When Two Hearts Collide

Eli had just run away from home when she met Louis they instantly fell in love but then things started going wrong will there be light at the end of this tunnel for the two of them or will they're relationship fall into pieces


3. The English are so Cheesy

We were again swarmed by paparazzi but this time I was prepared and I didnt need to be carried. "woah" I said when we got into the hotel "that was fun" a smile on my face I was doing that more often smiling "you call that fun" Louis said nearly dropping with laughter "what" I said a little hurt " wait till you have to run all the way through a mall being chased by fans,then you say it's fun" "Louis" I said "don't laugh at me I'm not famous remember" oh said frowning "oh I'm sorry I didnt mean to lol let me make it up to you" before I had time to react Louis had picked me up and carried me into the elevator, it was an awkward ride with me besobsing in Louis arms but it felt good. As soon as the elevator door opened Louis ran straight into a room full of boys "THIS!" he screamed putting me down "IS ELI!" he said still screaming and turning me to face him "MY NEW GIRRRRLFRIEND!!" and before I had time to react he kissed me right on the lips. His lips were warm and soft too shocked to do anything I let him put his tounge in my mouth and explore it i heard laughter from the boys and he turned my around to face them my face instantly turned red as they stared at me and I looked at the ground "I'm not your girlfriend " I said looking up at him "not by the look of it a blonde boy with an Irish accent said again I felt my face go red "don't worry she's not my girlfriend" Louis said saving me from further explanation "I found Eli being beat up by her brother so I took her to the hospital" Louis said "why was she being beat up" another boy with a concerned look on his face said "why don't you ask her" Louis said beckoning to me I looked at the boy and his kind eyes told me I could trust him "he was beating me up because he was abusive and I tied to run away" I whispered close to tears remembering all the pain I had felt in the last two months "why didnt you tell your parents" another boy with a quiff said at the word "parents" I broke down "because their dead" I said between sobs the boy immediately looked guilty and Louis quickly said "that's enough for one day common Eli" he picked me up and carried me down the hallway to his room and sat me on the bed "how about you have a nice warm bath" he said walking to the bathroom I heard him moving around and then the bath filling with water I sat where I was quietly looking around the room it was big and there was a suitcase on the floor it was open and a brief was sticking out of it I averted my eyes just as Louis came in and lifted me up " I'll help you with your clothes if you want " he whispered I nodded not trusting my voice he gently put me down at the side of the tub and proceeded to take off my t-shirt I had left my blood stained hoody at the hospital so he didn't have to worry about that he bent down and unbuttoned my jeans then unzipped them and took them off raising me slightly he then left me too it I looked in the mirror before taking off my underwear my face was tear stained and my eyes were red there was a bandage on my nose and my stomach was purple where Jace had hit me I lowered my self into the hot bath and I stung for a little while before I finally relaxed I closed my eyes and dosed of I was woken by a soft knocking and I called out "come in" "are you dressed"I heard a voice I didn't recognise say "oh I forgot sorry can you pass me a shirt" I said "okay can I come in then" the person asked "yeah sure just wait for me to get a towel " I said getting out of the bath I had just wrapped the towel around myself when a boy came in the first thing I noticed about him was that his hair was extremely curly the next was that he was completely nude I gasped a little trying to keep my eyes on his face i couldn't hold much longer and my face travelled down I gasped again and he chuckled at my reaction he gave me a stripped shirt and I grabbed it running past him through the door he squeezed my bum as I walk past him the English were so cheesy
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