Change of Heart

Amber had a perfect life, she was popular, everyone loved her and she was Head Cheerleader. Her sister Sabrina was always jealous of her. Everything changed when Nathan moved in next door.


2. Popularity for Dummies

Hayley, Alana, Ashleigh and I walked through the doors of our first class, dreading the History test we new was about to be taken place in that classroom. I honestly wasn't that worried about the test, I had studied and pretty much news everything that was going to be on the test. I would never tell anyone that though, it would be suicide for my reputation. All I had to do was do ok on the test. I was thinking a B, not bad but not great so I wouldn't be classed as a nerd by my peers or not good enough by my parents. We sat down at our desks and got handed the test papers. When the teacher said start I opened the booklet and started working. Most of the questions were moderately easy, but I couldn't answer them too fast because it would be obvious that I found them easy. I slowly worked through each question leaving a few seconds at the end of each to not be too fast. When the teacher told us our time was up I lay my test neatly on my desk for it to be collected. I could see Ashleigh in front of me frantically trying to finish the test before the teacher reached her desk. I sat silently and waited for my paper to be collected. As I exited the room my three friends came up behind me, discussing how difficult the test was. " That was hard wasn't it Amby." Alana sighed. " Yea it was, especially the last few questions." I lied. " Anyway lets go eat to get it out of our heads." Said Hayley. We walked down the hall and to the place where we always ate.
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