Change of Heart

Amber had a perfect life, she was popular, everyone loved her and she was Head Cheerleader. Her sister Sabrina was always jealous of her. Everything changed when Nathan moved in next door.


11. The party

The day had finally come, mum had let me throw the party as long as I kept everything calm. She also planned for her and dad to go out for dinner that night, so not to distract us. One thing that was going to ruin my night was the fact that Nathan and Sabrina were going to be hanging around the house the whole time. At 5 pm the guests started arriving, apparently the rebels had many more friends than the ones that I had met. By 5:30 the house was crowded. There were people everywhere and as she promised, she bring alcohol, I went to my room to escape the noise. I sat down on my bed, trying to remember how many drinks I had but my mind was fuzzy and I couldn't think.All I could here was Nathan and Sabrina giggling in the room next to me. I then heard my door opening. "What, what who's there?" I exclaimed. I looked up to see the drunken face of none other than Bryan. " go away Bryan you weirdo" I moaned "can't you see I'm trying to rest here!"
" why don't I come rest with you baby." He gurgled " eww no stay away from me!" He kept coming closer. "I'm serious Bryan, just stay away from me!" I was getting scared he came closer and sat next to me. "So sweetie, come here and gimme a kiss." " No! Bryan just leave me alone!" I screamed. He leant forward trying to remove my shirt. " please stop" I begged leaping off the bed, but he just kept moving towards me. I smashed against the wall causing me to fall to the ground. "Please,please stop." I cried. He reached down to me as I screamed and cried, trying to get out. Just as he was grabbing me Nathan pushed open the door, he ran in and pulled Bryan off me. "Are you ok?" He asked looking into my eyes. Tears were still rolling down my cheeks. He leaned in and hugged me. "I miss you." He said softly.
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