Change of Heart

Amber had a perfect life, she was popular, everyone loved her and she was Head Cheerleader. Her sister Sabrina was always jealous of her. Everything changed when Nathan moved in next door.


1. Perfection

6am wake up, 100 sit ups, shower, cleanse face, moisturise, get dressed, makeup, hair, diet plan recommended breakfast, brush teeth, go to school. I have a very precise routine, it's one of the many needs for a perfect life. On the bus I see the usual, make out Milly and Matt making out, the cyber geeks playing their little portable games, georgeous Laurence fiddling with his hair, the emos staring blankly into the dark tunnel of nothingness, the bad boys making crude jokes about what all the girl on the bus would look like naked and the Gorky girls chewing on their gum and talking about how cheap everyone else's clothes look. Oh and Sabrina sitting with her boring group of friends and of course me chatting with my awesome girls about our next cheer leading routine. As we neared the school Bryon Riffon, one of the bad boys, winked at me cleverly. I pretended to vomit in disgust. We all hopped off the bus and walked in to the dreary surroundings of Eastside High School.
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