Change of Heart

Amber had a perfect life, she was popular, everyone loved her and she was Head Cheerleader. Her sister Sabrina was always jealous of her. Everything changed when Nathan moved in next door.


5. Unfair advantage

At home that night I was chatting to Ashleigh about Nathan when Sabrina walked in. " oh you know Nathan? He's in my book club." She said enthusiastically " cool." I replied. "One sec ash"
"So you know Nathan hey?" I asked. " yea, he likes books just like me!" " anyway I should get back to my homework" she sighed. " ok bye" i said. " OMG, ASH, SHE CAN NOT BE FRIENDS WITH HIM!!!" I screamed. " I gotta go, umm, paint my nails." " bye" I hung up the phone. I actually had to do my homework. I have to get closer to Nathan though!!
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