When Two Hearts Collide

Eli had just run away from home when she met Louis they instantly fell in love but then things started going wrong will there be light at the end of this tunnel for the two of them or will they're relationship fall into pieces


2. Strange Surroundings

I woke up with a massive headache and my nose was throbbing I tried getting up as soon as the door opened but fell back down on the bed "woah there" I heard the same british boy say the same one who had saved me "you need to stay in bed" he said I looked up at him and he was smiling I smiled too "thank you"I said but as soon as I did the smile swept of his face as recognition anger then disgust took over I looked away but when I looked back it was gone and the smile was back on his face "no problem!" he said "so would you like to tell me what your name is" he asked "oh um I'm Eli Jays" I whispered mesmerised by his eyes they were absolutely beautiful I snapped out of it when he cleared his throat "well I'm Louis Tomlinson the your doctor would like to get all your information and then the police have to file a report "oh" I said hiding my face in my pillow "it's going to be okay" Louis said rubbing my back "it's going to be okay". After filing the report and giving the doctors my details I was allowed to go home but the problem was where was home Louis and I walked out of the Hospital and were swarmed by paparazzi I thought that my story was already on the news and I tried to hide my face when one of them shouted "Hey Louis is that your new girlfriend" then I realised they were here for Louis and not me "every time" he mumbled and louder "run!" we ran like crazy but I had already started gasping for air so Louis just lifted me up and literally threw me into the van. It was a short ad ride but I managed to find out that Louis was in a British boyband called One Direction with his four mates Harry Liam Zayn and Niall they were promoting they're new album around the US.
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