When Two Hearts Collide

Eli had just run away from home when she met Louis they instantly fell in love but then things started going wrong will there be light at the end of this tunnel for the two of them or will they're relationship fall into pieces


1. Into The Unknown

I ran down the subway steps not even looking where I was going the only thing I had in mind was the fact that my brother was gaining on me fast screaming my name everyone stopped to see what was going on which made it hard for me not to be notice why didn't New Yorkers just mind there business I ran into the first train I saw not bothering to check where it was headed all I knew is that I had to get out of there fast before my brother caught me I ran into the next cabin just as he entered the train too late he had spotted me and was already running to catch up with me I hid under a seat hoping that he didn't spot me he lingered near the seat I was under for a minute then hen continued down the ailse into the next cabin I stayed under the seat for about 5 minutes before finally getting out relived I was a long train ride and I didn't know where I was headed so I stayed until the last station before coming out I didn't know where I was but I was happy relived that I had finally rum away from my abusive brother. I smiled better than I had in the two months since my parents died but it was quickly wiped off my face as I was dragged from behind I couldnt see who it was but I knew immediately that it was my brother by the way he gripped me I knew there was no escape so all I did was cry silently he dragged me into an alley behind a supermarket before slapping me my silent crying turned into loud sobs "Shut up" he said bashing my head in the wall a faint tricker of blood ran down the side of my head "you think you could leave me alone like mom and dad!" he screamed his voice getting louder he punched me in the stomach and I fell to my knees "I'm so sorry Jace" I choked hoping he would snap out of it "sorry!! Sorry is all you can say you ass" he pulled me by my hair and punched me in the face I was pretty sure my nose was broken "hey what are you doing to her" I heard a British accent say "its okay im fine go away" I croaked "no way I'm leaving" he said back "mind your own effin buisness pretty boy stay out of it" I was afraid for the British boy I knew that if he didn't go away Jace would beat him up "I've called the police and their on their way so I suggest you put her down now" he said calmly I expected him to at least be scared but he wasn't "shit" I heard Jace say he left me and I fell my eyesight turned fuzzy and I could see little black spots I heard the faint sound of a police siren and then blackness
As soon as I told him the police were coming he dropped the girl and ran away I stared at his shrinking figure switched off the siren app on my phone then turned to look at the girl she had fallen on the floor there was a gash by the side of her head and she was bleeding I quickly dialled 911 and told them to go straight to the hospital I then picked her up and took her to the van I was the only one who had come out cause the boys were still recovering from they're hangovers I got to the hospital and as soon as the nurse at the desk saw the situation she called the doctor one minute later the girl was out of my hands and in a stretcher. As they took her away I wated for the police they arrived two minutes later and I told them what had happened they told me they would file a report as soon as she woke up. After the police had gone I turned to the nurse "excuse me which ward Is the girl I brought in" the nurse looked up from her magazine looking annoyed but she still told me " second floor ward 3" she said in a squeaky Texas accent after being on tour for so long I still didn't understand American accents . I got into the elevator and pressed two I stood outside her ward for a long time and was about to doze of when the doctor came out "are you the one who brought in the patient?" he questioned "yes" I replied "do you know her name or where she's from or how she got this way" "I don't know where she's from but I saw a guy beating her up mabe he was mugging her" I said "well since we don't know any other family I guess I should tell you" he said with a frown I guessed that he didn't want to tell me what was wrong with her and I didn't blame him if I was a doctor I wouldnt want to give out my patients details to strangers but I was the one who brought her so I had to know "how is she what is wrong with her" I almost whispered "she's fine she just has a mild concusion and a broken nose,you can see her if you want he" he added with a frown but I didn't have time to think about it I quickly walked past him in the ward.
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