- I love that movie 
Olivia- yes your my Nemo buddy 
Destiny- YESH i have a nemo buddy
Chole- I want a buddy
Olivia- well how do you feel about pranking 
Chloe- I LOVE IT
Olivia- yes your my pranking buddy i have the best prank to do and who to give it to
Chloe- cool tell me 
Olivia- -tells her the prank- 
Chloe- I LOVE IT 
Olivia- I thought you would - smiles evilly-




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